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I much prefer Tim Cook's answer to the big screen question. Neither admit nor deny, and you can't be wrong, nor a liar.
That's a cop out. I'd rather be called wrong than a liar.
Of course I didn't think he was serious about the sandpaper comment especially since people didn't have a problem touching elements on the iPhone. You're confusing me with GG. I made no mention about big screen phones in 2007. For the record, I too was wrong about big screen phones. I thought that anything over 5" regardless of its usability was way too big, and were destined to failure. Also I really like both the iPhone 6 and the Plus. My son was playing with a plus the...
I can't fix all of your problems.
So let's pay attention to everyone else's problems, and ignore ours. Real smart.
The numbers are deceiving. It's like comparing a sheet of paper to a ream of paper. Though the single sheet is infinitely smaller than the ream I can't get my hand around either. SJ was wrong about people buying big phones, and about people needing 'sandpaper', and there's not a thing wrong with that. He was human, and prone to be mistaken like we all are.
If it's the future of telecommunications, then it has to be standardized like phone calls, and SMS/MMS are. It might not happen right away, but will eventually.
That was before we were so connected, and had a plethora of useful apps.While it's overall smaller, the footprint is much larger.
Obviously I misunderstood your point, and we're in agreement. Apologies.
The maps app wasn't Google's until after the agreement ended, and Apple made their own app. It was only then that Google was allowed to make a maps app for iOS.
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