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Yes anyone can start a business but we can't have everyone starting one. We still need people to be policemen, firefighters, bricklayers, etc, etc, etc.... Not all of us have a grandfather the can hand down a heirloom.
Of course each individual case is unique, but overall a minority student had to overcome a lot of adversity to even get into a level of consideration. If you have 2 runners in a 100 yd race, and runner A's lane is clear, while runner B's has hurdles, and runner B ends up a half second behind runner A. Who would you be most impressed by? Not everyone gets the same road to get to the same place.
Because they aren't equal.
I nominate Jonah.
While all that is true, you're forgetting that perception is reality.
A 2 step process with a on device token generator that generates an additional password every minute would be a nice option.
Like Finster said in The Usual Suspects, "fcuk um" 😄
It's not the time a celebrity has been exposed. Pictures, and videos aren't secure in the safes of their own homes. They've got to be pretty damn stupid to think that they're safe online.
It's not a problem if they fully understand the inherent dangers in doing so.
Yes in that you are correct, but the vanity, and narcissism is the same in both cases.
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