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The computer that controls a car's functions matters none. The battery life of an electric car will not be reliant on the efficiency of its OS. Plenty of car makers know how to connect with its customers. You're so lost it's funny.
The driver rarely interfaces with a car's computer.1. You don't think that there are any beautifully designed cars? There is not one singular car design that fits everyone's needs.2. The are a plethora of reliable cars in various price ranges.3. Apple products are best in battery life not because they have better tech but because the software is more efficient. That point is null and void with a car.4. Cars routinely come with 10 year warranties. Beating Apple's by a long...
I did also say that it was a nice job by Apple. What Apple has done is extraordinarily impressive, and yes when comparing numbers for each manufacturer, Apple is indeed dominating.
What great honor is there in going broke?
One doesn’t have to effect the other. Release old titles on mobile, and the new ones on the console.
There's a big difference that people either ignore, or don't consider. Windows was helped immensely but its use in enterprise, and universities/schools. PCs were purchased en masse because people could work from home, and students had to create papers, and projects using a PC because that's what their school used.A smartphone is a very different animal. It's a much more personal device than a PC, and people choose what they like most instead of choosing what they are...
They're staggering the releases. It'll be 5 games in 2 years time starting with one this year. It's a smart play.
Mario Bros' alone would be a herd of cash cows.
Try reading before responding. 52.4% is Android's market share made up from various vendors.
I don't think 52.4% share equates to 'dominance'. Nice job by Apple though.
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