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I'll agree that they're both great, and I hope that you're correct about the iPod touch. The phablet market was not greater simply because a lot of people didn't want to leave the iOS ecosystem that they invested heavily in for the last 7 years. They obviously wanted a bigger screen, but were unwilling to start a new in order to get one.
So now all of a sudden the iPhone's a phone whereas before you said it wasn't. How can I take anything you write seriously if you're going to flip flop like that in a attempt to prove your point?
It was bigger than feature phones, but it wasn't any more bigger than the crop of smartphones that existed in 2007, and yes SJ was wrong.
Seems like he wrote that a year ago, and only now hit the submit button.
They wouldn’t have to make a dent to go along with what's in place. I really hope MS gets their act together, so that WinPh can give us consumers a viable 3rd choice. It's always good to have options.
It just might be my Christmas gift to myself.
I much prefer Tim Cook's answer to the big screen question. Neither admit nor deny, and you can't be wrong, nor a liar.
That's a cop out. I'd rather be called wrong than a liar.
Of course I didn't think he was serious about the sandpaper comment especially since people didn't have a problem touching elements on the iPhone. You're confusing me with GG. I made no mention about big screen phones in 2007. For the record, I too was wrong about big screen phones. I thought that anything over 5" regardless of its usability was way too big, and were destined to failure. Also I really like both the iPhone 6 and the Plus. My son was playing with a plus the...
I can't fix all of your problems.
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