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Not when you want to invest in developing new products and services.
Yet many of the purchases I make through Amazon are fulfilled by someone else. Amazon just handles the transaction (sound familiar?). In this case they're helping the competition not eliminating them.
Semantics, and please stop with the 'change the world' self-aggrandizement. Penicillin changed the world, immunizations changed the world, indoor plumbing changed the world. A few touchscreen devices have not changed the world, and if it has it's been for the worse. The younger generation is getting dumber though the have a wealth of information at their fingertips, and there's been a exponential increase in vanity, and narcissism.
It will be a big blow to the manufacturers if subsidies end. People won't upgrade every 2 years. There's already a drop in sales of the iPad, a unsubsidized iPhone will only follow suit.
And your house cost you so much more, and your car, your TV, your vacation, I could go on and on. Not everyone can nut up $650, $750, or $850 to get a phone outright. They're content paying more over time just like they do with their house, their car, and everything else they buy on credit.
The OP had it spelled correctly. It's a Bugs Bunny reference which you obviously didn't get, and it's not the first time it's been discussed.
Superior technology doesn’t always win. Plasma was vastly superior to LCD and they're not longer being made. The dot coms went belly up because people simply stopped buying from them. Though Amazon lost money their business actually went up by a lot. One can survive a long time by threading water and keeping one's nose just above the water.
They are making money, they're just not hoarding it the way Apple does.
Technology always kills jobs. Digital music killed B&M music stores, digital photography killed film processing businesses. What Amazon is doing isn't new, and has happened a million times over.
Exactly. They lack profit because they choose to, not because business is down.
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