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He has first hand knowledge of the numbers. How could he be 'mistaken'?
I'd like to see @sog35 kicking and screaming about all the billions Apple is losing out on by switching the second tier from 32GB to 64GB.
A higher percentage of people switched from Android prior to the release of the iPhone 6/6 Plus. What does that say? And if those charts are accurate the 16 GB model is not the most popular option. Someone's lying.
It's not from a lack of business. Not everyone can make money like Apple.
As part of the agreement to provide television over fiber with the City Council of NYC Verizon has installed FiOS in the public housing buildings.
He doesn't communicate with anyone using his iPod Touch as of yet. He hasn't shown an interest to do so either.
My 9 yr old son uses it to play games, stream music, watch YouTube, take pics, and record videos that he then hyperlapses
It worked just fine before the 4S, why would a few months make a big difference?
So now marketing is the reason.
So all blacks are here unwillingly, and every single Latino is here illegally?
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