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Welcome to the mundane life of AI posters. Btw, what's with the creepy Ted Koppel-esque avatar?
Your ridiculous claims that the ATV would hurt/kill console gaming.
Those same kids know the difference between playing a mobile game, and playing one on a console.
Didn't you say Apple would never do that, and it would be dumb if they did?
If more people start getting an iPhone yearly instead of every 2 years than the supply of 1 yr old iPhones is going to be higher, so the price is likely to decrease.
It costs a lot to build, upgrade, and maintain a network. It would also make Apple doubly vulnerable to a disruption in the smartphone market. They'd lose hardware sales, and service subscribers.It wouldn't make sense for the iPad because people don't buy them as often as iPhones.
Did who relent?
A bit of history you and many here are unaware of. All of Google's apps used to be based into the OS until Samsung made the Galaxy S2 which in the US went by names (Captivate, Fascinate, etc..) instead of SGS 2. Samsung omitted many of Google's apps most notably Google Search making Bing the defaults search. To prevent that from happening again Google separated many of its apps from the OS and put them on the Play Store.
The 1GB of data stays of course. A lot of it is data generated by the user whilst playing the game.
He's around. He posted just 6 hours ago.
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