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That's understandable, but the OP was referring to a BOGO offer on launch day. In the case there's no unsold merchandise that isn't moving.
I meant how soon does a patent holder have to use their patent before they're considered a patent troll?
At the height of Win XPs popularity what was its market share? Over 90%? I'm sure plenty or users with lots to protect used XP which was a malware magnet. Did all those people lose what they had to protect? Was there a world financial collapse because hackers robbed everyone? No. So if it didn't happen back then it's not going to happen now.
.BOGO promotions are done by the carrier not the manufacturer.
How are these ads shown?
What time frame do you give them to use it?
It's funny that those that will quickly proclaim "who wants physical media?" are now crying about the death of B&M book stores. Kinda hard to stop that snowball they helped start.
There was a highly publicized tug of war between India and BB a few years ago in which India insisted BB install a 'backdoor' so that the Indian government could spy on its citizens.http://betanews.com/2010/08/03/rim-no-back-door-into-encrypted-blackberry-messages-for-any-government/
Seeing BB on that list makes me doubt the validity of the claim.
Again those unlimited data plans were not 'grandfathered'. Verizon does not allow anyone with a unlimited data plan to sign another contract with unlimited data. All those that still have unlimited data are either still using the same phone, bought a used one, or purchased one at full retail.
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