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The watch itself doesn’t look bad. What does look bad is the display over the mechanical part. Just way too busy.
But what would the Apple of 2015 look like without the iPhone? People would've started streaming music through their BBs, and Win phones which would've decreased the sales of iPods, and music purchases. I completely agree with the OP's assessment.
I was thinking the same thing. There aren't as many genres of TV shows as music, and there just aren't enough TV shows to warrant curation. Most of the shows I recommend are British, like Luther, Misfits, and Copper. Also many really good foreign language shows are made in a English version like The Bridge, and Gracepoint.
Bad metaphor, because it suggests that the game of business has an end.
All except the iPad but because it entered an almost non existential market.
The topic at hand is her wealth, of which she has in spades and enough to last several life times. Percentage wise, her and I cannot lose the same and still live comfortably. You know I was being facetious to begin with, and I don't know how you turned it into class warfare. I'm not begrudging her anything.
While that's true I worry much more than she does.
Of course I have a retirement plan but it's not in the billions. With her kind of wealth a bad week is still just a speed bump. Just ride it out and soon be back up to speed.
I'm pretty sure that I'd definitely choose to be aware that I'm a multimillionaire if I was one.
I'd love to have her 'bad week, wealth wise'
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