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Apple is the exception. Most high profit products aren't designed for a high market share, which is exactly what SJ was aiming for. What the iPhone has accomplished is truly phenomenonal, and literally impossible for anyone to emulate.
It would be an improvement if it was tasteless.
It wasn't the OS, it was the crappy hardware. Even if Android hadn't existed the Palm Pre still would've failed.
Please, those companies destroyed themselves. They did too little too late.
Because it's on a competitor's device.
This is a much easier case. One device with a single purpose, and one patent.
How are they wasting time? It's their lawyers doing the work on a lawsuit not their R&D department.
That's relatively new compared to the same in the major cities in the US.
Good luck reserving a spot. They have a mini auditorium on the second floor that seats maybe a few dozen people.
Most major companies would love to have10% growth every year for 10 years.
New Posts  All Forums: