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I doubt that.http://www.mcvuk.com/news/read/microsoft-console-still-accounts-for-42-of-the-total-video-games-market/0115826
Good point. Facebook really creeps me out, I've gotten friend suggestions of people that I do know but are not included in my digital life.
It's not supposed to help, but there should be equal outrage to the others that do it. Of course we all hate it, but the reality is that our information was being sold long before we sat in front of a computer and typed in 'Google' for the first time.
You haven't been paying attention. Most Android phones nowadays no longer have a SD card.
It's funny, but no one stops to think how junk mail arrives at their home. The selling of information has been going on for decades. It's nothing new. How preapproved credit card offers does one get? My mother turned a certain age, and all of a sudden there were AARP applications mailed to her. Banks sell information, insurance companies sell information, the government, so on and so forth.
They weren't tried for having a 'monopoly', they were tried for being abusive, and effectively eliminate the competition. One could say that Apple has a monopolistic stranglehold on the tablet market but they're not abusing their position
Shares aren't always retired. During a buyback a company is increasing its ownership of its own shares, they're investing in themselves. With your method it would make it easy for someone to become a majority shareholder.
That's not right. You still own the same percentage in the company, but your stock become more valuable because there's less of them in circulation.
He worded it wrong but the bank is technically the owner of a house until the mortgage is paid off.
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