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How do you suppose they accomplish that?The article claims that Apple gets favorable rent prices because of the increased foot traffic, but how does increased foot traffic directly benefit the property owner?
The publishers have nobody to blame but themselves. They allowed themselves to be taken by Amazon. Btw it's 'free rein', as in a horse riding sans rider.
Not only that, but a chronograph, an alarm, a altimeter, the moon phase, the equation of time (that day's solar length), and a annual, leap year, or perpetual calendar.
Instant gratification is a helluva drug. Plus there's also a big secondary market for pre-owned games that they cater to.
The correct time should be coming from the carrier's signal. Didn't the iPhone have a DST problem a few years ago?Edit: they've actually had more than one.http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/160422/another-daylight-saving-time-bug-strikes-apples-ios-7-affects-calendar-display
So have at it.
That's gotta count for something, right? That comes from growing up in NYC, everyone has jokes, so one has to go over the top to get a laugh.
That's a great question, and I'm racking my brain trying to come up with one, but so far I can't. There is, however, a piece of old tech that has made a resurgence of late, and that's the safety shaver my dad used to shave with. The type with the little knob on the bottom that one turns to open up the flaps to install the double sided Gem razor.
Only people that had no clue that smartphones, and tablets existed before Apple's offerings say that.
No, they'd still be gone, or in dire straits.
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