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How can an entire company be hypocritical especially since the person quoted no longer runs the company, nor alive? I just find it laughable how many different interpretations a quote can get. It wasn't a parable, it was pretty straight forward.
All I'm saying is that I think it's too soon for Apple to cannibalize the iPad mini.
Since he's no longer here to explain what he meant, and didn't mean everything is just a guess. When there's multiple different "what he meant" then one is left with no choice but to take the quote at face value, and let it speak for itself.
Except the iPad mini isn't an 'old' product.
As did the Newton
He's also not here to tell us what he meant which many of you take the liberty to state.
We made it so that a stylus is unnecessary.
Why are you so adamant in proving him right? Was he not human, and prone to be mistaken?
What tablet had a UI specifically designed for a stylus? Deflect harder... You can do it.
Dead, and wrong.
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