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I'm guessing she means the Smart Keyboard, and it's $169. I don't see the case and keyboard separately.
But this is for casual iOS gamers. They're accustomed to their hardware being of high quality and nicely designed.
If it looks cheap it's going to be assumed that the rest of it was cheaply made.
I made a general statement that is void of details. I don't have enough information to make any assumptions about the training of the people in the video.
And rightly so, but keeping an eye on them, and kicking them out are 2 different things.
Getting trained, and putting that training to work are 2 very different things. A 5 hour class isn't going to change deep seeded feelings.
Martin, and Brown were unable to claim anything because they were killed, but each of them played a big part in why they died.I don't buy into every situation in which racism is claimed. There's usually blame to go around but in this instance I just don't see it no matter how hard I try.I honestly don't think I would've maintained my composure if I were told that my presence was worrisome, and it was thought I might steal something like these young men did. Their behavior,...
Play blind if you want but my eyes are wide open to the social injustices of the world.
Which is why I asked.
We don't know, but they did know why, and refused to say it. In many cases what's not said is louder, and clearer than what is said, and in my opinion this is one of those cases. Last I checked I'm entitled to my opinion, just like you have a right to yours.
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