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It has happened before. Try this.https://mshiyas.wordpress.com/2013/12/15/how-to-fix-a-bricked-or-failed-to-update-apple-tv-by-restoring-with-itunes/
In other words women, and minorities are incapable of being similarly qualified? It must be, because everyone's view of affirmative action is always about hiring a less qualified woman, or minority.
They might not be selling it, however they’re allowing third-parties to do so which is worse.http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/185074/apple-to-reportedly-bolster-iad-user-targeting-with-phone-numbers-and-emails
Really? Who's going to catch up?
When was anybody forced to do anything?
One company in every aspect of your life sounds very Big Brother-ish to me. Funny how you become what you once hated. Just keep staring at the 'big picture'.
You mean like FaceTime?
Why stop there? Maybe longer like the Apple TV.
You might want to reconsider...
I already know the truths, and facts. Do you think one gender's perspective is better than the other?
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