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Not when that disadvantage brings that person down from a huge advantage.
People from all over the world went to get work building the canal, and who in their right mind would leave a tropical paradise? Btw I know quite a few Panamanians, all good people, and my running joke is that I can't understand them in 2 languages.
I was obviously being facetious, and by you I meant 'whites' rioting not specifically you yourself.
My point was that what's on paper doesn't always tell the true story of the person, and what they're capable of doing. I've known people that had to do their boss' job because they left, and that person was never considered for the job because they lacked the education, but then has to train the new boss. We put way too much emphasis on what's written on paper then what reality is.
Rioting makes more sense when it's over a unjustly death than when a team wins a championship. Funny how badly NYC is viewed yet there were never riots after the Yankees or the Giants won.
You just throw tea in harbors.
Anyone that goes to a VC is looking for a free handout. I'm also pretty sure that if Jobs and Woz weren't white Apple would've never taken off.
Then you haven't been paying attention to his posts. I did ask him for clarification. You're making a guess as to what he meant.
Did you not read what the OP wrote?
Blocking for the white quarterback.
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