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I think GG will be back in full force once he finishes his chemo/radiation treatments. That stuff saps the fight out of anyone.
I wouldn't be surprised if AI gets a letter from the lawyers of FU (Flounders United)
Here's my experience, I have a Android phone (Galaxy Nexus), and a iPod Touch, I read AI using the browser in my phone, and never get any lag while scrolling, yet I get plenty of lag using the AI app on my iPod, I also play Ski Safari on both, and the game runs smoothly on my phone, yet I get hesitation on the iPod. I also have a iPad mini (1st gen) plus a Nexus 7 (1st gen), and they both stutter, and lag almost equally. Apologies if I don't buy into the notion that iOS is...
I'd bet that the buyers of Typo were ex-BB users, and switched to the iPhone but still miss having a physical keyboard. BB's stance is if they want a BB keyboard let them buy a BB, not a BB keyboard for their iPhone.
Apple is the exception. Most high profit products aren't designed for a high market share, which is exactly what SJ was aiming for. What the iPhone has accomplished is truly phenomenonal, and literally impossible for anyone to emulate.
It would be an improvement if it was tasteless.
It wasn't the OS, it was the crappy hardware. Even if Android hadn't existed the Palm Pre still would've failed.
Please, those companies destroyed themselves. They did too little too late.
Because it's on a competitor's device.
This is a much easier case. One device with a single purpose, and one patent.
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