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Because no sales associate at a Apple store has ever lied.
Except that's assuming that the 5s crowd didn't already upgrade.
Nokia was originally a paper manufacturer, Tiffany was originally a stationary store, Coleco originally sold leather goods, and Hasbro was a school supplies manufacturer.
There's absolutely nothing second rate about Game of Thrones. It is not a 'if we do this all will be right in the world' type fairy tale. It's much more political in nature with people vying, jockeying, and scheming for position, and power. It's extremely well written, and well produced. IMO it's the best show made for TV ever, and if that's not enough to sway you to watch, there's hot women galore.
I'm halfway through the second season of Black Sails, and the most I've seen are female breasts.
Your 1337 speak is very weak.
The porn channels on the Roku aren't in the channel store. You first have to find a code for the channel either on the the specific website, or on a channel list, then you have to sign on your Roku account on a computer to activate the channel. Some channels have a misleading icon. I have one single porn channel, and it's labeled 'spreadsheet tutorials', and in order to open it one needs to input a 4 digit password.
Yup, the mythical to boobs ratio is way off.
It's quite evident that living organisms evolve. We/they adapt for survival, but it's a joke to use that as proof that all living creatures evolved from simple cell organisms in a primordial soup.
What's there not to like about incest, dragons, and frozen zombies?
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