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Would you suggest a numeric, alphanumeric, or a QR code for a token? Even though I think it's a great idea what's the probability of a hacker figuring out the algorithm used to generate out the next one?
I'm now wondering who from the fashion industry is going to show up. Fashion week in NYC started on September 4th, and runs until the 11th.
They're public record.
Damn you're white. 😅
They'll still be partying from the night before. It's amazing how much energy 'diet pills' can give you. 😅
Ooo, It's a nightclub for the fashionistas.
Now I know what the big structure is for, Anna Wintour, and her ego. 😄
Been there, done that. We're our own worst enemy sometimes.
This event is going to be huge. http://m.electronista.com/articles/14/09/06/shift.in.reporter.demographic.may.further.herald.wearable.reveal/
Did you tell her to shut up, and go away? 😅
New Posts  All Forums: