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Very few companies report actual sales, so units shipped is the de facto method to ascertain market share.
Liquor in the front, and poker in the rear.
Apologies, I misread your post. I assumed that you didn't know, and I quite frankly don't care how Apple designed it to go search for it. I took an educated guess using the tried and true method watch makers have been using for decades.
Sure they do. That person goes on to purchase apps, and such, which in turn will make that person more likely to purchase a new iPhone the next time around.
See what happens when you try to put a mustache on without a mirror.
They do however benefit greatly from the sub $400 secondary market.
Sometimes a patented a part of something bigger. The guy that invented intermittent wipers wasn't going to start a car company just to build cars with intermittent wipers on them, nor even build a factory unless he had customers lined up. Since he was basically a nobody in the car manufacturing industry his idea was used without his permission, and he successfully sued Ford. It doesn't get more nonpracticing entity than him.
Did it hurt? Landing on Plymouth Rock that is
It's probably a spring loaded dowel like are used to connect bands to other watches.
Who's going to come in and make people give up all the money they've invested in music, apps, and ebooks? The more people invest in a ecosystem the least likely they are to abandon said ecosystem.
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