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Iovine has a 'don't sue me' look.
I've been a Netflix customer for a long time, and was excited when I heard that they were developing a streaming box, because it would mean no waiting for DVDs to arrive, so I followed the story closely. They hired the CEO of Roku, but initially weren't going to use that name. I don't remember where I read it, and how it was decided is unknown, but the CEO of Netflix decided it was best if they weren't so closely associated to the box. Allowing competitors on your device...
You got the Old part right, Grand Old Party.
It was a two fold strategy, they got other services to get on board the Roku, and they weren't blocked from other devices. Smart move, and I'm also impressed at how much market share they've gotten with little to no advertising.
He did until 2007.
I also don't understand how we went from poor to affluent. That only happens to lottery winners, and athletes. There's a lot of middle ground in terms of financial status. One can graduate from Walmart to Macy's, but not to Barneys New York, or able to get a Coach bag, but not a Michael Kors one.
At that age he's lucky to find himself.
In his world those Breitlings cost per capita as much as those Chinese and Japanese ones cost us.
Yes some indeed do. Jim Harbaugh is a multi-millionaire, and he still buys $8 khakis from Walmart, and JFK Jr used to drive a Hyundai Excel.http://mweb.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/24410342/jim-harbaughs-wife-spills-secret-he-wears-8-pants-from-walmart?v=1&vc=1
The funny thing is that the 'loosing' for 'losing' isn't just one poster. It's several of them, and this is the only place I see it happen. Relic always writes defiantly for definitely, but it's only her. It hasn't spread like an infection to other posters.
New Posts  All Forums: