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Specifically about the iPad he said "if you see a stylus, they blew it". The operative word being see as opposed to need which everyone claims he meant. Using 'need' would've left the possibility of specific use cases, but he used 'see' which eliminates all use cases.Personally I like what they did, and agree with you about the Surface being in trouble. Ultimately SJ was wrong, there can be a stylus without blowing it.
Funny how nobody got on Apple for using the word Pro, but lambasted Samsung for using Plus.
God forbid any other company wanting to make money other than Apple.
The Roku still has RCA ports (how's that for old?). I have one with just the audio hooked up to a sound bar.
The whole entire screen moved to contact the actuators.
All these people that want a browser are tight wads that think they can get a computer for under $200.
All the case makers would go out of business if only 0.1% of iPhone users bought their products.
So what was old, and ridiculed is now new, and cool because Apple makes it, and let's not use any SJ quote because they're all old.
It was indeed capacitive.http://www.gsmarena.com/blackberry_storm_9500-2534.php
Most of what you listed exists in some shape or form on a competing device. If it was not revolutionary when the other companies did it then it's not revolutionary now that Apple is.
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