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Here's the definition I found.
Faulty logic postulated on imperfect data collection. Everyone is just guessing, and passing it along as fact.
I can understand patenting it for licensing reasons, but protecting it so that no one else can use it is greedy, and the epitome of being a patent troll.
Or3. They do plan to use it.
Then why all the NFC patents? Why spend R&D dollars on a technology that they're not going to use at all?
I do a lot of price comparisons when shopping, and Amazon's price is usually either the same, or just a tad bit less than a retail store. I bought a pair of Timberland boots recently at Sears because the price was actually a few dollars less than Amazon. Sure you'll find an insane deal here and there on Amazon but that's the exception not the rule.
If I'm not mistaken the GSM portion of a Verizon iPhone comes unlocked from factory. I distinctly remember seeing a video in which a guy pops a AT&T SIM into his brand new Verizon iPhone, and the phone worked immediately on AT&T's network.
Not when you want to invest in developing new products and services.
Yet many of the purchases I make through Amazon are fulfilled by someone else. Amazon just handles the transaction (sound familiar?). In this case they're helping the competition not eliminating them.
Semantics, and please stop with the 'change the world' self-aggrandizement. Penicillin changed the world, immunizations changed the world, indoor plumbing changed the world. A few touchscreen devices have not changed the world, and if it has it's been for the worse. The younger generation is getting dumber though the have a wealth of information at their fingertips, and there's been a exponential increase in vanity, and narcissism.
New Posts  All Forums: