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Depends on which Latino group you're talking about. Many from South America, and the islands (PR, Cuba, DR) have clear European roots.
Now let's imagine universities that only allowed whites for hundreds of years, and imagine a playing field that's been at full tilt for generations, and now that people want to tilt it just a little bit less whites are screaming bloody murder.
It's ignorant. Latinos covers both men and women.
What contracts?
I really don't think a great many of those people exist anymore.
What's the different idea?
There'd be no children conceived if we aimed high.
The truth is that it's all hopeless for the foreseeable future. I just don't see none of the current manufacturers ever gaining any ground on Apple. We're way past the point in which a new company can come with a different strategy, or a new approach, because Apple can pivot to whatever it is they're doing before they can gain any real traction.
So how are they going to differentiate with Windows? There will quickly be cheap Windows phones, and we'll be repeating the same cycle.
New Posts  All Forums: