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And how many companies can do that? If Apple decides to go with another company's camera then Sony is f'd. What are you going to say then? "they shouldn't have relied so much on Apple"
Use the mobile web version. You lose some functionality, but few to no ads.
It sounded like he did in post #2.
We've all been guilty of that. A response like that should be reserved for a obvious troll, and not to someone ignorant of a fact.
So what's the answer? You're regurgitating what's already known.
Easy with the name calling. Not everyone knows that. Explain it with some diplomacy, and teach someone instead of insulting them.
I think on this occasion it's consumers doing the fighting. There's many people cutting the cord and they aren't all Apple users. Verizon is starting to offer smaller channel bundles in hopes of subscriber growth.
It's a start in the right direction. There was no way that they would've jumped from large channel packages to a la carte.
You can quicken the pace in which you read by not saying the words in your head. It takes some practice, but it does work.
I'm definitely picking one up. Being able to get XBMC makes it worth the price. Thanks for the repository suggestion. Btw now that you have a Porsche, who gets the blowjob? Hang in there and tell cancer it can go fcuk itself.
New Posts  All Forums: