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And who exactly lowered the price?
I'd bet that the majority of those people haven't lived in NYC for over 5 years.
C'mon man, he clearly meant 36000 virgins.
He was blocked from getting home by all the protesters on Central Park West yesterday.
Just because one Native American was Tonto doesn't mean they all were, but that's still better than Dorothy's dog Toto. That's slang for a woman's sexual organ in many Latin countries.
Then what sense does it make to have brick and mortar stores? Why not become just a online retailer, and be done with inventory?
You forgot the ยก in front of Claro.
I'd bet they use fiber up to a certain point, because it's impossible for them to offer those speeds on a pure coax network.
Since when is lowering the price of a product qualify it as a race to the bottom product?
If I'm not mistaken there are 3, 7, and 10 day bans on AI including a permanent one. There's a warning system but I haven't seen it used ever. Members should also be notified if something they wrote has led to an infraction. I don't know what it was BF wrote, but it seems to have gotten him banned permanently. I do agree with you, the terminology should be changed, temp bans should read 'user suspended' instead of 'banned user'.
New Posts  All Forums: