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Did who relent?
A bit of history you and many here are unaware of. All of Google's apps used to be based into the OS until Samsung made the Galaxy S2 which in the US went by names (Captivate, Fascinate, etc..) instead of SGS 2. Samsung omitted many of Google's apps most notably Google Search making Bing the defaults search. To prevent that from happening again Google separated many of its apps from the OS and put them on the Play Store.
The 1GB of data stays of course. A lot of it is data generated by the user whilst playing the game.
He's around. He posted just 6 hours ago.
You mean Americans are no good at designing a car. There are some European, and Japanese cars that are built in the USA.
Especially the 'in your face, taking up 90% of the screen with a disguised close button' kind.
The Prius is more popular than the Honda hybrids even though the Hondas look nicer. When surveyed the respondents said that they wanted it known that they were driving a hybrid which is why they chose the Prius over a hybrid version of a regular Honda model.
So you know for an absolute fact that Apple would've never gone against Google? We have the luxury to believe that, but Google didn't. In business it's best to control your own fate then depending on someone else.
Why are the consoles considered hardcore gaming? Right now they're the only market so how is it a niche?
I believe the OP is referring to the overall size of the iPhone was bigger than other smartphones, not just the screen. Which is not true. The footprint of the first iPhone wasn't much different than that of existing smartphones, the only difference was the size of the screens because the iPhone was completely touchscreen while the others were not.
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