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What are they taking back? The user still has unlimited data, the speed at which they get it at was never promised.
AT&T allowed anyone with a unlimited plan to keep that plan upon renewal. VZW did not, it forced those that wanted to buy a subsidized phone onto a tiered plan. Those of us that still have a unlimited either pay full price for a phone, or buy a previously owned one.
Hey, I resemble that remark.
I disagree, with these news double data plans I'm seriously thinking about giving up my unlimited data. I think that VZW decided to go with a different strategy.
C'est bon, s'il vous plaƮt, je ne sais quoi, mon ami. That's all the French I know, oh and something about avec moi.
I believe this was in response to this move by AT&T.http://about.att.com/story/sign_up_by_october_31st_to_get_30gb_of_truly_shareable_data_2_10_lines_starting_at_160_month.html
Not to nitpick, but lately you've been writing defiantly for definitely.
They're not grandfathered plans. They're expired contracts, and are now on monthly terms.
AKA iOS users.
The driver was probably trying the tweet a photo of the lady's skills with his stick shift.
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