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That's not the argument though. @jfanning stated thatwhich is absolutely correct. Prior to 2007 smartphones were not very popular in the US. The trend was towards unlocked candy bar, and flip phones from overseas.
You don't need a contract for a post-paid plan.
Healthy people aren't lucrative.
How is it that immunizations were developed left, and right decades ago, and now with much more knowledge we've been unable to develop any?
Many did have touch screen. They just weren't capacitive, nor multi touch.
And who here isn't guilty of twisting logic here and there? ;-)
So now you too have ihavetomentionAndroiditis.
I did? That's news to me. Show me where I likened one company to another. I only likened what a poster wrote to what others said about the iPhone when it came out. I made no case for, nor against either company.
Yet how many things throughout history have failed when it should've been a resounding success due to the expertise of someone, or something? If everything worked out the way it's supposed to the stock market would be easy. I'm not saying that the OP is wrong. Only that he's doing exactly what he's probably criticized others for doing.
New Posts  All Forums: