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And most of that from iOS users.
And the other sock.
I would've recommended Embark. My 9 yr old son is a subway savant because of it.
Did you lunch with @Apple ][? How many stores did you visit? The one in Grand Central Terminal is quite unique, but I normally go to the SoHo store.
Or hipsters, which btw purchase plenty of iOS devices.
The reason there isn't the convenience of subscribing through their app is because of the 30% fee.
This was before there was FTTP (fiber to the premise). Back then there were plenty of places that the fiber was reverted to copper. Now there isn't except at the customers end. I'm unaware of the current methods, but I'm sure there are some.
Anything that leads to billions of dollars in hardware sales is a smart move.
I'm fully aware of what's currently happening. Big companies are getting breached for mass amounts of information. That's what hackers go after, not a few cell phones with the hopes of finding one person they can steal from.
The telcos were forced to devise ways to tap fiber optic cables for those 3 letter agencies, because they initially had no way to do it.
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