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What, in between jail stints?
Barely, but nonetheless alive.
What's weird is that sometimes the commercials play and then on others you get the 'commercial break' screen.
It's unprovable. Are we to just take your word for it?
You're seriously going to use anecdotal evidence to prove your point?
The OTA networks have affiliates in every market that get money from local advertising. If it were on feed nationally it wouldn't be a problem but it's not. You and I might see the same show but will see totally different commercials.
Perhaps but they haven't. Can't use what you don't have as leverage.
Is that going to be software encryption which bogs down the phone?
Any TV deal is going to be US only. That 50 million number drops considerably. And no there's not a single cable company that covers the entire US
That's ridiculous. Just because Apple has a large user base doesn't mean they'll subscribe to a TV service. You can say that DirecTV has a potential user base of 300 million because their footprint covers the entire US.
New Posts  All Forums: