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Where did I say anything about modifying Android? Is everyone that's part of the OHA in any way, shape, or form forced to use Android? No they are not, so how would they then be forced to update it?
Getting the native apps is even easier.
No they can't. Anyone including you, and I can grab a copy of Android right off Google's servers.
And you know this how? The OEMs weren't forced to use it in the first place, so why would they be forced to issue updates?
Ye of little faith.
That's more like her outbox.
I'm sorely lacking in that department, so I'd need more before it could even be considered fat.
Getting off your lazy ass, and getting a job is the only one that has a success rate of 100%.
You're never going to eliminate opportunity costs.
Welcome to the game. Ten years is a long time to be on the sidelines.
New Posts  All Forums: