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Reps are many times not correctly informed.Go to #6http://m-support.verizonwireless.com/mobl/features.faqs_faqs%7CWirelessService%7CAdvancedCalling.tp_2.html
Yes but the LTE SIM only handles data right now. Voice calls are still handled by the CDMA network. VoLTE would be the first step in eliminating the CDMA network.
Tighten up those bed rails. 😅
Though it has its limitations, CDMA is superior to GSM in a several ways.
Yes you'll be using data, but not from your allotted data. It would be unfair for them to use your data for a feature that they implemented.
Chinatown is literally just a few blocks away from the SoHo store.
Could be short for spaceship grey.
And winners don't mention the competition on a launch day.
I distinctly remember @sog35 saying that he wasn't interested in owning one. His whole shtick was that this or that was proof, and that Samsung was going down.
He probably hates unnecessary bloatware. That's not really change, it's additions.
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