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That's assuming that the kidnapper is alive.
If you traded a cow for a chicken, then you just watched someone steal a cow from you.
I wouldn't like to have to wear long sleeve shirts all the time, so I'm all for the right to bare arms.
I hate when they do that.
Without a decryption key, forensic tools cannot be used to find digital evidence. Even with the key, searching encrypted data can be tricky and time consuming.
It was a good guess. I had to look it up.
He's actually Catholic.
They're actually quite decent. I still say that the writers of Pacific Rim got the idea from the Intergalactic video.
Several actually. The Beastie Boys were Jewish, and look up Matisyahu.
I wish I knew that a week ago. It would've saved me a trip to the SoHo store, but I did see a lot of beautiful women.
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