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How else do you think cord cutters are getting the OTA channels? With more and more people eliminating their cable subscriptions the need for a built-in tuner in only going to increase.
Why? If it has a ATSC/QAM tuner one can watch OTA transmissions over the cable coax. That eliminates the need for another box plus an antenna.
That would make it a monitor, and not a TV. The distinction is the built in tuner.
Who made you arbiter of what market needs disruption?
And who's bigger than Apple?
In other words any market that Apple isn't in is ripe for destruction.
I still see arcades, and some of those game makers have made a lot money on the console market.
To that I say "fair is subjective"
Wait, there's actual Pepsi drinkers? I only drink Pepsi when Coke is sold out.
Tell them that you believe in jury nullification and you'll be excused.
New Posts  All Forums: