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It wasn't a 'they'.
It's what I call 'reduce then deduce'. Let's eliminate reasons why they'd be suspected of being thieves. Thuggery? Nope, they were well mannered, and well spoken. Low socioeconomic class? Perhaps, but that's not evident in their form of dress.So what are we left with? We have young black gentlemen in presentable attire, and with docile demeanors being told to leave the store because the staff was worried of their 'presence'.These young men were as presentable as can be yet...
So what was a factor in getting those young men ejected from the store? What about them made the staff fear they were there to steal?
I would buy the noise/behavior excuse if upon being asked to leave the store they became confrontational, and belligerent. Like young educated gentlemen they simply asked politely why they were being thrown out.
That you're in the Nile. I was being facetious. I figured you'd get the reference.
How's Egypt this time of year?
Because Apple has set that standard.
The EPA has to sign off on the MPG claims made by an auto maker. They do their own testing and the results have to fall within a certain range.
Most are complaints of not being able to create an account.
Why is it that guys with beaucoup bucks get $5 haircuts?
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