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I didn't. I thought maybe you did. That's weird.
Sexual perversion is any sex that's not regular intercourse. Anal and oral sex are sexual perversions regardless of the genders involved.
If you remember that ended up being the iPod Touch with the improved processor. The only part he got wrong was that it was an iPhone, but we did indeed get a 'new' or improved 4" device.
Did he say he was against homosexuality, or homosexuals? There's a big difference.
You're seriously going to accuse @Ireland of trolling? Can no one now critique Apple without being labeled a troll? Ireland is anything but, and you're starting to become a reverse troll which is just as bad if not worse.
Seriously, how much more can they change the design? Can't go bigger, because they went bigger twice in one swoop last year, and they went ridiculously thin. What gets changed?
Then you know we're not to judge lest we be judged. Hate the sin, love the sinner. Sins aren't weighted so homosexuality is no more worse than any other sin.
Why doesn't Apple just sell you an iPhone for what it costs them?
How do you suggest they cooperate with Apple? What Apple is supposedly working on competes directly with them.
You do know that there's massive holes in the fossil record. So much so that evolutionists went from saying there were gradual changes to abrut ones.
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