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Thanks for adding even more proof that he was against having a stylus. I hope you're not a lawyer.
They're not that company anymore.
So where's the context in which SJ says a stylus would be good? Oh wait, it doesn't exist.
I personally think that the so called iPad Pro is too much of a niche device, and would not sell enough for Apple to bother developing one. The ROI just isn't there.
Don't flatter yourself thinking you know what Steve Jobs meant. He's not here to clarify it, so they must be taken at face value. Btw pertaining the iPad he said "If you see a stylus they blew it."
Maybe Samsung is trying to mimic the NYY by losing so much yet still making the most money.
How does a Philly boy become a Yankees fan?
The proper word would've been 'hooligan'.
Good catch
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