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More like biblical.
So Tim Cook is God now?
Like this?
You never heard of the 50/50 90/10 rule? If you have a 50% chance you'll get it wrong 90% of the time.
Is that hard to believe?
There's no shame in getting hooked on watching Rose McGowan, and Alyssa Milano. Edit. Btw It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is hilarious. I've recently got hooked on it.
Waze has similar functionality. I monitored my sister's 2 hour trip home this past Sunday. Btw a parent stalking their child is never creepy.
Indeed, especially shows produced by Netflix, most notably House of Cards, and Orange Is The New Black
A penny saved is a penny earned. Of course there's a financial benefit to a secure payment system. Cutting losses yields higher gains, but you already knew that.
Personalization don't count.
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