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There was a highly publicized tug of war between India and BB a few years ago in which India insisted BB install a 'backdoor' so that the Indian government could spy on its citizens.http://betanews.com/2010/08/03/rim-no-back-door-into-encrypted-blackberry-messages-for-any-government/
Seeing BB on that list makes me doubt the validity of the claim.
Again those unlimited data plans were not 'grandfathered'. Verizon does not allow anyone with a unlimited data plan to sign another contract with unlimited data. All those that still have unlimited data are either still using the same phone, bought a used one, or purchased one at full retail.
What's wrong with protecting huge margins? Are they not allowed to make money?
Not crazy at all. I too have a 'old' plan with a set number of minutes, and unlimited data. I used to never go over 10 GBs, but for the last 2 months I've used 15-20 GBs. A paid data plan for me would cost me much more than I'm paying now.
It's basically the same target audience, but now how do we let Republicans know?
Anyone with a child has heard "I want that, I saw it on TV". Children have been bombarded with ads for decades for cereal, toys, movies, fast food, etc, etc. I remember wanting to eat spinach because it made Popeye strong, who could forget "I fights to the finish because I eats me spinich"
I've limited my purchasing on Amazon to products I can't find locally. Stores change the brands, and merchandise that they carry, and many times I've looked to replace a item I purchased previously only to find out that they no longer sell that product, and that's when I turn to Amazon.
Except that a child's first toy was virtually unbreakable.
We'd die off as a species if we didn’t plug it in using brute force every now and then.
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