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It's not VZW's fault. All other smartphones on VZW can do SVD. Apple didn't include the additional antenna that would've given it that feature.
What makes you think that they didn't? We can't assume what happened, and what didn't happen.
I know that it helped me immensely a few years ago, and it indeed removed/quarantined all the malware on my PC.
Why doesn’t Apple instead have the warning "We're going to hold your messages hostage if you leave"
She's not as idiotic as your suggestion. She could very well have a thousand contacts. Having each and every one change the phone type is neither a elegant solution nor a viable one.
Nonetheless I thank you for sharing this information.
What's wrong with that? Thanks for a well written, and extremely informative post. Some of your links are broken. Please recheck, and repost them.
Again, how do you know she was conned? Could be that there wasn't a salesperson involved with the increasing number of people ordering online.It's obvious that the solution isn't as simple as you suggest. That's evident with the 4-5 different suggestions I've read on here from various posters.I have much respect for you, but your continued blaming of the victim is childish, and immature. What's done is done. Let's not harp on the why, and how but on the what can be done to...
How do you know that they were conned into switching? Ms. Moore had at least a 2 week period in which she was able to return the phone that she was according to you 'conned' into buying. Instead she chose to keep the device, and find a solution to her problem of which we don't know what steps she took in a attempt to resolve them.
Playing Minecraft will do that.
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