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Speaking of brains, I must be losing mine, because I don't remember making a comment like that. If I did insult anyone I apologize. I didn't think so many would jump into the fold, and to then grow into the madness it became. I wasn't looking for enjoyment, but I won't deny that as the ridiculousness ensued it became somewhat amusing, but my initial intention was to point out a irony. Fair enough?
Why do I get the feeling that you 2 are into some weird porn?
She is played by an actress that is a real person. It's not like I said Jessica Rabbit. I understand your point, and agree with it. I was just responding to the OP that was citing 'experts' which is another term used too loosely. One thing I've learned in life is a 'best', or 'perfect' thing never is for long.
Good thing I don't have a big nose, because I'd walk into that first.
You're a regular riot I see. Good one.
Khaleesi? The difference being is that you're making that call for yourself, and not for everyone else. You didn't say "she's perfect for everyone".
I don’t know of any bill to repeal it. The individual States weren't given any guidance on how to institute it. Some started teaching it at Kindergarten, and left the other grades continue on with the old curriculum while others moved every grade to it, and the children were unprepared for it. My 9 yr old son is currently learning division, and almost everyday he's learning a different way to do it. I fear he won't retain a single method, because he didn't do it enough...
I think the word perfect gets used too loosely. It's a term that shouldn't have subjectivity.
Common Core is a joke. Kids are taught so many things so fast that they never master anything. One needs a firm grasp of fundamental concepts before they can move on to complex ones.
Maybe they're damn good at stopping water.
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