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Exaggerate much? I don't think my argument is all doom, and gloom.
We'll just have to wait, and see.
They always consider the ROI, don't kid yourself. They put accessibility features in because it means that many more people will buy their products.Going green also saves them a lot of money in the long run, and yes you make valid points about other things being open source, but one lie is all that's needed to get a lifetime worth of skepticism.No, I'm not taking the bet. I'm not a betting man.
It's counter Apple is all I'm saying. They only help themselves.I didn't say that they weren't going to do it, but we've heard this before, and I'll believe it when I see it. I wouldn't be surprised if, just like FaceTime, it's mostly open standards except for the part that really matters.Btw the laughable numbers was in reference to other wearables.
Skepticism, and paranoia are 2 very different things.Apple's bottom line is always the excuse given whenever someone suggests a service be made cross platform, so why is it different now? Medical research? I don't buy it. Other devices are sold in laughable numbers. Why help them at all?As far as Facetime goes, it's impossible to find a screen shot from Appleā€™s site from the time it was introduced to know if it was there or not, and absence of evidence isn't evidence of...
1) I don't believe skepticism is ever misplaced regardless of circumstances. Why would Apple allow the benefit of Researchkit to be used on competing devices? They don't do anything that doesn't help them sell hardware.2) I know you're much more intelligent than that.
But it was reported just the same. Forgive me if I don't believe everything I hear. We've been lied to before, and once is enough to create skepticism.
The proof is in the pudding. How will we know it's actually open source unless someone else starts using it?
In what time frame? How long before we conclude that nobody else is using it?
Timepieces have always been a fashion item.
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