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An extra backup is rarely a bad idea.
Expectations can lead to disappointment. That's why I avoid them as much as possible. I like the Apple Watch very much, but people it seems were expecting something magical. The hardest smacker in the world is reality.
What's wrong with a niche product? It was the Apple MO for a long time.
How many of the current crop of smartwatches work with the iPhone? The Pebble, and a few others. None of the most other recently released watches are any good to someone with an iPhone.
See @jungmark, that's how a question is answered. Thank Soli, that makes much sense.
That's not an answer, it's a deflection.
Then why announce it now?
I couldn't agree more. IMO the 5.5" could've waited for the next refresh.
They suffered from what I call Daffy Duck syndrome, 'can only do it once'; that's when you make a product so good that you leave yourself no options to improve it, so you have to find other ways to improve it even if it's something once ridiculed. What are they going to do 2 years from now?
New Posts  All Forums: