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They sure act like it.
I'd sic wolves on anyone, and everyone that had a hand in giving me a haircut like that.
Because your arm would get tired.
The same way Santa Claus does. Don't you know anything? Sheesh
Racism is something deliberate. The OP didn't know that the Japanese find that term offensive. Instead of just attacking him as a racist it would've been more constructive to just say that the Japanese find that term very insulting.
Your examples get worse, and worse. An object has no race, so how are you insulting it. You have a right to believe it's racist, but words only have the power you give them. I'm not insensitive, I'm just overly sensitive. I don't have any Japanese friends, but I do have friends from other countries, and we mock each other's race all the time. It's done in jest, and at the end of the day we still respect, and care for one another.
Is that a Mexican car, or cell phone?
Something used to describe a person is racist, but not when it's an inanimate object.
I agree. I've been saying this all along. Who's going to pay a lot of money for a crippled device?
The big difference is that 'rice' isn't an ethnic slur
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