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Jobs said according to Walter Issacson.
And invented the very thing Steve Jobs said not to.
Then that would mean that there aren't any serious gamers on mobile which isn't true. My brother plays Hobbit: KoM, and he knows people that have spent thousands of dollars in IAPs, that's more than a gamers spends on buying a console, a gaming monitor, a gaming chair, a headset, and a bunch of games. Those people are not casual players.
Watch the video. They're told that their presence is worrisome, their mere simple presence, nothing is said about an action, or actions that raised suspicion.
I would say people that play simple games for short periods of time.
I'm guessing she means the Smart Keyboard, and it's $169. I don't see the case and keyboard separately.
But this is for casual iOS gamers. They're accustomed to their hardware being of high quality and nicely designed.
If it looks cheap it's going to be assumed that the rest of it was cheaply made.
I made a general statement that is void of details. I don't have enough information to make any assumptions about the training of the people in the video.
And rightly so, but keeping an eye on them, and kicking them out are 2 different things.
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