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I just saw one drive by me on Flatbush Av in Brooklyn.
Bizarro Barra
Then the 16GB model wouldn't be the most popular one if that was true. Sheesh. You're constantly making points that conflict with your other ones.Which is most likely the bigger group? Upgraders from 16GB, or the previous second tier buyers that are now getting an extra 32GB for free (a money loser for Apple) and the 64GB buyers that now can get the same amount of storage for $100 less (an even bigger loss for Apple).Honestly, which is the better deal, an extra 48GB for...
You're ignoring the fact that it could be higher, also the Plus is $100 more for every tier model. Had they released only the iPhone 6, and not the Plus then the ASP would be lower.
I don't think they were successful.
And giving people an extra 32GB is costing Apple billions in profits.There are 3 types of people that buy the 64GB model now, the people that used to get the 32GB and are now getting an extra 32GB for free, and people that used to get the 64GB and are now getting the 64GB phone for $100 cheaper, both of those are money losers, the only one Apple is making money are the upgraders from 16GB.
It never does.
What used to be a $200 upgrade is now only $100 upgrade. $100 less per phone plus lower profit margin. It's exactly everything you claim would happen if the lower model would be if the lowest model was 32GB.
You know best because that's the math you use.
Which used to be a $200 upgrade now it's only $100. Billions squandered.
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