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That's wrong as well.
Or desperate for subscribers. The same isn't true for the other carriers.
So you think that every iPhone ever made is still in use?
A lot of headphones now incorporate the ability to talk as well as listening to music.
First they ALL do not last that long no matter how well maintained. An original iPhone must have horrendous battery life if any, and no student is going to walk around with such an old phone because they'll get ridiculed. I'm hispanic and I know that the less fortunate are often teased.
They only break down only after being handed down many times over?
What do you consider 'subsidized'?
Sometimes the old way is the best way. I'm sure you still use buttons, and zippers to fasten your clothes.
We're not on Twitter.
I just can't see that 3 out of 4 people plunked down $650-$950 in cash.
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