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If there's buyer's remorse why is it so hard to believe that there's seller's remorse?
No, it's not exactly the same. The financing part is similar, and while they do have a trade-in program it's not just for Moto phones.
Companies follow what other companies do all the time. One month they follow one company, and a few months later they follow another, but you're absolutely right that Samsung only follows what Apple does. Pathetic isn't a strong enough word to describe it.
It has been mentioned, and I finally went to look at their site. One can buy a refurbished Romanio which has a tuner for OTA broadcasts plus digital cable for $49(normally $149), and get lifetime TiVo service for $249. Sounds like a good solution for people that only get Internet from their cable company. They should be able to pull the OTA networks off the coax, and have the ability to record up to 4 shows at the same time.https://www.tivo.com/shop/promo/supersavings
Well obviously a 'Apple service' will be exclusive to the Apple TV. I'm talking about a deal with the networks to provide live TV broadcasts. Look at HBO Now, they announced it at an Apple event, but it wasn't long before it was available on every other platform.
So far the Fall lineup looks interesting. What I hate about the networks is how quickly they'll cancel a really good show. Sometimes it takes a while before a show builds a devout following. If you're going to have a police show then give it a twist like Public Morals on TNT, quite frankly I'm tired of the multiple Law and Orders, and the CSIs. That's just being lazy, and playing it safe, but we as viewers suffer.
You really believe it's going to be an Apple exclusive? The live TV providers are going to want to be on all the streamers/platforms to maximize revenue.
He's refunding the money to anyone who requests one.
You've never done something that you immediately regretted? Is this the first paid app abandoned by its dev? What's the worse that can happen if the app stops working?
So your 2 device solution is another 2 device solution?
New Posts  All Forums: