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It's not a industry in which innovation is stagnant. Many innovations come from the racing scene, and those guys are constantly pushing the envelope. There are electric Formula One cars now, and those teams are probably funding battery tech so their cars go just a little faster, or last a little longer.The Japanese have disrupted the market several times, once with gasoline economical cars, then with affordable luxury cars, and also with hybrid vehicles. It's not a under...
Exactly, some tax money is better than none plus the added income tax.
If everyone used the eggs that they have very few people would own a house, a car, or even a smartphone.
Coca-Cola has been doing it for decades.
We have virtually zero access to a car's computer.
That'll teach him to turn off the traction control. It's gotten hard to lose control of a super car when the traction control is on.
No it won't.
You're confusing phone manufacturers for telecoms, which provide service to whomever makes a phone.
I still find it hard to believe that these publishers, some of which have been doing business for the better part of a century, allowed Amazon to bully them. They might not have gotten in trouble if they had collectively bargained before Apple came on the scene. They could've cited self preservation as the reason why they negotiated better terms with Amazon, if questioned about it.
Or girl watchers
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