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That's not correct either. One can turn off the swiping feature in SwiftKey.
It would depend on the nation.http://m.ibtimes.com/android-vs-ios-whats-most-popular-mobile-operating-system-your-country-1464892
No case whatsoever
2 words, Jackie Guerrido
Busy collecting tolls.
You never heard of 'everything old is new again'? Star Wars rocks
So there's your chance to make a app. IMO T9 is still the best way to send a quick one handed message.
Here in the Northeast we've been drenched with snow then rain since the beginning of the year. Any amateur meteorologist out there care to explain how California isn't drenched with water from the Pacific Ocean since weather on the northern hemisphere travels West to East most of the time.
We wouldn't be so lucky. jk
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