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Anyone with some intelligence knows that the explanation isn't that simple. It's easier, but also dangerous to point to a foreign entity as the root of their problems. Had he blamed the ineptitude of Nokia's management he might have become a pariah.
Why does everyone assume that he's placing blame?
Because I've never seen a basket of pigeon eggs.
SJ called the iPod Touch the 'training wheels' for the iPhone, so sales of it would lead to a iPhone purchase, but it could be argued that without the iPhone there would not exist the iPad, nor the Apple Watch.
The eggs hatched, and the new chickens need other baskets to collect their eggs in.
Do you think that Apple would be the same company if the iPhone had failed? All those other devices sell because of the iPhone, not in spite of it.
How much less would they be making had the iPhone flopped? The iPhone is a gateway product that has led to increased sales of other devices.
Very few considered that because it doesn't make for good comments.
The part that you replied I understand. I just don't understand what it means.
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