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He should've been trained for that moment, and taught to keep his cool. I'd like to know how they train pilots to remain calm when the airplane, or helicopter they're flying is going down. Teach that to police officers, and they'll be less killings.
That should've read 'isn't acting violently'. It's easy to say that you'd let the police control the situation, but you cannot know what it's like to be constantly harassed by them. It's easy to ignore being poked once, or twice, but anyone is going to lash out after being poked 8,9,10 times, no matter who's doing the poking.
Sounds like you're overclocked already, either that or lay off the vino.
You assumed wrong. I'm hispanic, born and raised in minority neighborhoods, and have spent the last 25 yrs working in some of the worst neighborhoods in Brooklyn. The vast majority of the residents are law abiding citizens that want what everybody else wants. They want to go to work, and come home safely, they want their kids to get educated in a safe environment.If I was a cop, and someone reached for my gun then I'd have to defend myself, which doesn't necessarily mean...
If crime statistics had also remained static for all those years you'd have a point, but crime has dropped considerably in 20 years. While the number killed remains the same the number of criminals has dramatically dropped so the percentage killed has risen.
Easily avoided by treating the residents like people. By being courteous, and respectful, and you'll receive courtesy, and respect right back.
Except many minority children don't have that parental foundation. My son is 9 yrs old, and he has friends that have been running the streets unsupervised since they were 5. Needless to say I now keep my son away from them, because I know full well what life the path they're on is going to lead to.
You've just mad that you were denied tax free status, because your God is a pillow.
How is that racist ignorance? In probably all of those cases the white kid had not committed one single crime. I'm in no way defending the police, nor their tactics, but the fact remains that if Eric Garner had gotten himself a good education, and a well paying job he wouldn't have needed to be in front of a store selling loosies.
People get shot all the time. You want to help, then go mentor a young black, or hispanic kid in the inner city so they don't become a product of their environment, a victim of circumstance, and ultimately a victim of their criminal lifestyle.
New Posts  All Forums: