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It's a bit juvenile, but it has its moments.http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonah_from_Tonga
Not that Jonah lol.
Did you think you'd be able to do half the things that you do on your smartphone? I totally get where you're coming from, but I'd rather wait, and see before I pass judgement.
Does it really matter? Special treatment is ok in some cases and not in others?
His opinion is based solely on form, and not on function. I believe even if and when Apple releases the iWatch its functions won't be fully realized until developers get their hands on it.
OrGot kicked in the head by a Cirque du Soleil performer
The iPhone didn't create a new market, it redefined one. The average person didn't have much use for a smartphone because of it's then limited capabilities.
There's a word for that, 'redirection'. 😄
There's nothing wrong with wanting to keep your family out of harm's way, but somebody saying that no one should have special treatment is a hypocrite. We all give special treatment to someone in one way or another.
Yet it wasn't too long ago that those exceptionally special children would be smothered with a pillow by their parents.
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