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It's affecting a boat load of iPhone users.
They were aiming for 50% market share in mobile advertising. How's that not serious?
What investment is there really?
That's not all you're fully loaded with.
Good read. The Japanese WiFi was pure genius.
Is it because it's affordable or because it's the suburbs, and they can't find work there?
If they collapse, so will the US. We owe them so much money, and they would probably want that back.
Aren't they all?
You're forgetting one fact. Apple was successful by going into immature to almost nonexistent markets. Before Apple created the iPhone all other smartphones sucked, and before the iPad the tablet market was almost nonexistent, and the tablets the did exist were god awful.The same is not true in the automotive market. It's a very diverse market in which most people don't think their car sucks, and does that do cannot afford to buy a new one. I don't doubt Apple can do...
New Posts  All Forums: