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If I'm not mistaken the answer to that is Corning. Right inside the US of A.
Funny how a race to the bottom is mocked in one industry, and demanded in another. No company is going to make that type of capital investment to then get in a price war, especially in areas where it's going to literally take decades to see a return.
And finally a fix. https://selfsolve.apple.com/deregister-imessage
I think the OP was be facetious.
Now I see the misunderstanding. I was referring to this one. I really didn't see the others. Apologies
But what Gatorguy said had nothing to do with what Slurpy added after the fact.
Slurpy chose things that were specific to Obama. You wrote:Which can be said about Bush as well.
He commented on what you posted, not the laundry list @Slurpy did.
Nothing you mentioned was the reason why @Gatorguy made that comment.
Yes thank you. My mistake was pointed out already. Good to see you back.
New Posts  All Forums: