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You mean a physical keyboard? I don't recall that ever being a requirement. I always considered the iPhone to be a smartphone.
If once a smartphone then always a smartphone.
I stand corrected, but there were no other apps besides the stock ones. Or am I wrong yet again?
Do you consider the first iPhone a smartphone? If yes, why? It couldn't run apps.
Then what do you consider a 800mhz ARM processor if not old?
Can you kindly STFU with the STFUs? It's juvenile, counter productive, and I have yet to see someone STFU after being told to STFU. Grow up already.
facebook is so 2011, and so are the devices that access it.
Huh? All along you've been saying that they had which is why Apple had to build a big screen phone, now you're saying that they didn't sell.
I had a feeling that you were been facetious, but you did too good of a job hiding it. Don't be sore at @icoco3 for not recognizing it. Next time be kind enough to add the sarcasm tag (/s), and let us all in on the joke.
New Posts  All Forums: