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Those times are doubled for the average person.
No matter where you go, there you are.
You can thank the Republicans for softening the standards. The PSC of NY used to hold Verizon to a percentage of over 24 hour outages that they had to be below or get fined. The GOP changed the rules., instead of 24 hours clock time, it became 24 hours business time. The clocked stopped at 5 PM, and didn't run on weekends. A repair that took days would now fall under the 24 hours rule.
I'll believe it when I see it, plus satellites can always be repurposed.
So what happened to Palm, and BB? They had no competition to their OS, and ecosystem.
Nothing will get built. Nobody is going to invest in something whose initial capital investment is so high that it'll take decades to see a return.
So you like socialism?
The Verizon 5c is indeed GSM unlocked from factory.
Plenty here will attest to T-Mobile's lack of coverage. If you get good service then you're lucky.2GB is not good for me, but great for my sister, and I'm sure her 5c came factory unlocked.$10 more a month for better service, and hundreds less upfront is a good deal to me.
And crappy coverage
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