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Yes in that you are correct, but the vanity, and narcissism is the same in both cases.
Is it really any different from when the muckety mucks would commission artists for self portraits?
There'll be some initial teeth gnashing if the device in the video is indeed the new iPhone, but I just bought my son a iPod touch and the protruding lens is a non issue. Ready the Worcestershire sauce for the crow eaters.
Google was supposed to set up partnerships, and build relationships, but it seems like the whole 'Google Wallet' project has been put off to the wayside.
So how's that Apple refrigerator working for you?
AT&T must not believe in 'back to school' specials, because when they were the sole carrier they never sold the iPhone at a discount, or am I remembering wrong?
Since when? I've long time heard that Apple controls the price that the carriers can charge. I remember when Walmart first started selling the iPhone the discount was a mere $1. What changed?
From all over the world.
No, silly. They buy glass cleaner by the case.
No they can’t do pretty much what they want, because they'd brand the phone, plus pre install software if they could.
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