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People are already doing that with the various messaging apps that are available.
Yes thanks. I was made aware of the difference my other posters.
I skimmed the article and missed the force part, so yes there's a vast difference.
Apologies, I missed the forced part. In that case it is indeed very different. Sounds like sour grapes on his part. There's no shortage of cross platform messaging apps, and I don't feel we need yet another one.
How is that any different when many here were asking for a cross platform BBM?Edit: I misread the article, and have since amended my thoughts.
No silly, the only month that has 2 Tuesdays in a week is Octember
Did you not see the post we were referring to? The OP wrote 'monop-Sony'. He separated sony and capitalized the first letter to imply a name.
That's the six million dollar man with glasses.
They play with that number so much. Sometimes it includes those in the military, and other times it excludes them
New Posts  All Forums: