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Monopolies are not illegal. The government wouldn't be granting them if they were.
Spain isn't innocent either, they were way worse. I guess in your book it's ok to conquer people and take their homelands because they look different and believe in different things? So if you don't like your country means you can go to another and eradicate the people already there because it's your Manifest Destiny to do so?
Killing hordes of people is very effective in getting someone to sell something that they didn’t want to sell in the first place. What purchase or treaty was gained without the shed of blood?Btw buying from a thief makes you a thief as well.
Just because you buy something doesn't mean that the seller had the right to sell it, and last I checked California wasn't part of the Louisiana Purchase.
So I guess it was American settlers that named towns, El Paso, San Antonio, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc, etc, etc.... Did the Mexicans, and the Spanish agree to those borders or were they told where the border was? Go on believing your good ol' American revisionist history. I like to believe the truth.
They really need to rethink that acronym.
I guess Getz is not going to get it. We got it
Did you start by telling them that you live on stolen property?
One of those knee jerk reactions I'd say. Of course the DoJ has no power over what occurs in another country.
Wasn't he the crystal meth kingpin from Breaking Bad?
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