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It's not exactly the same but it does allow one to have all their media, and some apps on it.
He's not the first expert nor will he be the last that something happens to that should've never happened. It's actually quite comforting to know that they're just as absent minded as us non-experts.
Maybe because the memory is expandable for a fraction of the cost.
Agreed, it's meant to compete with the other Android OEMs than with the iPhone.
I'd label it as bad judgment instead of bad behavior. It seemed like he had a backup solution but didn't employ it. I'm sure he has now after this little scare.
Getting rid of the CDs was a big mistake, because even a local HDD/SSD backup isn't 100% fail safe.I don't crap on anyone for getting perks. I personally try to get as many as I can, and there aren't many of us that would've turned down that special attention from Apple. Afterwards he was able to write out the steps it took to resolve his problems for the benefit of anyone experiencing the same thing.
One barely bad lone critique of Apple a few months ago, and now he's a "anti-Apple blogger".
Of course not. It's just not as bad as it was made out to be. Everybody ran with his initial story, but hardly anyone ran the update that all was well.
The update is that he got his music back. It was never deleted. It just wasn't being listed, and that was rectified.
Newsflash, this article is also about marketshare.
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