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That's still not most everything. If you have uncommon names in your contact list then SwiftKey will learn them. It's all to improve the UX not to spy on the user. With the multitude of Android users using 3rd party keyboards for years any data breaches would've been discovered. Again I don't think Apple would've allowed these keyboards if there was a real life concern, and not a bunch of hypothetical what ifs.
They're not getting a copy of every single thing you type.http://swiftkey.com/en/privacy/
You obviously weren't paying attention. All this was discussed before. Missing from this article is the fact that when the user is typing sensitive information (CC numbers, and passwords) the system switches to the stock keyboard. I think Apple has thought this through, and wouldn't have allowed the keyboards if they weren't sure of a user's security in using one.
Seeing as how the whole iCloud thing happened without 3rd party keyboards, how bad could it get?
@drblank hasn't posted in 4 months. Can't believe he'd let the Beats acquisition affect him like that.
I was looking through the original story source website, and it doesn't look like a parody site ala The Onion.
Because your nude pics aren't security code worthy. 😅
All I'm saying is that it's possible for a selfie taken with another device to be saved on a iCloud account. We still don't know for sure how the celebrities got hacked. I am think that the little we know so far is the tip of an iceberg.
Apple TV is meant as a supplement, not a replacement. Only a few channels have full seasons of previously aired shows available to watch. You have a better chance of catching previous seasons on Netflix than on a network's own app.
That's not Mastercard's fault, it's on the merchant.
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