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It's exactly what I believe. If you have a different POV I'd love to hear it.Any good engineer will take every scenario into account and either design for it, or admit that certain scenarios must be avoided. Tattoos are quite common now, so if Apple didn't test on it then it was a failure in their research, and if they did and knew it was a problem then they should've announced that those with tattoos might have a problem.
If Apple didn't know tattoos would interfere with sensors then it's inept research, and if they did know, and said nothing then it's deception.
Why not avoid that hassle to begin with?
Like there aren't thugs in every race.
People should've been made aware of this prior to purchasing an Apple Watch.
They would never get the permissions needed.
So what, now nobody can say "I was holding it wrong" without it being attributed it to SJ?
And how many companies can do that? If Apple decides to go with another company's camera then Sony is f'd. What are you going to say then? "they shouldn't have relied so much on Apple"
Use the mobile web version. You lose some functionality, but few to no ads.
It sounded like he did in post #2.
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