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So what did people do before September 2014?
A link would help.
If I remember correctly there were some contracts that they still had to honor, but I'm guessing none were with Motorola.
Yet where did that get Palm, and BB? There's absolutely no way that the market will support 6-7 different OSs.
Don't hold your breath.
The game isn't over, it never is. Microsoft has deep pockets, and can slowly build mind, and market share. Don't count them out just yet.
It was reversed last quarter, since those that sold first missed out on the upswing.
Because initial sales were good leading up to the holiday quarter. A preview of sorts.
Then it's obviously not that worthy.
First I said many, not everyone, secondly I said go down not it's going to tank. If there's a sudden rush to sell those that sold first sell it at the highest price before it starts going down. How much they earn on the sale depends on the price they bought it at.
New Posts  All Forums: