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You're really going to compare a primordial urge with one for a sugary beverage? A man can only resist temptation for so long, and a man in power will be tempted in many different ways. Some steal whilst others screw.
I will say that many still have an oppressed mindset. In NYC many West Indian blacks own businesses, and go to institutions of higher learning in much greater numbers than African Americans.
You started out beautifully, and then quickly crashed and burned.
It could be that Amazon doesn't want its app on the ATV. Now that they have their own hardware they hope people will buy a Fire TV instead.
Wants, and needs are not semantics. They're 2 different things. It's hypocritical to use a quote to ridicule a competitor for having a stylus, and then say that quote means something entirely different when Apple considers using one.
The best stylus is the one you have on you. It's always better to have it, and not need it, than to need it, and not have it. Your opinion is fair though.
Did I ever say it would be a failure? Again many people used that quote to ridicule the Note tablet, and smartphone that includes a stylus but it is most certainly not 'needed'. I didn't see anyone correct them about what SJ meant.
Incorrect, SJ said "nobody wants a stylus" and "if you see a stylus". Want, and need are 2 very different things.
Of which the iPad currently is not.
Get the 100" Panasonic plasma
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