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All of them had interchangable bands. Funny how when Apple goes to 2 screen sizes on the iPhone it's not copying but if someone does something Apple does it's copying. That's called hypocrisy, and I don't need to be an apologist of anyone to see it.
I don't know about the Panthers but tons of people watch the Jets.
Like Apple invented that.
You can't add the whole $50, because we do more with internet access than just watch TV.
I take it that you never watched Luther.
If they're making money how has it gone too far?
Have you ever seen it, or you're just assuming it's crappy because Apple didn't make it? I use it quite often and IMO it's pretty darn good. It's actually saved me money by showing me which service had the movie/TV show I searched for at no additional cost.
Have you ever seen the credits for a top notch games? It's similar to the end credits of a movie. Hundreds of people work on creating those games.
But you're comparing 3000 users, to hundreds of thousands if not millions of users. I'm not suggesting letting them get away with it because then number of them can grow and really put a strain on the network.
By there's also countless others that use less than those 2GB, so while they lose on one hand they win exponentially with the other.
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