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They have tons of growth opportunity especially since 99.9% of the population can afford the product.
Nobody shops, and grows their brand like Coca-Cola. Ever notice how a business in the middle of nowhere has a Coca-Cola sign? At some point that business was visited by a representative of Coca-Cola. There's literally nowhere on this planet that they won't go to increase mind share thus increasing market share.
Tell Coca-Cola that.
Even if they do apex, they’re more likely to plateau than to drop. Which wouldn't be bad at all considering the position they're in.
One has to find someone at the carrier willing to do it. I'm sure it's easier to convince Sprint to do it than Verizon.
Ummmm, nooooooooooo, but thanks for making me
Why does the 'tree falling in the forest' thingy come to mind?
They'll let users market it. Real life uses beats theoretical uses.
Do you think it wouldn't have sold so many if it wasn't bigger?
Thieves don't disassemble the iPhones themselves. They probably know a repair shop that'll give them quick cash for a purloined iPhone.
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