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No, it's the radicalized, and militant version of Ion.
Whichever one is easiest to get to.
But it is in a coastal state.
What does a TV got to do with anything? Btw I have a Panasonic plasma that will beat the snot out of any TV Samsung makes.
Some channels do show ads. Many shows for the really young ones are on public broadcast stations that run off viewer contributions, and run ad free. Google makes way more than enough money to omit ads from this programming.
Some I like, but there were times it would completely wash out the screen. I definitely like your suggestion, and second the nomination.
Just no lens flare
It most certainly does, which is way all convicted felons cannot be lumped together.
How about the guy in Florida who was hit with a 25 to life sentence as an accessory to murder simply because he lent his car to someone, and that person went, and killed someone?Being at the wrong place at the wrong time, or simply doing someone a favor can lead to a felony conviction.
If one person's life is saved because a felon is behind bars rather than being on the streets then $30k is a bargain.
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