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What contracts?
I really don't think a great many of those people exist anymore.
What's the different idea?
There'd be no children conceived if we aimed high.
The truth is that it's all hopeless for the foreseeable future. I just don't see none of the current manufacturers ever gaining any ground on Apple. We're way past the point in which a new company can come with a different strategy, or a new approach, because Apple can pivot to whatever it is they're doing before they can gain any real traction.
So how are they going to differentiate with Windows? There will quickly be cheap Windows phones, and we'll be repeating the same cycle.
I have no problem with licensing things, it saves time, and precious R&D dollars. The OP made a blanket statement about not liking 'copying' even after I showed him/her that HTC hasn't copied the way Samsung has. There can't always be something original.
He obviously read it. Now you read it. The OP was calling a HTC a copycat when we are know that there's a licensing agreement between HTC, and Apple. That's the reason why Apple hasn't sued HTC for taking design cues from Apple, nor do they get the backlash like Samsung does.
They didn’t buy the GUI from Xerox, they only licensed it. Apple saw what Xerox was doing, and they changed their strategy. They saw a better idea then what they were doing, and decided to use it.
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