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There's no need for that type of language. There's ways to get your point across without vulgarities.
Not compared to the speakers that most TVs come with.
I'm pretty sure Apple ][ is the guy Arya killed at the end.
That's called biting the hand that feeds you. The last mile guys getting in trouble would mean you're in trouble as well, because you're service would eventually decline.
And if Samsung's phones worked the same as iPhones then so did every other Android manufacturer.
That was only last year. How about all the previous devices that infringed?
This case isn't about design patents, that was the previous case. Moto and HTC were in violation of the slide to unlock patent if Samsung was.Btw this whole thing started with Corrections claim that marketing wasn't what led to Samsung's success, and he used Microsoft's own billion dollar marketing budget as proof..We all saw and laughed at the dismal sales numbers of the SGS 2 which was the device the infringed the most patents both design wise, and in software features....
I'm no Samsung apologist, and I honestly don't like them. They're getting exactly what they deserve. Now if you took logic in school than you know it doesn't change. If something works for one thing it works for the another. The other manufacturers violate the very same patents Samsung did. So why is Samsung the only one that's successful? If you don't know the answer then say so, but don't resort childish name calling, because I know you're better than that.My answer is...
Lemme see, Samsung had a meteoric rise in 2012, the very same year they released the SGS 3, and the Note which went away from using the iPhone's design. Seems like it proves my point.
The HTC One came out in 2013, and the SGS 2 in 2011. I don't understand your branding question. All Samsung phones I've ever seen are branded including the SGS 2.
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