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The trick is coming up with a answer.
C'mon, bet something you'd actually miss not having.
When has Apple created something new, not seen before, and not something reimagined?
Question is, would Apple have created the iPhone if there weren't smartphones already in existence?
C'mon, you're not one of these young kids that doesn't know smartphones existed before the iPhone. One always learns from the competition, even if it's what not to do.
The story I've heard is that the idea for decorating the tree came from Martin Luther (who protested against Catholic teachings thus were born the Protestants) when he saw stars shining through the trees one night whilst walking through the woods.
Because that would call for way too much gifting.
Inside Man and Miracle at St Anna were both pretty good, but Oldboy was absolutely horrendous.
Brits maybe, but in my experience foreigners, or as you put it 'non-citizens' love July 4th. Who else but Americans can create a holiday in which you eat, drink all day, and at the end blow stuff up?
I can tell you for a fact that in NYC (or if you ask Jesse Jackson 'hymie town') spring break always coincides with Passover.
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