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The OP can't see function over form. On a device that small there's very little that can be reimagined design wise, especially with the current technological limitations.
At least you didn't send her Hell's way like @Apple ][ would've done. 😅
Why are you getting a phone that's unusable?
Do you really think there's one single solitary reason?
Could it be that Apple handles the transaction the way they do with media purchases?
This is directly from Apple's website.Sounds like there's a one-time token attached to device identifier.
And gets them off the hook for improving their network.
You guys are making it more complicated than it has to be. I used to have a SecureID (picture below) token generator that I used whenever I wanted to access company email on a outside computer. The device was programmed with a algorithm, and once it started it generated a password every minute. As long as the device, and end service were synchronized at one point with both using the same algorithm simultaneously the token password word work.Here's some reading for a better...
We done woke up in the Bizzaro world. 😄
When making a purchase the system generates a single use 'token', which can be in numeric, alphanumeric, or QR code fashion in lieu of the actual credit card info.
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