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Nothing @Relic wrote was confrontational nor was it trollish. It's unwise to pick a fight with her because many here including myself will come to her defense.
You're welcome. The world, especially the tech world would be a much better place if everyone followed this advice.I just may put that as my signature.
Yea something like that.http://www.forbes.com/sites/avidan/2013/10/07/just-how-does-coca-cola-reinvent-itself-in-a-changed-world/This paragraph stood out in particular.
iPhones 5 would be a less confusing plural.
Except that it wasn't Google Maps. It was a maps app made by Apple using Google's data.
The operative words were business model. While they do compete on various fronts the overall business model for each company is very different.
Thanks, I was already in the process of adding 'multi touch' when you replied.
Apple was the first to use a multi touch capacitive touch screen, but resistive touch screens existed way before the iPhone.
Unfortunately Boy Genius Report is already taken.
You're showing your age with the use of the term 'venereal disease'.
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