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MS has nobody to blame but themselves. They squandered a huge lead in the smartphone market, and continued to make mistakes after the obvious paradigm shift Apple created.
They probably cut class they day the Bill of Rights was taught.
I thoroughly enjoy reading Rene, and everyone over at iMore. Great writing, very informative, and they stay on topic. They've also managed to keep the comment section void of trash talking.
Don't knock Applebee's, it's my end of the week watering hole. . I don't miss the old 42nd St, but I do miss the old Washington Square Park and the old Greenwich Village. I miss the music genres created in NYC. Nobody dresses 'weird' anymore. I can't remember the last time I saw anyone in NYC black. We've become homogenized.
In other words the Finnish finish school.
How do you lump CNN in with FOX?
This thread needs some comic relief.
Then most companies would fire their accounting departments.
Correction, Samsung first had a curved design with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.
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