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Not quite. Many shows are now incorporating social media as they air. You'll be surprised how many people tweet as The Walking Dead is airing. It's literally a huge viewing party, but from the comfort of your home. There's actually people on the west coast that watch the east coast feed just to take part of it.
For $6 a month you get a lot more than just the OTA broadcast.
Has selling phones at a loss helped in any way? There's years of sales to prove that it doesn't work so that point is moot, and they no longer sell phones at a loss making you wrong.
The map app wasn't Google's. It was Apple's app using Google's data, so how could Google upgrade an app that wasn't their's?
Tesla makes no money.
There goes their carbon footprint. Up in flames, literally.
The songs aren't free, but the storage for 50,000 songs is.
And as a big business do you have the luxury to wait and see if you get locked out, or do you take measures to ensure that you're not? Everyone here is either ridiculing Blackberry for not acting fast enough, or criticizing Google for acting at just the right time.
I'd rather die by my decisions than from the decisions of others. It's convenient to think that Apple would've remained a loyal partner but Google didn't have that luxury. Yes Android has cost them much but how much higher would that cost be if they didn’t make Android, and Apple made its own maps to compete with Google's?If you think that scenario would've been unlikely then just look at all the developers that Apple has screwed by adding the function of the devs app into...
Seriously, what else is he supposed to say?
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