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New York is an 'at will' state, and 'non compete' agreements are legal and enforceable. I've witnessed this most notably with radio personalities. If their contract doesn't get renewed they almost all go get work in another state because of the non compete agreement.
It depends on the state. Illegal in California, legal in New York.
IAPs have to be declared on the apps main page. If a user doesn’t notice it then it's not the fault of the software, but the ignorance of the user.You didn't buy the software from eBay, but from a seller using eBay as the middleman. eBay will get you a refund if you didn't get what you paid for.
That's called 'unbundling' the network. The telcos were forced to allow other companies on their network. Many businesses get their DSL from Covad over the local telco's network. Don't see why the same couldn't be done with a incumbent cable company.
Fooling people to give you money is malicious, and it was done using software. IMO it's the epitome of malware.
More like.My hat's off to Soli for a job well done.
Nobody's gonna build a new network just for internet. The cost is astronomical, and it would take decades if not centuries to recover the cost.http://arstechnica.com/business/2014/04/one-big-reason-we-lack-internet-competition-starting-an-isp-is-really-hard/?kw=100k_pvs&search=100k_pvs
I wouldn't call an entirely new compiling method a 'bump'. That's a big change to the inner workings of the OS.
Or as Big Worm said in the movie Friday "it's the principalities"
You guys make very fashionable suits. jk
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