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And the consequences if they didn’t?
Doesn't say anything about why they did it.
And it was impossible to implement any other way?
Like they're going to admit it.
Was Reachability impossible before?
If I had stats I would've said 'I know' instead of 'I believe'.
A don't categorize a bigger screen as a 'feature'. Why continue losing customers to a competitor, because of a simple spec? I do believe that Apple was concerned that for the first time the switchers from iOS to Android would outnumber the Android to iOS ones.
There are games (Angry Birds for one) that initially didn't have IAPs, and added them in an update. A parent could very easily missed that fact, and allow their child to play unsupervised thinking they're safe.
This is the point I'm trying to make.
Can you send me the English version?
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