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They took flight to America. Only to be followed by the oppressive government they were fleeing from.
And losing billions in the process
So? Wasn't everyone happy when Apple got the Beatles catalog? Songs that are over 40 yrs old that are irrelevant, sound and feel dated.
Then no eyelashes were batted for over 20 yrs.
So they should be losing billions now that the second tier is 64GB instead of 32GB. It used to be a $200 upgrade to go from 16GB to 64GB, but now it's only $100. Phil Schiller said that the 16GB is the most popular, but this article points to the contrary. Did he lie? Are we to believe the survey, or Phil?
Does tyranny, and oppression only come in the form of taxation? Why did they flee the country to begin with?
What part of American history don't you know?
Yes but declared independence from tyranny and oppression only to do it to others.
There's always a choice.
A lot of wealthy educated people in big cities as well, and they're liberal too.
New Posts  All Forums: