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What!?! Still no optical port? Dagnabit
Except he didn't say "if the tablet OS requires a stylus for input" you're just guessing at what he meant. SJ said 'If you see a stylus' which is a pretty straight forward and absolute statement.I much prefer Tim Cook's way of speaking. He rarely makes absolute statements that can come back and make him look foolish.
The TAG is DOA.
Did you see this story?http://www.businessinsider.com/sharron-laverne-parrish-jr-charged-with-apple-credit-card-scam-2014-7
There are other factors as well. The 30% of switchers excludes first time buyers (never previously owned a smartphone). How many of the 47.5 million iPhones were purchased by a first time buyer? 10,15,20%?It's obvious Apple gained market share somewhere, but where? Is it possible that iOS made massive market share increases in other countries while losing some in the US? If so, how? Market getting bigger, and most of that are buying Android? Switchers from iOS to Android?...
Apple (iOS) should've seen growth if it's really true that people are switching away from Android in record numbers. You're forgetting that the report includes September sales which had the best launch weekend ever.
And how do you suggest someone become a valued brand in the premium tier? None of the existing OEMs can do it. There would have to emerge a new player, and it would take that player at least 10 years before they can even begin to take market share from Apple.
Samsung smartphones didn't get really popular until 2012 which was a few years after Android was released? So why would they have chosen them?
The Android OEMs is whom was being discussed.
Not almost, it is a no win situation no matter what Google and the OEMs do. The smartphone war is over.
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