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Ironic that a company that doesn't like decals on their devices wants their decals on other manufacturers' devices.
Sure you can. Men have come up with ingenious methods to get honey sans money.
Men have 2 primary motivations, money and honey. If it's not one it's the other.
The list is of his favorite cars. Not necessarily that he owns them. The Porsche 550 is a rare car, and no way anyone would ever shit can one, even for a La Ferrari.
I find the mobile version easier to use than the app.
It's even easier to do so from a phone.
Like tthat's worth much.
Wrong. iTunes was meant to be break even, and was exactly that until 2013.http://allthingsd.com/20130325/itunes-not-exactly-break-even-anymore/
I'll bet it's nowhere near 30%
That name is already taken.
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