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For me, when it comes to service, good enough ain't good enough. T-Mobile has been around long enough, and for them to just now start beefing up their service is a joke.
It can be set it so that the shape is never visible.
It's not the competition that's taken away their revenue streams. It's been the manufacters, and the users.The pipes might be dumb, but they're expensive to install, and maintain. Funny how everyone ridicules manufacters because they're in a race to the bottom, but that's exactly what the MVNOs, and T-Mobile are doing for service.
It's been disrupted a few times already, and this is their response. You can't keep taking revenue streams away, and expect them not to fight back.
I often use went in place of gone, and most people I speak with do so as well. If this forum was only Americans the OP's use of it would have probably gone unchallenged.
Depends on who you ask.
If they're licensed to receive deposits then they're a bank.
Why risk your money when you can risk someone else's?
I was letting digitalclips know that's how Americans say it. He lives in the US but if I remember correctly he wasn't born here. And yes we all say some f'd up ish.
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