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Common it was, wisdom it was not. I will agree with the all cylinders assessment.
If you don't know that by now you're never going to know.
Considering that there was no new iPads this year compared to last year then the number sold this past quarter isn't bad at all.
There's no magical formula. What works for one company doesn't necessarily mean it'll work for another. MS hasn't decided what kind of company it wants to be yet, and I don't see the new CEO discovering what that is.
Now that's funny.
Making HW, and SW really well is much easier said than done. While using Android isn't ideal it has allowed the other manufacturers to survive, that gives them the potential to turn things around, and take the mantle from Samsung, but we'll never see another Palm device.
Those would probably have a better chance at selling.
Should be the other way around since all I've ever heard is that iPhone owners are well to do, and Android users are poor.
How did that work out for Palm, Nokia, and BB? 1 out of 4 companies that went HW and SW has succeeded. A 25% success rate isn't good. The market would never sustain 5+ OSs.
I misread, apologies, and thanks.
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