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Or Nicki Minaj about to get another butt injection. 😄
One would have to get close enough to actually pick your pocket in order to receive anything from NFC, plus it's not constantly transmitting. The user has to initiate a transmission.
Aren't beacons just a one way communication? Beacons announce themselves to anyone, and everyone within range. There's a reason why Apple went with the word.
Or the top of a apple. You decide.
Mo' bigger 🙌
Tourist crowds are usually slow moving, and confined to certain areas, it's very much unlike the to and fro work crowds that are everywhere, and like stampeding herds lol.
It's called 'faith'.
If it's any consultation the holiday crowds are usually tourists that aren't used to crowds either.
I was thinking the same thing. That's new code on top of old code which makes the OS more bloated with every update.
That's what I initially thought, but now it seems like he/she is not in NY.
New Posts  All Forums: