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None of this is a real surprise, but a few points; 1. At the time Apple launched iPod, it was very much still in recovery mode. Revenues will still down on where they should have been, but the iPod sparked a lot of new interest in Apple. Not just the Halo effect of iPod buyers, but with the marketing and hype, the Apple brand was back in the public eye and people bought a wide variety of Apple products, even if they didn't own an iPod. For example, I bought my iBook G4...
As many people have pointed out, this affects all phones, and even further, radio devices. So are they doing a class action against every manufacturer of radio equipment which doesn't get 100% reception everywhere and under every circulstance? Phil
It's a RAM memory issue. iPhone 3G and iPodTouch 2G only have 128 Mbytes of RAM. Implementing either or both of these features would eat into that Valuable RAM space too much and make the device sluggish. Although it is possible to achieve via jailbreaking, if you don't mind occasional crashes. Phil
Well, it's just past 11am here in the UK and still no update. I have however done general housekeeping which I recommend everyone does prior to the upgrade. Common sense stuff really, just; 1. Make sure you have the very latest iTunes software. 2. Sync you device prior to the upgrade and make sure all of your apps on both the device and iTunes are the very latest ones. Earlier versions may not work as expected in iOS4. 3. Delete / untick in iTunes, anything you no...
Umm, the unit has no buttons so this suggests it wasn't a fully assembled unit. It may be therefore possible, that the screen was damaged prior to fitting and was put together to suggest that this has been a real test. Phil
Not a very good secret!?! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nkD4...eature=related
I agree, but what would really set things going is if Apple could come up with a way of interacting with Apps on an Apple TV in a unique way that is better than Wii and Natal. i.e. detect movement, speech recognition (that works!!), aensitivity to the environment (time, weather, etc) and more, then it would be a killer device.Totally disagree with you on this one. If Apple were to get the interface right (i.e. better than current EPGs) and integrate with DTTV suppliers...
There are some polls on other websites that show that the design is being met positively. The ultimate poll is how many sales will it produce. I'll be voting with my money, and be buying one asap. Phil
rear of iPhone to be touch sensitive. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?p...d=aXBqtMirbD4E
Colour accurary?? As any photographer knows, the white balance of the sun is very different to that of artificial light, so a clever system of balancing colours would be required. Hot spots? If the reflector is not set up correctly, it could produce hot spots which would ultimately damage the screen. How many keys on the keyboard!?! Phil
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