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Aren't iOS users flush with cash? It's just a few dollars. Quit your crying already
Unless you're a coroner, or tax collector.None of those jobs were impacted immediately. This has the potential to hurt a website(s) overnight.
I can also bet that nobody has ever taken away your method of making money.
How can he refund anyone directly if they didn't pay him directly? Apple is the middleman in both instances.
Unintended consequence? It's not a butterfly effect if web sites go under because their revenue streams dry up. Some will adapt, but many won't.
Any triangle with a 90° angle is a 'right triangle'.
This one is easy but the wording is purposely meant to confuse. A right triangle will as always be a right triangle no matter how you spin it.
Answer this one.
Agreed, but they used Apple as a fulcrum to get leverage against Amazon, making it seem like Apple was somehow involved.
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