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Or if you're Derek Jeter
But there's also really macho manly men that are homosexual, I also know effeminate men that are straighter than a arrow. It's not always obvious.
Oh yeah the planet Samsung one. That interview while entertaining was difficult to watch. Donald Sterling's PR people need to get fired. He might be the only person in America that doesn't know that Anderson Cooper is gay.
That's funny. Did you see when Donald Sterling told Anderson Cooper that he should find himself a nice girl?
"help I'm stuck in a giant VAG, and I can't get out"
It's not infinite because he'll eventually eat himself out of moon.
Could be Uranus
Same here, nor could I view my data usage.
Do you not watch the news? There's still plenty of violence.
That looks like 10 lbs of VAG stuffed into a 5 lb bag.
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