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Apple was awarded several patents regarding sapphire.
Said the oppressor.
Hear hear. Couldn't have said it better myself.
That's not a well known acronym, but thanks for showing it to us.
I was unaware of that, and sincerely apologize.
Agreed. I understand why exemption was granted so many years ago, but they haven't needed protection for a long time now.
Naivete yes, corruption is kind of strong. The exemption is over 100 years old when lawmakers determined that sports, and especially baseball is merely an amusement, not a commercial enterprise.
A troll is as subtle as a hand grenade. Btw how are you certain that he's making purposefully erroneous statements? That's a bold accusation.
Read again, I didn't call anyone retarded.
Funny retarded is acceptable, but a quote that's been discussed a million times over is neither funny, nor beneficial to the thread in any way.
New Posts  All Forums: