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The HTC One came out in 2013, and the SGS 2 in 2011. I don't understand your branding question. All Samsung phones I've ever seen are branded including the SGS 2.
But if you look at the numbers Samsung's fortunes didn't really take off until the S3, which went away from a iPhone clone design. One could argue that it got it's cachet is because they're different from Apple, not because they're similar.
Many of which are also in every other non-Samsung Android phone. So why aren't they enjoying a similar level of success? If any phone looks like a iPhone now it's the HTC One. So why aren't they achieving what Samsung has?
The best way to predict the future is to make it, and that's what SJ did.
So now icons are swaying people purchase decisions.
So why hasn't those same pilfered features helped Motorola and HTC?
Food and drugs? Probably helmed by a pothead.
Burned skin is a excellent indicator if you spent too much time in the sun, then adjust accordingly.
It's actually self defining.
Percent does indeed mean per hundred. Cent is 100 as in century, so per 'cent' means per hundred.
New Posts  All Forums: