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There has to be a 'unbundling' of the network. Just how telcos had to let CLECs (competitive local exchange carrier) and wireless providers MDVOs (Mobile Dynamic Virtual Organizations) onto their networks and give consumers some choice. Why can't the same be done over a cable company's coaxial network?
Because it's not Apple.
I had to duck to avoid that load of BS.
I prefer complacency. I've seen so many long standing businesses lose out to a similar business but just a little different. The place to get auto parts in NYC used to be R&S Strauss, they went out of business only to be replaced by Auto Zone, and Advanced Auto Parts. Before Subway we had Blimpie's, and almost all of those are gone. It's mind boggling how many CEOs are asleep at the helm.
A much smaller market supported all of them just a few years ago. A bigger market would do just the same if not better.
Really? Last I checked those companies are doing just fine
What profits? They didn't make any *wink wink*
Almost seems like the online meeting place for people that cheer at executions.
There were way too many. Most lasted no more than a few years. Would you say that there are way too many manufacturers for the market to support? They were surviving just fine a few years ago, and there were less people buying cell phones.
They probably would still be a major player if they had released something similar to the Z10 instead of that god awful Storm.
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