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So what did they use to test it if no current device has the necessary 2 GB of RAM?
I went the month after that, and the month after that, and the month after that, and every single time it was the same story. A multitude of the 16 GB models available and only 1 or 2 of the higher models.
I'm taking supply into full account. Here's what I know, 1) a high level Apple exec claims that the 16 GB model is the most popular model, 2) whenever I go shopping all I ever see in stock are the 16 GB models. I can only ascertain that supply is higher than demand but those get purchased because the consumer can't always wait for supply to catch up with their demand so they buy what's available instead of what they wanted.
If it's the most popular model then demand is always going to be high. What's so hard to understand?
Apple makes a finite amount of devices. There are going to be people that purchase what they can find, and not necessarily what they wanted.
And why are the 16 GB models on sale? Surplus stock.
Yes I believe that. If the 16 GB is the highest selling then why we're there plenty of 16 GB iPads when I was looking to purchase one. And I'm not talking about one store I visited many stores, and all had the 16 GB models in stock. Simple logic would tell you that the most popular model would be harder to find but it was the easiest to find telling me that Apple obviously produces many more of the 16 GB model.
Plenty of people 'settle'.
There would be a surplus of the higher models if people were only buying the 16 GB because they wanted to. The only model I've seen in surplus is the 16 GB model which means they're obviously making more of them. I don't have to use my brain to realize the obvious.
What if people are buying on availability instead of price? If Apple is purposely making many more 16 GB models than the higher ones they're going to be purchased. If you're selling 100 cups of water in the desert and have 90-4 oz cups, 5-8 oz cups, and 5-16 oz cups, guess which is going to be the most popular.
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