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That would make all of us morons, because we've all purchased phones that way.
A great many people still buy them that way.
It's subsidized plus has tons more features. The resale value is also higher because it comes with limited color options.
You really can't go wrong with any combination, but I like your style.
It seems like you were wrong about Apple swapping out the Watch's internals.
We were lied to once about something being made open, so I refuse to believe that something else will be made open until I see it. Yes I read some words on a website, so does that make it true?Edit. I don't mean he was forced. I meant did he say it without prior knowledge of his people?
Granted, but do you have any proof that he made that statement on his own accord? I refuse to believe he just pulled it out of thin air.
Perhaps, but I won't conveniently assume it.
Fair enough.Btw here's how AI reported the announcement of Facetime.http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/110194/apple-announces-open-standard-facetime-video-chat-for-iphone-4Just in case you miss this.
There isn't much outward left.
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