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Let's hope what breaks aren't the necks and backs of tech workers because the bus driven by a second rate driver crashed.
More like Apple start your copying.
He should've done it without the media catching wind of it. It could be taken that he did it for the publicity.
I remember the story but don't know the specifics. How was he able to afford the pay raise?
Then robot devs, all of our jobs will be gone in 5 years.
The problem is when you're pay used to afford you a decent living in an expensive part of the country, and now almost overnight it doesn't.
You're not telling me anything I didn't know, but that's the same mindset many here have. Do any of us know what it takes to be a bus driver? They literally have people's lives in their hands, and they must keep an impeccable driving record. A bus driver is someone who takes his/her job seriously and provides an honorable service. I don't get all the hate that they get on here.
The rich are the only ones that can afford that trifecta. I can only afford alcohol.
But everyone dies out. Apple wouldn't be very successful if it only focused on it's followers because before the iPod it really didn't have very many. Apple gets new followers by focusing on a younger generation because that generation gets constantly refreshed.
Wow what an elitist comment. Improve themselves how exactly? All these workers flooded an area, and drove the prices of everything up, from property values, rents both commercial and residential, the price of food, etc... Everyone is raking in the dough except for the incumbent residents, and workers. A rising tide lifts all boats, from the luxury yacht to the little dinghy. Take waiters for instance, one works at a diner, and another works in a fancy upscale restaurant,...
New Posts  All Forums: