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Which video were you referring to?
He asked him for his license, and when he went to retrieve, the cop instantly commanded him to get out of the car, and started firing. As the man was raising his arms the officer fired one shot, and another once his arms were fully raised. There was not one single thing that the gentleman did to deserve being shot. No person that is that afraid of black people should ever be given a badge.
What's violent about selling loose cigarettes? Was the public, or the police in any danger? How many whites got rich selling something illegal? Ever hear of Joe Kennedy?
Homicide simply means killed by another person, whether it was legal, or illegal is up to the courts.
Now you got a good reason to move to Avignon France.
Samsung was a well established manufacturer way before they decided to copy the iPhone. The SGS 2 iPhone clone was not sold in the US, it was split up into 4 very different variants, one for each major carrier which did not sell very well. With the SGS 3 they went with one design across all carriers, and it was much easier to market one single model over all the carriers, than separately.
Protests in parks don't get reported.
They're mostly hipsters, so they'd rise for green grass juice.
Does it matter how it happened? The fact still remains that their fortunes changed with a device that wasn't an iPhone clone.
Cloaking device is on, sheesh don't you know anything.
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