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What's funny is I'm seeing more and more women with the Note 3.
I agree but it's not going to happen as fast as we'd like it to.
The music industry was losing money big time whereas cable companies are not. There's no need for them to change what they're doing. Even though the final product is some type of media, the two businesses are very different. You can make a hit song in a basement studio, but a hit TV takes so much more.
Unfortunately even with all the pirating going on TV is making money, and as long as they're still profitable there won't be a incentive to change their ways.
That's not much of a explanation.
I'd like to know what god forsaken parts of the world snova has been to.
Every criminal needs to watch The Usual Suspects to learn how to deal with interrogations.
I just hate it when they bust through my intestines and start eating my organs.
Many shows or past shows are not available in VOD.
The 'hijacker' would have to be in real close proximity. Basically a digital form of pickpocket.
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