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You're showing your age with the use of the term 'venereal disease'.
You obviously have not visited not one single Android forum ever, because you'd read plenty of hate filled comments towards Samsung.
The NPR by me is mostly talk radio.
The only music I've ever heard on NPR are jingles.
It would help if you quote the poster you're writing to.
For some people the nearest Apple store is hours away.
It's a bookstore but it's also a electronic retailer. The deal it seems is for them to sell Apple products gotten directly from Apple.  
Because what Apple does is the exception, reporting shipments has always been the norm.
Sounds a lot like Tom Brady.
Can't use it one handed, unless you're double jointed, and have extraordinarily long fingers. Voice recognition does need a lot of power which is why the iPhone 4 did not get Siri support. Where is he wrong?
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