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Except when consumers train Apple to what they want, and Apple does it not once but twice.
I do, but the iPhone's thinness isn't that big of a deal. Our hands aren't flat when we grip things so something thicker can be gripped just as easily as something thin if the width is the same or close.
Just because the technology to build something exists doesn’t mean you have to build it.
In other words "you can't get your hand around it" which is the SJ quote I'm referring to.
1) What's illogical about it?2) That's not what I was referring to?
I also learned what humor was, but it looks like you were absent for that lesson.
I'd have more money than God if I had a dollar for every "I think Steve Jobs...." I've heard. The truth is nobody knew what SJ was thinking except for him.
Did you think it was going to be unconditional?
Using that logic a phone with the dimensions of a sheet of paper would do great, because it's smaller and lighter.
Yes the screen was large but its footprint was comparable to every other smartphone that was available at the time.
New Posts  All Forums: