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What's wrong with that?
Sure they were, they were doing it with Windows phones, with Symbian phones, and with Palms. How old are you? I guess you believe the mobile Web was invented for Apple.
Correct, and Motorola should get some kudos for bucking the current trend. They've kept Android almost stock, and are themselves delivering updates to its customers in a timely fashion.
Because the old guard let their guard down. They were unimaginative, and uninspiring. If you're ever evolving then the competition doesn't stand a chance. How long has Coca-Cola been dominant? 100 years or so. Every time a new drink is introduced that is a threat they make their own version and since they have to power of having premium shelf position are able to survive the onslaught. Apple is in that very same position.
Still not dramatic. People already had the Internet I'm their hands. It just sucked. Apple took a undeserved market and redefined it, same with iPad, and now the Apple Watch. What market is there now for someone to redefine? There isn't any, and Apple knows that which is why they're going into cars.
That wasn't dramatic. A new approach to what already existed, but not dramatic. It wasn't anything new
And when's the last time that happened?
If we can go a week without it we really don't need it. There are plenty of people that live just fine without many of the things you listed in this day and age.
MySpace allowed people to pimp out their pages which would crash older computers. It became juvenile with all the bling, and leet speak. FB made a simple layout that was universally accepted by people of all ages. Google won because of its minimalist home page plus search algorithm.Why does their reign have to end? There are plenty of products that have had a commanding lead in their market for decades without ever even being challenged.The more products Apple makes, the...
Seeing how we lived for eons without the Internet I don't think it's a 'need'.
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