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Rectangular ones with rounded corners.
It's at least an extremely well made monster.
Nobody forced Apple to use Ericsson's technology. If their patents are 'non-essential' as Apple claims they are, then why doesn’t Apple take it out of their devices or find a work around?
The problem is once they've gotten rid of all the bugs they're releasing a new bug filled version. Therein is the problem with yearly updates
Yet not one single person has been able to show that it's not ethical and fair. Everyone believes so because Apple says so.
According to whom? The specifics of the licensing terms are unknown.
Thanks for the link, but the software update lifts an electronic limitation.
She has cancer, and she's been posting regularly as of late
Learn to read. Tesla is poaching 5 times as many as Apple is, not vice versa.
That's only fair for Apple.
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