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The beholder reserves the right to be sorely deluded.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
'Using Siri' is composed of 5 different tasks. Overlap indeed.
How would forking it have made a difference?
http://www.theverge.com/2014/4/4/5571926/apple-document-shows-concern-for-iphone-sales-decline-need-for-bigger-iPhoneWho had what consumers wanted when it was said "consumers want what we don't have"?
Apple doesn't build a big phone if it weren't for the competition.
Please tell me you have one of those cool kung-fu master mustaches.
So what's the alternative? Do you really think that it's feasible for every manufacturer to make its own OS, and ecosystem, and have the market support all of them?A realistic look at the numbers indicate that making your own OS will most likely result in failure, Symbian, WebOS are dead, and BB is dying.The difference is that Apple built its OS on top of an already thriving ecosystem, and every new device on the shoulders of a successful one. It's way too late in the game...
I think that would take more than just Apple. It would have to be a two prong attack, with one of the other Android manufacturers making a hit phone in order to turn Samsung's profits into losses.
Thanks for agreeing that mentioning something irrelevant is idiotic.
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