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Then why build something that 'no one's going to buy'?
Then why did they? All evidence pointed to people preferring a smaller device.
Where did anyone say it was a selling point? What's the alternative? 6-7 different OSes? Do you believe the market would bear that?
How does any company turn things around? Apple was on the brink of extinction. Did you know back then that they'd become one of the biggest companies ever?
What's the alternative? I don't see one.
Apple is absolutely a 'Black Swan' which means nobody else can successfully mimic it. Using Android hasn't made anyone much money, but it has allowed them to survive which gives them the opportunity to turn things around. Apple is a perfect case in point at what a company can do if they hang around long enough.
How are my parameters short? Windows basically killed Nokia. Only MS's deep pockets have kept Win Mobile alive. LG using WebOS does nothing for Palm, and BB is a shell of its former self. Numbers wise, having your own OS has led to more failures than successes.
For one I never said Apple copied. Secondly regardless of the volume, a bigger screen means a bigger footprint which means it's harder to get your hands around. Thirdly, what indications were there that customers wanted a bigger screen? The smaller iPhone was kicking everyone's ass in sales.
All that says is that they expect the Apple Watch to be better than what's currently available. Nothing about them making a watch because of rumors.
Customers expect more of a design change in a smartphone than they do in a laptop.How did having their own OS work out for Palm? It's not the formula to success that you think it is.
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