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I'd really like to know how you equate that to lying.
Absolutely agree.
I'm taking low end at face value, the simplest meaning of the words. I'm not the one altering its meaning.
Funny how our brains work. Our own 'auto complete' doesn't work 100% of the time.
Wait until you read some of Apple ]['s comments. 'You people' is tame.
I know that they weren't the only tablet available, but most people don't know tablets existed before the iPad. Low end has become synonymous with cheap crap, but in the purest definition of the saying it's just the lowest end. A airplane that's 35,000 feet in the air and on a incline has one end that's lower than the other, so the airplane has a low end. It's all a matter of reference.
He does have a point. Since Apple was the only game for a while then the cheapest (in price) option would be the low end, but not necessarily because it's in any way worse than the high end. In this instance price is the only determining factor. Now that all these crappy drug store tablets have emerged they've lowered the bar for low end in price and build quality.
So you're making the same money you did at 18 yrs old, 25 yrs old? How many companies made assumptions that their customers wouldn't switch to the iPhone? Where are those companies now?
Their brand is strong enough. It's for posterity, so that the next would be copier will think twice.
They're already branded that, and it hasn't prevented from doing quite nicely. Those that have played nicely are teethering on extinction. They're all losing the little market share they have.
New Posts  All Forums: