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Unfortunately decent isn't going to cut it.
They have money for football though. Real Madrid, and FC Barcelona are the 2 most valuable teams in all of sports the entire world over.
As are veins, but I wouldn't appoint him head of vascular surgery.
Aka pocket change
I can understand common spelling errors, but 'loosing' isn't a word. They've forced any spell checker to ignore it.
The Roku device was originally developed by Netflix, and was going to be branded as such. The CEO then decided it was best that the device be not so closely linked to Netflix to ensure that other streaming services would get on board, so they spun off the company.
I beg to differ. That market is shrinking. On a recent shopping trip to get my son a 32 GB iPad I only saw the 16 GB model available. People aren't buying that model, and if they do only do so because it's the only one that they could find.
Just by reading a few comments on here, and you'll quickly come across spelling errors, and bad grammar. 'Loosing' for 'losing' has become an epidemic. Here's an interesting read.http://www.uwsp.edu/pointeronline/Pages/articles/Is-the-Internet-Making-Us-Stupid.aspx
Did only Apple lose market share according to the graph? Roku lost much more.
And the events you mentioned definitely scratched Apple's back.
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