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While I believe that they can remove the app I think blocking access whilst in country (Brazil in this case) might be the best solution, but one can bypass that if they're on a VPN.
I remember roaming happened as soon as you left your state or designated 'home' area. US carriers will usually have an agreement to allow its traveling users onto another network, and vice versa.
Weren't there similar nightmare stories when the iPhone first came out with overseas travelers?
Except that you're not taking into consideration that it's double the amount of data than VZW, and AT&T are including.
What makes you think any of them are 'takers'? The current residents were not given their brownstones, they all purchased them years ago, and most were kept where little restoration or none was needed. While the neighborhood does have its share of crime, the majority of the residents are hard working, and law abiding citizens that have that neighborhood good enough that 'whitey' would want to move in.
Or you could just say 'sister'
There's a lot of pent up animosity, and redemption in his writing which makes it difficult to be objective.
That would make sense if the 2 (headphones and music service) went hand in hand the way iTunes and the iPod did. One can survive well enough on its own without the other.
Odd that CuraƧao produces pretty good baseball players, and is not really known for soccer like the Netherlands is.
It's probably due to a host of beneficial reasons. Maybe the close proximity to Venezuela, and Brazil without being in them. I really don't think that they did it with the dart throwing method.
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