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I never claimed that Atheism is a belief system in of itself but every atheist has some sort of belief system.
So what is logical in your mind?
The only way to not believe one way or another is to have zero knowledge of the subject matter. If you believe in what science tells us then that's your belief system because much what science tells us can't be proven. Even science has faith which is simply believing something without proof or witnessing it.
A belief system is what one believes in to make sense of the world, and their existence.1. Define Santa Claus. For my 9 yr old son I'm Santa Claus which he obviously knows not. It's part of his belief system but not mine.2. Since you don't believe in water heater aliens then it's not part of your belief system.3. I have also been the tooth fairy, so it's not part of my belief system
Let's simplify this, why are you without belief?
I can't prove any of that. Now can you prove that the Big Bang happened. That something came from nothing, and from that nothingness emerged the universe, stars, our planet, and then life. Is believing that happened any less absurd than believing in God?
It's like saying "I'm nowhere", no you're always somewhere. If you say "I don't believe" then you believe that you don't believe.
And that copied Bejeweled.
The moment you say "I do not share your belief..." means you have formed an opinion or have accepted a truth which is believing.
It is, however, a belief system.
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