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The Constitution is old. Everyone that wrote it is dead. Has no bearing in today's world.
He's dead. Quotation means nothing since he no longer runs the country.
Sure they benefit. With Apple Pay you have to buy the hardware plus they get a piece of every purchase. With HomeKit there will be hardware purchases plus licensing fees. Everything Apple does is to make themselves money.
Apple just wants everyone to share it for free.
You're totally delusional if you believe that Health Kit doesn't benefit Apple greatly.
Does it matter why they buy an iPhone? A quick look at the highest grossing apps, and they're mostly games. Not even the really good ones that take advantage of the processing power, but crap games like Candy Crush.
So you want people not to bad mouth something they've never tried? The comment section would be empty if posters followed that rule.
A recurring 30% fee to handle a one time transaction is astronomical.
Did you misread?
It's hypocritical to keep a tight rein on data sharing, but expect others to share their data.
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