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So why didn't they know that before? All I hear are claims that Samsung became successful by copying Apple, so why aren't they successful now?
And I forgot in 2 different sizes, so yes every single iPhone user.A watch, a fitness tracker, a notification filter? All I keep hearing how it's much more than that, so its appeal should be universal.Apple didn't care how many people had previously owned smartphones before making the iPhone, and they most certainly didn't care how many people owned tablets before making the iPad. Apple has done a great job getting people to buy products they have never used before,
Because the Apple Watch was designed for every single unique iPhone user. Different pricing tiers, different manufacturing materials, and different color, and types of bands which is something no other smartwatch has. It was meant to attract a large swarth of buyers immediately with all the hype we saw for months, and so far that doesn't seem to be the case.
But it'll be there, not just a theoretical figure based on what other people with money are willing to pay. The stock market is a huge Ponzi scheme.
As big as your 'do
MS has nobody to blame but themselves. They squandered a huge lead in the smartphone market, and continued to make mistakes after the obvious paradigm shift Apple created.
They probably cut class they day the Bill of Rights was taught.
I thoroughly enjoy reading Rene, and everyone over at iMore. Great writing, very informative, and they stay on topic. They've also managed to keep the comment section void of trash talking.
Don't knock Applebee's, it's my end of the week watering hole. . I don't miss the old 42nd St, but I do miss the old Washington Square Park and the old Greenwich Village. I miss the music genres created in NYC. Nobody dresses 'weird' anymore. I can't remember the last time I saw anyone in NYC black. We've become homogenized.
In other words the Finnish finish school.
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