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Really? You're in a 'least cell phone bill' pissing contest with TS?
We got some mighty big sticks over here.
To paraphrase Drexl from True Romance "they musta thought it was Samsung day.... it ain't Samsung day, is it?" Minion "no man it ain't Samsung day"
This news should make for some interesting comments.
And did a pretty good job at it. Kudos to them.
VZW actually has a unadvertised plan with unlimited talk, text, with 2 GBs of data for $60.
No. It just grew beyond their expectations, and ability to keep up. More and more cables isn't something that can be just willed into existence.
That's exactly what they what VZW wants to do. The throttling is only temporary. Until the site becomes less congested, or the user moves to a less congested site.When unlimited data was introduced there were no tv/movie/music streaming apps. YouTube wasn't as big as it is today. Our Internet usage has grown exponentially since the introduction of the smartphone.
How I understand it is if a user in the top 5% in data usage he/she will get throttled only if the particular cell site is at capacity. Once that user is on a less busy cell site his/her speed will return.
Verizon started tiered plans a little over 2 years ago. Anyone that signed up before then (like me ), and hasn't upgraded still has unlimited data.
New Posts  All Forums: