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Anyone that's unaware of the rumor will not see this commercial.
Even indoors
'Orange is the new Black' is a pretty good show. Netflix releases the entire season all at once, so it's easy to watch episode after episode.
Whilst convenient it has led me to watch more episodes than I intended to.
MS knew the future was smartphones, and tablets. It was with the execution that they stumbled. Google also knew that mobile computing would greatly increase, and took steps to ensure that they wouldn't be left out of the loop by developing their own OS. Say what you may about Google, but they were smart enough to recognize genius when they saw the iPhone, and altered their game plan accordingly.
But you can't assume it'll bankrupt them just because that what happened in the past.
While I don't agree with @Larry9, there are major differences between Mac OS of back then, and iOS of now. If there were as many Mac OS users as there are iOS users it would've been a different story.
What I meant was a drastic change to the UI. Samsung tweaks the UI so that it's somewhat different from vanilla Android.
In hindsight I should've let him win a few times.
Sorry then, I wasn't sure. Got to admit that over 500,000 titles is pretty impressive for a little known company.
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