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I don’t think that's a primary reason. Price, and home delivery are. I'd say it's more tax avoidance, than evasion.
At a still child bearing age my cousin had non-malignant tumors wrapped around her ovaries. The doctors initially thought that they could save her ovaries, but once they went in there was no saving them. With a program like this it would've possible for her to still bear children.
Funny that you mention that. I read a article the other day that insects might be the solution to our food problems. With the first wave being them used to feed livestock.
It's not Amazon that's evading taxes, it's us the consumer. A retailer just collects sales tax, and then passes it on to the state.
It depends on the warehouse it's shipped from. If the consumer, and the shipper are in the same state you'll get taxed.
Because in business there is no end game unless it's the end of your business. Sometimes surviving is winning.
I wonder if he disliked nature. Everything is so non-symmetrical.
If you combine the 2 you get Double Dutch.
The beauty of film is that it can be digitized to whatever resolution you want.
Thanks for pointing that out.
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