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Shoot, I have a Mac 'n Bach night on Saturdays. Big Macs, and classical music.
I don't believe that. They nearly bankrupted Rubbermaid because they wanted to increase prices due to an increase of the price of resin which is used to manufacture their products. Walmart refused to accept the price increase, and switched to a different brand. Walmart didn't give Rubbermaid the chance to see if its products would sell at a higher price.
It's going to look like every other CE industry. In many ways surviving is winning. What Apple has done is unique, and it's something that cannot be duplicated, and any attempts to do so will result in failure.
I agree, and I never said that what Wall Street thinks is correct. I pointed out human nature, and if you know any rich people you'll know that they're often frugal for the silliest things. Do you know what cars people with money in China buy? Buicks. You can't assume that people are going to switch from a product once they gain some affluence.
There's no need for name calling.That was a long time ago. We all did it, and we've all matured, and we've all changed. But when you think about it was downloading a song off Napier really any different than listening to it on YouTube?
Thanks. @SpamSandwich had previously told me that, but I appreciate your input. I for one don't think Embark needs an update. It works fine as is.
Sure it's the right place. Thanks for the positive story.
Is it just me or does @Durandal1707 sound a lot like @Gatorguy?
To get understanding is why expert witnesses are brought in to testify. I think Apple will weather this storm, and emerge unscathed.@SolipsismY, I almost missed it.
What kind of girls do you come across that are ugly more than once? Edit: speaking of ugly. Where's @Gatorguy?
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