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We don't know, but they did know why, and refused to say it. In many cases what's not said is louder, and clearer than what is said, and in my opinion this is one of those cases. Last I checked I'm entitled to my opinion, just like you have a right to yours.
How did they do compared to everyone else other than Apple?
And it's never going to be said. No store manager in his/her right mind would tell them that it's because they're black. The manager says that the staff was worried about their 'presence' in the store. Please point out to me what is it about their presence that's so worrisome.
Funny but they didn’t act dodgy when they were being kicked out of the store, so what makes you think they were acting that way previously?
Because the lack of it directly affected your decision not to buy it.
Are you saying that the stylus is now vital for the function of the device?
I always try to see the bright side of things, and often give people the benefit of doubt. Obviously it's not blatant racism, but there's very little there to suggest it's not in any way racism.
Or your ignorance, and denial of it. You give the staff a pass because they work for Apple, and anything, and everything Apple can't do wrong in your eyes.
So now the Apple Watch is going to be the demise of major retailers? Anything else?
It wasn't a 'they'.
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