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Except that North America includes Canada, and Mexico.
Was that conversation with Siri, or Soli?
It's not the type of black box people go on the internet to see.
Does that mean I win?
4 out 5 companies that tried this have failed. At this point nobody has the resources, nor the time to start a vertical business model, and be able to succeed.
But one can get competing software quite easily. Back then getting another browser wasn't. They also tried to disrupt Sun's Java.
Sog35 has mentioned foldable phones as being the future of smartphones, so it was an easy joke to miss if indeed in fact he was joking.
You ever see the size of a NFL play book? It's easier said than done.
Under what pretense?
The difference is that the iPod is dying. Sales are declining which leads to lower profit. Amazon on the other hand is doing tons of business, but they're doing it on razor thin margins. For many investors the potential to make profit is more attractive than the actual making of it.
New Posts  All Forums: