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Apple TV is meant as a supplement, not a replacement. Only a few channels have full seasons of previously aired shows available to watch. You have a better chance of catching previous seasons on Netflix than on a network's own app.
That's not Mastercard's fault, it's on the merchant.
That's the danger of changing the world. People expect you to do it again, and again. A error in thinking doesn't stop a multitude of people from thinking it. You know full well the gnashing of teeth that would've taken place had they not made a bigger iPhone. And yes the second time, the iPad mini being the first. Now it's 2 devices SJ basically said weren't good ideas.
I'm not denying it would've sold a lot of units, but I think a good amount of people would've been disappointed. This is the second time Apple has done what the people wanted versus showing them what they want. How are they going to change it in 2 years? Thinner? Bigger?
Then tell me what would've happened if Apple had made the IPhone 6 only 4"? Truth be told a lot of people didn't care about design, UX, UI, and brand appeal. They wanted a bigger screen, and went with who was making one. Apple may not have competition in the tablet market, but they most certainly do in the smartphone one. Which is why they made a device that SJ said no one wanted to buy.
Apple: we don't sell your data, because others do.
How do you improve on the thinnest phone made out of milled aluminum? They left themselves with very little options to improve on. If they didn’t go bigger, the detractors would've had a field day, and not only does Apple not win back the defectors, they'll actually be many more.
Ugh, I hate when I get hung with new rope. It's so stiff. 😅
Great read. Thanks.
How were they in the mix? They took the selfie, and it's visible. Do you think that those pics can't be stored in iCloud if taken by another device?
New Posts  All Forums: