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What's 'good' is subjective.
Newsflash: there are plenty of tech jobs that don't involve writing code.
That's a statement based on the fashion industry in which a 'look' last very little. The timepiece industry isn't insulated from that. A certain watch will suddenly become popular until the next look is found.
Yet it's OK for Apple to take advantage of whatever they can? It's a 2 way street. In some places Apple saves a buck, and in others it overspends by a buck, but at the end of the day they've saved way more than they've overspent.
Early 20th century which is when most of the houses in NYC were built.
It still works off the same principle idea.
Which one is more likely to happen? Currently we have so much oil that there's no place to put it.
There's plenty of 19th century tech that you use daily. The toilet bowl for one.
All we need is one major power outage for the rotary phone to gain relevance.
How do you suppose they accomplish that?The article claims that Apple gets favorable rent prices because of the increased foot traffic, but how does increased foot traffic directly benefit the property owner?
New Posts  All Forums: