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Not if they don't have them.
Or they get talked into buying it because that's what the store has, just like some people get talked into buying an Android phone.
Appeasing everyone is not logical.
So why did they NEED to change it from 4GB and 8GB?
I know about supply and demand. It's obvious the supply is greater than the demand. Those devices get purchased because there's nothing else available. What's so hard for you to understand?
A great many people don't buy on the website. They'll go to a store and get what's available. Just because that's how you do it doesn't mean that's how everyone else buys it.
Logic would dictate that the most popular model would be the hardest to find yet it's the easiest, the supply is greater than the demand. I'm sure all those 16 GB models get sold to people who don't know that there's different models.
The truth is that many people are buying the 16GB not because they wanted to but because they had to. Whenever I go shopping to BJ's or Target I can see their inventory and it's always nothing but the 16GB models. So is it most popular because that's what people want or because that's what Apple makes most of and people have little choice but buy them?
Watch everyone defending Apple for keeping 16GB as the base model then fellate them when they make it 32GB.
That's not what Phil Schiller said. He expects people to use iCloud as their storage instead of locally stored.
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