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No it wasn't. Contact data was always able to be transferred from one device to another.Lock in doesn’t mean you're forced, it means it's difficult to leave.
Or they might just exclude previous devices like they did with Siri
That's totally wrong. You could have your a back up of your contacts on Backup Assistant but they were also on the device.As far as lock in goes, read this.http://www.cnet.com/news/steve-jobs-wanted-to-further-lock-customers-into-apples-ecosystem/
The 'autowinder' on mechanical watches is just a weight the does the same job as a user winding the spring on their watch by turning the little knob on the side. That's why they're called automatics.Now for quartz movement Citizen created the Eco Drive technology, but I don't know if thet can generate enough energy to power an LCD or AMOLED display.
When's the last time you had to look for a yellow pages?
Lauryn Hill is quite attractive, much more than Lil Kim has ever been.
More rows of icons. What else were you expecting?
Ive's drinking a St. Ides
You chose the least talented 'artist' (I use that term extremely lightly). I think Katy Perry, Pink and Lady Gaga could've written much better music had they been born in a different era.
She's not an endorser.
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