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It would take all of their cash, and then some to do that. It would probably take decades to recover the cost.http://www.businessinsider.com/how-much-it-would-cost-google-to-build-a-cable-network-2012-12
The funny thing is that they're called natural monopolies and there's not one thing natural about them.
No cable company has universal coverage. They all have their alloted markets and are not allowed to operate outside of them.
I edited it just a little.
Re-rebuttal: So what did you use to type your comment?
You're on a roll today, or is it a crumpet?
Hey, that’s supposed to @SolipsismX's line.
But what are they going to "Bass" the arguments on?
I just hate when that happens.
Clickbait: It's what's for dinner
New Posts  All Forums: