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Plus it looks like pizza.
To answer your initial question the Nexus Q was indeed a HDTV connected device. Their initial plan was to be integrated in TVs first, and then they built the Nexus Q. Both were ill fated attempts. Poorly thought out, and poorly executed.
You can go see it for yourself if you like. It's not inaccessible.
It never shipped. The ones that exist were the ones given out.
Gotta use the phone in order to be susceptible. We all know that by usage stats Android users don't use their phones. A pseudo danger at best.
2 devices of my own that can't be updated plus constant reminders of how long Apple devices last fo, all the iPods Touch that were sold until a little over a year ago, all the first gen iPads, and all the iPhones 3G(S) I still see people using. Do you really believe all those devices that sold for years makeup only 13% of active devices?
I'm sure that those older devices account for more than 13% of devices still in use. They're just not accessing the app store.
Start filling.
Now what if it's the only product line in existence?
Doesn't matter how far you hold it. If you're holding it straight up and down then the bottom is the low end and the top is the high end. I recently saw a video in which children were able to out think adults because they didn't have preconceived notions. Both groups were shown cause and effect events, and then asked to predict the next outcome. The adults relied heavily on what the thought should happen next whereas the children went solely on the data from the previous...
New Posts  All Forums: