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I have looked at things critically, and if what you suggest had the possibility of be profitable then someone would have done it already. There's a reason they're in the cell phone making business and you are not. These companies are having a hard enough time going forward, if they decide to go back then they’re effectively done.
The definition doesn’t change because technology does. See my Model T example above.
I always considered it as one even before the App Store. I don't think that old smartphones lose that designation because the new ones do so much more. A Ford Model T is still a automobile even though it barely resembles cars of today.
You mean a physical keyboard? I don't recall that ever being a requirement. I always considered the iPhone to be a smartphone.
If once a smartphone then always a smartphone.
I stand corrected, but there were no other apps besides the stock ones. Or am I wrong yet again?
Do you consider the first iPhone a smartphone? If yes, why? It couldn't run apps.
Then what do you consider a 800mhz ARM processor if not old?
Can you kindly STFU with the STFUs? It's juvenile, counter productive, and I have yet to see someone STFU after being told to STFU. Grow up already.
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