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Hear hear. Couldn't have said it better myself.
That's not a well known acronym, but thanks for showing it to us.
I was unaware of that, and sincerely apologize.
Agreed. I understand why exemption was granted so many years ago, but they haven't needed protection for a long time now.
Naivete yes, corruption is kind of strong. The exemption is over 100 years old when lawmakers determined that sports, and especially baseball is merely an amusement, not a commercial enterprise.
A troll is as subtle as a hand grenade. Btw how are you certain that he's making purposefully erroneous statements? That's a bold accusation.
Read again, I didn't call anyone retarded.
Funny retarded is acceptable, but a quote that's been discussed a million times over is neither funny, nor beneficial to the thread in any way.
Speaking of payphones.http://news.yahoo.com/york-city-opts-remove-creepy-payphone-tracking-beacons-011521074.html
I, myself worry more about the viruses that I can catch. I used Win XP for many years, and my experience with viruses is that they're not as nefarious as one believes that they are. It's actually kind of fun to be part of a botnet, and a play a role in a DDoS attack.
New Posts  All Forums: