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I wonder when Sony and Amazon will allow iTunes / iBooks purchases on their e-readers.
The interesting question is whether mi-fi users, who are clearly using the network for heavy data usage, will be throttled. Or will it just be smartphone users that use too much data. I would mad if I was a mi-fi user, but maybe less so as a smartphone user. Neither of which I am, because I'm on AT&T, which gets relatively good coverage in my town and on the freeways I use.
This should probably be titled "Apple now the highest-revenue phone vendor on earth," or something like that. Because Nokia is a larger company and sells more phones, in terms of # of units. Apple just happens to make a lot more per phone. I'm too lazy to look up the stats.
Verizon should do what took AT&T almost 4 years to do...put a lot of wi-fi hotspots in big cities. I know Verizon's network has different chacteristics than AT&T, but AT&T's dumbest mistake was to just sit back and blame the antenna provisioning process in San Fran and NY as the reasons people couldn't make calls. I know that was and is a big problem, but I hope Verizon is smarter when it comes to creative ways to get data off their network, because there is simply no...
How about Apple take the current iPad, drop the price $100, and only make two version of the new iPad (memory size not 3G / WiFi)? That way they can have a product that is in between and does what a lot of users (especially corporate users) need the thing to do. And it puts it in direct competition with the smaller tablets like the Galaxy Tab. I think the next iPad should have an integrated GSM & CDMA chip, so it works on any network...and they can call it the iPad...
This release will be twice as Golden as the previous release, and 4 times as magical.
I find the viewpoint that the online sale of music inadvertently torpedoed CD sales to laughable. What torpedoed CD sales was that physical copies of music offer no benefit to downloaded versions. They're more expensive, stores have incomplete selection and I have to drive to get them. This is the same issue that newspapers and books are running into (I know, reading a real book just feels better, but 2x the price better?). So, I imagine I'll get mostly agreement...
Instead of waiting for the hardware fix, I figured I needed a case anyway, so I upgraded and am waiting for a nice bumper. I imagine others are thinking the same thing.
That's my guess on how they're positioning it as only costing $30 a month, but maybe the $130 additional cost somehow covers that.
I always find this type of discussion to be ironic. While I understand accounting rules can change reported profits, this doesn't change their business. It doesn't change the number of iphones they're selling. So, if the stock is supposed to represent the cash from the underlying business, this is just semantics. I'm happy if it goes up, but it's a bit of a shell game.
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