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Colour accurary?? As any photographer knows, the white balance of the sun is very different to that of artificial light, so a clever system of balancing colours would be required. Hot spots? If the reflector is not set up correctly, it could produce hot spots which would ultimately damage the screen. How many keys on the keyboard!?! Phil
So if you work for a TV network, you should only watch programmes on that network, and miss great programmes on other networks? If you work for an airline, do you plan your trips solely around where your airline goes? If you work for a sports car company who doesn't make family cars, do you squeeze your family into a sports car? If your employer offers products and services that meet your needs, then yes, go for it, but why use them if they don't suit your needs. Phil
I have no issue using products and services of rival companies to the one I work for, if they are superior to the ones my company is offering. I do however let people in my organisation know of shortfalls, so that they have the opportunity to improve things and make then products and services I would like to have. There is nothing wrong with making a statement that you think you own companies products need improving. If Ballmer sees his employess with iPhones, he...
What, Apple is going to sell tables?? Is that to take on the MS surface? Phil
These analysts are going to be so disappointed if Apple introduce a completely different product on Wednesday and all of this Tablet, Slate, Pad stuff has just been a smokescreen and a way of getting MS to use 'Slate' terminology. I'm sure whatever product Apple do launch on Wednesday will be a success, simply due to the Halo effect. People with iPods, iPhones and Macs will want the next product. Maybe a fully integrated media TV with build in internet access, Apple...
In other words, "if we get this all wrong, and these features don't appear, then we have covered our a***'s." Or, "these features are what we believe would be good on such a device, should one be launched by Apple. However whether Apple developers read our article and actually implement them now, remains unclear"
Well, I've done some analysis of all of the rumours and existing data available, and find that 65% of romours will be incorrect, 60% of 'market analysts' will be incorrect and that the product Apple is launching on January 27th is a highly eco friendly version of it's iPhone and iPod ranges featuring a wind-up mechanism. Magnifying glasses will be free issued to make the screen appear to be between 10 and 11 inches depending on the viewing point of the user. A new...
I think it depends on the area, as many Asda stores are well above Somerfield ones (especially those former Kwik-Save ones that didn't receive any refresh ahead of the Co-Operative buy out).I would personally place the pecking order as;Aldi -> Lidl -> Spar (basic but expensive!) -> Co-Operative Food -> Somerfield -> Morrisons -> Asda -> Tesco -> Sainsburys -> M&S Food -> Waitrose -> John Lewis Foodhall -> Harrods Foodhall
Should that not be 1.2? Also, looks like it may only be the US version. The UK and Ireland version doesn't yet state ipod touch or iPhone 1G compatibility.
Small cost for a viral advert!! Seriously, she must have known people would be videoing this. Wonder if M$ will take any action. What I did find clear in the video, is how mush M$ has ripped off the style of Apple stores. Tables with stools, the actual layout of displays, even the display unit which this woman shop lifted a product from is identical to Apple's. Personnally I think this viral will backfire as people see the M$ rip-off.
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