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Incorrect, SJ said "nobody wants a stylus" and "if you see a stylus". Want, and need are 2 very different things.
Of which the iPad currently is not.
Get the 100" Panasonic plasma
Don't embarrass yourself.
Wrong. That quote was indeed about the iPad.
You were the one that mentioned a paintbrush, and a pen which have nothing to do with the interface of a touch screen device. A quote can't be used to ridicule a competitor's device, and then say it doesn't pertain if and when Apple does the same
Wow what an epiphany.
I guess mine are Exhibit B
We're not discussing 'all' actions.
How can an entire company be hypocritical especially since the person quoted no longer runs the company, nor alive? I just find it laughable how many different interpretations a quote can get. It wasn't a parable, it was pretty straight forward.
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