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Thanks for pointing that out.
The irony was that the stock then went up considerably.
Not without another device.
Creating a new life is seldom a bad idea. SJ wasn't born from an ideal situation.
It's not always about what you can get. It sometimes needs to be about what you can provide. I don't think Apple is interested in running factories, so why not help GTAT with what would essentially be chump change for Apple so that GTAT can right their ship. Apple is always going to win, but one looks like a bigger winner when they help someone else win.
Everyone's assuming that it only benefits women in the latter stages of their lives, when there are many different reasons that a woman might suddenly lose the ability to have a child.
I tend to agree with @Benjamin Frost. I think SJ would've lit a fire to the ass of the CEO, and gotten what was promised like he did with Corning. SJ just had a knack for getting people to perform at a higher level.I also think Apple was 'pot commited' with its investment in GTAT, meaning that putting in more money would've yielded a positive return instead of cutting their losses.
Now all they need is the 'know how' .
I meant the overall idea of consolidating a mobile payment solution to it's users instead of a carrier based solution like it is in other countries.
I give them an A for a good idea, but a big fat F for the implementation, and lax security.
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