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Tim Cook disagrees, and so do a lot of people.
http://www.engadget.com/2010/07/16/jobs-no-ones-going-to-buy-a-big-phone/And I'm guessing the OP was alluding to this.
I thought @Sog35 was the resident expert in big screen iPhones? 😅Edit: Speaking about big screen iPhones, whatever happened to @pedromartins?
Many here. Try reading a few comments.
So you ditch what's successful for you to do something that has been successful for someone else?
Yet many are bragging that the bigger screen is the driving force behind the increase in preorders.
You forgot the word 'social'. It's amazing what you can get people to like that they once ridiculed, and hated.
Would they have made a big screen phone if that spec didn't matter?
Good info, thanks. I stand corrected.
It's still a facade. You think you're getting a deal when you're not. It's set up so that you're perpetually paying the monthly installment for the phone.
New Posts  All Forums: