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Who else rents clothes?
It's not AaronJ season yet.
Like this?
It was HTC HD2 which was released late 2009, and it had a 4.3" screen.
How ironic is it that you chose a story in which something was stolen from a competitor so they wouldn't have an unfair advantage?
I'm sure there was a big 'oh shit' moment when they found out that the CPUs they were building for Apple were 64 bit, and let's not forget Touch ID.
Where were you last week when Apple was introducing evidence? Whatever cross examination that occurred wasn't covered either.
You could always choose to ignore it if it upsets you.
It could also be a ruse to keep people from buying the SGS 5 and HTC One
Who shows a phone with a case on it. Even a cheap case doesn't have a crevice for a seam.
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