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There's nothing wrong with the agency model. It's the most favored nation clause that was the issue.
I agree that the agreements between Apple, and the publishers were legal, yet the court nullified them.
What's worse is that it cannot be turned off on the Nexus 6.
Because now they'll only wire up areas that will be profitable. Not many companies are willing to wait decades to see a return on their investment.
There's a court decision that states otherwise.
Are you 2 still at it? This is turning into a Hatfield/McCoy type feud.
I think Apple went about doing the right thing in the wrong way. Ultimately it will be a good, and prosperous thing for all involved.
There are strains of the cannabis plant that aren't used as a drug because it's levels of HTC are too low. Hemp isn't smoked, and has many industrial uses yet until recently it was illegal to grow in the US.
The way you described is the normal way of doing things, but not the route Apple took. There's plenty of evidence that Steve Jobs had a problem with Amazon's pricing, and didn't want to play their rules.Using Apple as leverage the publishers did indeed force Amazon into the agency model.http://www.engadget.com/2010/04/01/amazon-agrees-to-agency-pricing-model-with-two-more-publishers/
Sure it is. It wasn't fair market, but it was free market.
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