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I don't think it's about money. Apple figured out a way to make it user friendly plus very secure, and people have adopted it rather quickly. Google had the right idea, but fumbled the ball with the implementation.
More like Windows Pain
Of course since greedy executives never put a company out of business.
If there was no money in it nobody would build one.
You obviously missed my point, and Mike Rowe is totally out of touch with reality since he doesn't comprehend the meaning of 'work smart not hard'. Even if everyone had skill set, the aptitude and the competence to by a doctor, or lawyer, we all still cannot be doctors and lawyers. Everybody cannot be successful, in order to be a Chief there needs to be Indians.These tech people have flooded an area, and have directly caused the cost of living to go up for everyone, and...
I got your new plates right here.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzHOmiV0eGU&feature=youtube_gdata_player
IMO the plates staying with the owner makes much more sense. It eliminates the license plate turn over period. In NY, you're handed your plates upon registration of the vehicle.
No way. What do you do in the meantime? Aren't you able to transfer old plates?
I don't think there's too many people trying to raise a family with a job at McDonalds. It's usually the second, or third job in a household. Everyone is calling for these drivers to earn so little, but let a bus full of workers crash, and burn and everyone will want to know why such poor drivers were hired.
I still say that some smart ass deliberately named Rancho Cucamonga as a big F U.
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