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That awards show was on approximately 15 channels last night.
That works for me.
People are hypochondriacs even with their devices.
I find Marvin's posts to be very informative. He often times embeds videos from YouTube. Seems like Safari has an issue playing them.
The reason iOS devices beat Nintendo is because they were multi-function devices whereas the Nintendo system was not. The consoles can do just about everything the Apple TV can do plus do a better job playing games.
Yup, just look at the highest grossing games on iTunes for proof.
That's odd, because that's exactly how I get my local OTA broadcasts. I have a Vizio TV, and connected to it I have a PS3, and a Roku. I don't want another box, and I'd eliminate the Roku, but the disc drive on the PS3 runs even when I'm using it as a streamer which is quite annoying.
How else do you think cord cutters are getting the OTA channels? With more and more people eliminating their cable subscriptions the need for a built-in tuner in only going to increase.
Why? If it has a ATSC/QAM tuner one can watch OTA transmissions over the cable coax. That eliminates the need for another box plus an antenna.
That would make it a monitor, and not a TV. The distinction is the built in tuner.
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