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2 devices of my own that can't be updated plus constant reminders of how long Apple devices last fo, all the iPods Touch that were sold until a little over a year ago, all the first gen iPads, and all the iPhones 3G(S) I still see people using. Do you really believe all those devices that sold for years makeup only 13% of active devices?
I'm sure that those older devices account for more than 13% of devices still in use. They're just not accessing the app store.
Start filling.
Now what if it's the only product line in existence?
Doesn't matter how far you hold it. If you're holding it straight up and down then the bottom is the low end and the top is the high end. I recently saw a video in which children were able to out think adults because they didn't have preconceived notions. Both groups were shown cause and effect events, and then asked to predict the next outcome. The adults relied heavily on what the thought should happen next whereas the children went solely on the data from the previous...
Of course that's how language works. You can't utter the words 'low end' without it meaning something cheap and crappy?
Who writes the app? HBO does, not Amazon. If there's a delay then it's HBO dragging their feet.
You'll get a white one.http://www.cnn.com/2014/01/23/tech/mobile/ios7-white-screen-of-death/
Getting HBO Go is probably in the works. Apple TV was without it for quite some time.
Try freeing your mind from the preconceived notion of what you consider 'low end'. If that space shuttle is coming in for a landing nose up then the nose is the high end and the tail is then the low end. I will say again I'm applying these words in their simplest definition, not at what they've become to mean.
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