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The proper word would've been 'hooligan'.
Good catch
Thanks for ruining my lunch.
That's not a possibility for everyone.
If you classify tattoos as 'scientific knowledge' then you need to brush up on your science. Having a tattoo is not some obscure scenario.
Which in reality isn't so common.
The percentage of the population matters not, it's the percentage of people that purchase your product. Hipsters make a large percentage of people that purchase Apple products, and they also into being heavily tattooed.You also have no clue as to which tattoos contain heavy metals, and which don't just by looking at them.
Then if there's too many variables then you issue a disclaimer of which another poster made me aware that Apple did.
Sure they can. It's skin, how many situations can there be?
Yes, an omission of facts, and the truth is often done to deceive. Another poster pointed out that Apple has indeed made a disclaimer about tattoos so my comment does not pertain to them.
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