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I understand that, but whenever something is described as growing exponentially it's because it grew much faster than it had before, or expected to.
Has he become Lord Voldemort aka "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named"?
Benjamin Frost, is that you?
It's also funny how many people will say "Apple was being misleading (lying)" whenever they do something they previously said they wouldn't do.
Moore's Law is a constant steady growth, not an exponential one.
The offending comment is always deleted.
The average smartphone has the same computing power of a desktop 10 years ago, so look at current computers to see what power smartphones will have in 10 years.
Because no sales associate at a Apple store has ever lied.
Except that's assuming that the 5s crowd didn't already upgrade.
Nokia was originally a paper manufacturer, Tiffany was originally a stationary store, Coleco originally sold leather goods, and Hasbro was a school supplies manufacturer.
New Posts  All Forums: