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What works for one doesn’t work for another. Everybody always extols the virtues of making the hardware and software yet if you look at the numbers 4 out of 5 companies that have tried that either failed or are dying, a measly 20% success rate. There is no magical formula, and I wish people would stop acting like there is.
That's never going to happen. Too many land based restrictions on content.
I can't stand using the PS3 for streaming. The disc drive is always humming in the background even though it's not being used. I much prefer using my Roku, of which I own several. I'm quite amazed that such a small company with almost zero advertising is running with the big boys.
Ask HTC how keeping it simple has worked out.
Or the phone calls, the SMS messages, the screen real estate, the 64 bit processor, yup just like the iPhone.
Just like nobody wants a stylus, and nobody wants a big phone. There sure are a lot of nobodies in this world.
1. Funny but whenever someone claimed that they were being sold all I ever heard was "where? I never seen one in public" Who were buying these devices?2.Who says that they use it more than anything else. Your usage isn't everyone else's.3. Please this entire country was stolen, so have a few elections. We're a country of thieves.
Doesn’t Google make more money off iOS users? If that is indeed the case it means that iOS users are actually subsidizing Android.
What's the alternative?
Get a PS Vita, it's pretty damn close.
New Posts  All Forums: