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How is that any different when many here were asking for a cross platform BBM?Edit: I misread the article, and have since amended my thoughts.
No silly, the only month that has 2 Tuesdays in a week is Octember
Did you not see the post we were referring to? The OP wrote 'monop-Sony'. He separated sony and capitalized the first letter to imply a name.
That's the six million dollar man with glasses.
They play with that number so much. Sometimes it includes those in the military, and other times it excludes them
How I wish that happens. Search Common Core questions and you'll see all the ridiculous questions these kids get asked to answer on a daily basis.
Oh yes, I remember that comment. I was being facetious. I obviously value what you, and the other regulars have to say, or why else would I be here.
Now you believe what's been said about him? I think your defense of him the other day is wavering.
Speaking of brains, I must be losing mine, because I don't remember making a comment like that. If I did insult anyone I apologize. I didn't think so many would jump into the fold, and to then grow into the madness it became. I wasn't looking for enjoyment, but I won't deny that as the ridiculousness ensued it became somewhat amusing, but my initial intention was to point out a irony. Fair enough?
New Posts  All Forums: