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So now marketing is the reason.
So all blacks are here unwillingly, and every single Latino is here illegally?
What if you have people with very similar qualifications but are of a different race or gender. How do you choose then?
I meant it more as tongue in cheek not angst
General Motors would not be around if it were not bailed out by the US government.
I don't recall but was that number worldwide? If it was it really isn't that impressive.
Yea because it's so cumbersome to carry the Apple TV to another room.
Most homes are already wired from old cable connections, and I still see tons of antennas up from way back when, or you can access the unencrypted signal from the cable company with a QAM tuner. The free channels you can get OTA are transmitted that way over the coax.
Brainiac, nobody gets 3 DVRs. You get one for the whole household, and the other STBs access the one.
Still waiting on the 'anticipated update'. It's approx 2:30 PM EST
New Posts  All Forums: