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Fights on the floor? This sounds like the movie Roadhouse. The only things it's missing is Swayze to cool things down.
My sense is that there is a fine, and then a requirement for an ongoing license (I think I read that Apple is requesting $20 a phone). So, I think that's the potential consequence.
I find it incredible that Apple can't keep up with demand for a $3,000-$4,000 laptop.  Either they prefer to see a moderate shipping delay for marketing purposes, or a lot of people are buying these things.
It would be helpful if you would list the claims from the patent.  Drawings don't tell you what the patent is really trying to protect.
I would be shocked if this doesn't get sherlocked by Apple.  The phenomenon of people using Second screens while watching TV seems like the sort of thing that Apple would capitalize with their Apple TV SDK, once released.
Unless I'm mistaken, aren't Intel's chips significantly more expensive than using ARM's license and adding modifications like Apple does? Whether or not it can achieve the same performance profile seems a bit beside the point, unless it can do so at a really low price.
The iPad's sales have been limited by production, not competition. So, to base your analysis on the lack of competition seems to miss the point.
Apple released updates to iWork for the iPhone and iPad last week...probably because it couldn't fit in the keynote. Most of us guess that they'll release a new phone in the fall, at which time they're going to want to announce more than just addiitonal sensors. So, maybe it'll be: 1) Nuance / Speech recognition - I believe Apple is going to figure out a way to make this more than just voice to text. If Siri is any indication, I should be able to speak general...
I'm not sure what to make of a report like this. My monthly subscription fee costs me around $1K a year, or $2K over the lifetime of the plan. The phone is $600, or $200 subsidized. So, given that the majority of the cost of owning a smartphone is in the data plan, I'm not sure how much the cost of the phone is going to change overall appetite. Are the plans cheaper in China, such that the phone truly is the overriding financial burden?
The best part of this analysis is when the analyst mentions that this has nothing to do with how Apple is doing in the marketplace. Just a circumspect insight on one of their suppliers.
New Posts  All Forums: