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I guess you don't know any sneaker-heads.
Its sales numbers are lumped in with other devices which now includes the Watch. What does that say about the Watch?
Innovation is a new idea, or method of which the digital crown on the Watch is neither. The touchscreen on the iPhone wasn't innovative, but what was innovative was making it a capacitive multi-touch screen which introduced a new method to interact with the screen.
Because lifeforms need oxygen.
Why would something made out of water want to be waterproof?
Nothing that's made out of real leather is waterproof.
Let's just agree to disagree, because you'll never convince me otherwise. Netflix/Hulu are here to stay.
And buy another device? How many millions of people access Netflix/Hulu via a smart TV, a Blu Ray player, a Roku, or another streaming device? Are they all suddenly going to stop using those devices? Are they going to give up the unique programming offered by those services?
Do you think those services are only accessed using Apple devices?
It's not enough time to develop a device, and then announce it.
New Posts  All Forums: