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Percent does indeed mean per hundred. Cent is 100 as in century, so per 'cent' means per hundred.
It would have been out of character for Apple ][, but Soli isn't in the 'bash Android users' brigade. I've learned quite a bit from him because he actually takes the time to answer questions even the times I was being a bit of a jerk.
No, that's good ol' Soli alright.
That's illegal in some states including California.
I don't mean a TV network, I mean a cable network. Putting up new cables to deliver content, TV, phone, and internet.
I guess you don't leave your house for fear of a real infection.
That too
New York is an 'at will' state, and 'non compete' agreements are legal and enforceable. I've witnessed this most notably with radio personalities. If their contract doesn't get renewed they almost all go get work in another state because of the non compete agreement.
It depends on the state. Illegal in California, legal in New York.
IAPs have to be declared on the apps main page. If a user doesn’t notice it then it's not the fault of the software, but the ignorance of the user.You didn't buy the software from eBay, but from a seller using eBay as the middleman. eBay will get you a refund if you didn't get what you paid for.
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