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Last I checked Apple doesn't sell DVDs, so what monopoly were they trying to break?
I think that they were selling different kinds of apples at that location 100 years ago.
The hard part wasn't hijacking user accounts, it was however really hard finding some Austealians
Not anywhere with good law enforcement.
My mistake, I saw desktop but didn't see that it read iPad in the upper left corner. Apologies.
All I'm saying is that Apple excluded that functionality from its tablets, but the competition included it. I don’t think that it's unfathomable that Apple saw what they did, and decided it was a good enough feature to add. Anybody that calls that 'copying' is just silly. It's not a feature that's new and unique.
That's from a desktop not a tablet. Big difference.
A silent PR person is like a talkative mime.
Where's the blatant trolling flag button?
They can only change the outer part but so much.
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