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You should've omitted the first 2, in the first one a iPod classic is being charged, and it looks like iDevices are being charged in the second.
And in between bites of your sandwich.
Except it's not the CC companies that would be pressured into adopting it, but the merchants.
Lol, really? That screen was more than likely photoshopped.
Technology in developed countries advances in increments, and a developing country can wait until a technology matures to roll it out and leap frog past a developed country.
How are they doing that? Publishers and authors make the same money with either Amazon or Apple.
What if for some reason the majority of the employees at Hobby Lobby were gay/lesbian, and felt that paying for contraceptives was unfair because there's no way for them to get pregnant?
The issue of the St. Patrick's Parade is that they won't allow gay groups to march. The organizers contend that the parade is strictly in celebration of Irish culture. Gays are most welcome to march just not in a banner carrying LGBT group.
Free scones for everyone.
Depends on the 'you' you're talking about. You, yourself can take it and do with it as you please, didn't Amazon just do that for its new phone. Trying to maintain some level of continuity among the OHA manufacturers is good for the consumer. Any learning curve is greatly minimized.
New Posts  All Forums: