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I think the quotes you're referring to are the very same ones GG is referring to.
So the person checking the bags isn't doing company work?
And when they do, then what?
The demographic is a little older. 20s and up. Twitter has become a Hugh viewing party during certain shows. During the airing of Game of Thrones search #got and you'll see Twitter burning up with tweets.
They're plenty successful, they're just not showing a profit.
It's only for direct messages which do not appear on the time line.
It's not that they don't like being searched, they don't like being searched on their time.
The company is requiring it so it should be done on company time and not the employees' time. The person checking the bags is in fact doing 'company work' and getting paid to do so then the checkee should be compensated as well.
Until you have no water. Then come to the Northeast where there's never a shortage of precipitation.
Isn't Apple saying that the iPad needs more RAM to run this? If they've been testing it for years then they obviously used devices that they're now claiming can't run it.
New Posts  All Forums: