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That's not as effective as all the posters, and advertisements one is bombarded with whenever they enter a cell phone store.
You forget his dog, his girl, and his best friend.
Personally I don't have a problem with Apple's guidelines. They smartly went with what's tried and true. At this point we going to have to respectfully agree to disagree I will however say that Apple's overall design is different from the Xbox controller.
Those diagrams were not pulled out of thin air, but from Apple's website. Did Apple have to label the buttons ABXY? There are 22 more letters in the alphabet. Even the AI article admits it's a mashup between the Wii and Xbox controller.edit: i found it http://goo.gl/PF5kjvEdit 2: if you want me to take anything back you have to take this back as well.
What infected MS was laziness, and complacency. Windows CE languished with little to no updates. MS didn't consider what the smartphone would evolve into until Apple showed the world. I think they'd be in Android's position had they immediately gone back to the drawing board and come up with something people would find worthwhile to use.
I can't find the page on Apple's site, but here's how AI reported it last year.http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/157999/apples-ios-developer-guide-hints-at-dedicated-mfi-game-controllerWhile the exact shape is up to the manufacturer the button layout must follow Apple's guidelines.
Does innovation guarantee success? It only guarantees that you'll be different. Do you really think that the market would support 4,5,6 different OSs, and ecosystems? SJ himself said that devs would not support a third OS.
Potentially a huge monkey wrench. Makes me scared as well.
That is if you're the only company to choose from. I agree but as a consumer I'd prefer choice even if I never intend in choosing something else.
You should care, because the day we're left with only 2-3 choices will be a sad one for us as consumers.
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