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To allow people to try it first of course, it could also be viewed as a pure money grab in which Apple is hoping people will sign up and forget to cancel after the 3 months.
Wasn't iTunes launched in a similar fashion? Was Apple clueless back then? It takes time to negotiate with all the labels. It's a whole new set of terms with a streaming service.
And we all laughed at the abysmal actual sales numbers of Samsung's devices, or did you forget?
Apple was not yet the market leader at that point. There was no hugely popular high end smartphone made by Samsung until the SGS 3 which was specifically designed to not look like the iPhone. Using your logic the SGS 6 should be a resounding success and early indicators point to the contrary.
I don’t think for a second that Samsung's success came because they copied Apple. A lot of their success was because the other manufacturers weren't making any compelling devices. The other OEMs were making too many models and still making exclusive deals with certain carriers.
Your utopian business world will never exist. When companies can't differentiate their product nobody wins. We're seeing that right now with the Android manufacturers, they'd all be dead if they didn't have other sources of revenue.
Except that telcos have never been a 'private industry'. They were given a natural monopoly with tons of governmental regulations so that they couldn't abuse that power. The cost of doing this is miniscule compared to all the corporate welfare the government doles out.
Cadillacs? The welfare queens in Brooklyn drive Benzs
Before the telcos came out with the 'all you can eat' plans they charged by usage on a 'per call' basis not 'per minute' the way long distance calls were billed. Fixed and low income people were allowed to stay on that billing style after the unlimited plans were introduced because their usage was so low. Having that phone line has saved countless lives because people were able to make emergency calls.In terms of communication the Internet has surpassed dial tone. A child...
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