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Like the GOPs are going to be any different.
And you know this how? And how do you know that Google ever intended to release that phone?
It's a prototype, of course, and just like there were iPhone prototypes that looked vastly different from the final product.
That first phone never existed. Say what you may about Google, but they were smart enough to see that Apple was on to something, and changed their plan accordingly. The ones that reacted late are dead, or dying.
Whatever happened to @Gatorguy? Did someone run him off? I would've liked to read his input on the matter.
In 1984 they would've gotten robbed of the video equipment midway through filming.
Good eye catching the Lone Ranger advertisement. Summer 2013 would be my guess as well. I would also guess that it was filmed during the weekend. It's only a few blocks away from where the store is going to be. That area is still very industrial as you can tell from the video, but had the camera panned around you would've seen the new buildings that have gone up in the area. I myself like the video, and the song. It's quite amazing the video quality one can get with which...
And how the hell would we know you're tan?
Downtown Brooklyn would've made much more sense. There are multiple subway lines plus tons of other retailers. SoHo will still be the fastest option for me. Williamsburg is all trust fund babies, all the cool people are now in Bushwick.
There's plenty of parking in Williamsburg. You just might get lucky enough to walk into a music video being filmed without the proper permits.
New Posts  All Forums: