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Did you get that GIF keyboard?
The bubbly wine, yes, the color, no.
The idea is to make paying for something quick, and easy. Holding up a iPad to a NFC scanner isn't exactly easy. Plus everyone with a iPhone has it on them whilst shopping, iPads I'd say not so much.
I didn't say it was equal. It is pathetic that on Apple's day to shine you decided to give Samsung some importance by mentioning them.I'll agree that those that come on here to strictly bad mouth Apple are pathetic on another level, and it's best not to justify their existence by responding to them. If no one answers them they'll get the message, and simply leave.
One can also change the UA so that it looks like you're browsing on a desktop.
How do you lump in Calvin Klein with Marc Ecko? Calvin Klein still makes high end clothes whereas Ecko does not.
Yet you were pathetically compelled to mention Samsung in a thread that had nothing to do with them.
That's assuming that the kidnapper is alive.
If you traded a cow for a chicken, then you just watched someone steal a cow from you.
I wouldn't like to have to wear long sleeve shirts all the time, so I'm all for the right to bare arms.
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