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When there's a billion people in Oregon you'll get more stores.
A commercial (business purposes) use drone will be flown a lot more than one flown for fun.
Counterfeit Christians with self serving motives.
I'm an avid player on the Xbox consoles, and I like the design MS came up with, but that doesn't mean it can't be improved upon.I do a lot of online gaming, it's high paced, and highly competitive. The only idea I can think of would be to have some type of eye scanning technology that moves the onscreen reticle with just a look.
I misread your original post. Your idea makes sense, but rarely do big corporations do things that make sense. The loss prevention division can't do too good of a job, or they'll find themselves without one.
So the only way Apple could offer a retailer a discount is through that store's credit card.
Doesn't Apple's fee come from the credit card company, or bank, and not directly from the retailer?
How does one briefly allow people to ride for free? Do you let them on for free and then charge them whilst they're on the train?
There are people that play games professionally, and some of those competitions are televised.http://www.majorleaguegaming.com/http://www.progamingleague.com/Some universities even have teams, and gives them scholarships.http://nytimes.com/2014/12/09/technology/esports-colleges-breeding-grounds-professional-gaming.html?referer=
Did you, or anyone here think that smartphones should be entirely touchscreen with capacitive multi touch?Am I any different than many on here that say the other smartphone manufacturers should come up with their own design instead of copy Apple's yet offer no ideas as to how?The Sony, and Microsoft controllers are different enough that if I picked them up blindly I can tell them apart. There's a big difference between being similar to being exactly the same.
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