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I don't agree, this is just supplementing the income they already make from the networks. Simply another revenue stream.
Tin cans.
If you've paid attention to @Apple ]['s posts before you'd know that he didn't read @Relic's post incorrectly.
I've always heard that of wannabe models.
Well written post with good points, but I've never seen legions that weren't many.
Not sound business to alienate an entire group of people just because of a few misguided individuals.Edit: plus you're forgetting that terrorists use Android
While I believe that they can remove the app I think blocking access whilst in country (Brazil in this case) might be the best solution, but one can bypass that if they're on a VPN.
I remember roaming happened as soon as you left your state or designated 'home' area. US carriers will usually have an agreement to allow its traveling users onto another network, and vice versa.
Weren't there similar nightmare stories when the iPhone first came out with overseas travelers?
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