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Could be that the option to license the technology is not available.
The choice of free feature phones, or free smartphone didn't happen overnight. It's what the market dictated.What carrier is going to offer a $100, rebate on a plan that's at most $40 a month.
Except that @chadbag wants a 'modern day design' which probably means a metal body, and he wants a good camera, etc, etc... Building such a phone would probably end up costing more than it does making a smartphone, so it being cheap goes out the window.
Because history has already proven that they won't, and that's my point. Consumers have already spoken, and have said loudly that they're not interested in feature phones.
They competed against Android already, and they lost.
What financial incentives? Are the carriers now going to pay people to take a feature phone on plans that earn them less money?
We're beyond that, and now discussing a new feature phone that doesn't need a smartphone OS.
Then please define 'modern design'. Nobody is going to reimagine the feature phone, because it's simply not cost effective.
The discussion is about feature phones. Nothing to do with Android.
What has changed that makes you think that people would go back to a feature phone? Manufacturers stop making them because people stopped buying them.
New Posts  All Forums: