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Blocking for the white quarterback.
I think in this occasion 'weigh in' is more appropriate
I'd bet the farm that this hangs above your mantle.
That's really utopian BS. One just has to look at sports to see that hiring the seemingly 'best' doesn't always turn out that way. Sometimes the person that wasn't even considered but was given a chance turns out to be the 'best' person for the job.
Why didn't you say 'yikes' to the OP that implied non-whites could never be qualified to start a computer company?
And only a white guy can be that?
So what made Jobs and Woz 'qualified'? That they were white?
Apple needs to hire more cheese because they have plenty of crackers.
Ugh, really? You should have sat this one out.
Maybe not. Interesting read.http://time.com/91081/what-science-says-about-race-and-genetics/
New Posts  All Forums: