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The precautions are one and the same whether it's one or many.
Kinda difficult to get a script sign off from god.
See post #7.
Because there needs to be control over who broadcasts using those airwaves, or you'll have a cluster fuçk (thanks to @SolipsismY for that spelling loophole) of entities trying to broadcast over one another on the same frequencies.
And yet you wonder why you're always going in circles.
Or, this film is loosely based on real life events.
Funny but that sounds like a fandroid's excuse.
Of course they spoke like that in the 80s. Metaphors were more widely used back then compared. Tectonic plates, and their shifting was frequently in the news during that decade.
Consider yourself lucky. I get shown a minge. Edit: on second thought maybe you're unlucky.
Who's to blame? Apple or Amazon?
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