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If you got some in your ears then you know it's too much.
Every company isn't confident in their business model/health. They constantly do what the other gut is doing. Even Apple does that.
It's not the camera that's bad but the software that runs it.
Seeing how iPads last so long bigger isn't better but more of a necessity in the future. I may not need 2 GB of RAM now but I will a year or 2 from now.
Thanks for the correction. I should've mentioned the mobile part of that revenue. Oversight on my part.
And most of that from iOS users.
And the other sock.
I would've recommended Embark. My 9 yr old son is a subway savant because of it.
Did you lunch with @Apple ][? How many stores did you visit? The one in Grand Central Terminal is quite unique, but I normally go to the SoHo store.
Or hipsters, which btw purchase plenty of iOS devices.
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