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Maybe because they couldn't design a phone that small, and have the performance needed.
Because all the premium Android phones are at least 4.7", and what were their sales numbers compared to the 4" iPhone. Their numbers were laughable. Apple didn't do any research, the only way for them to change the design of the iPhone was to go bigger. They went bigger because they had to, not necessarily because they wanted to.
One looks stupid when they keep changing 'perfect'. By definition perfection can't be improved.
Does long pressing on a predicted word remove it from the prediction list?
Absolutely petty.
That's assuming that the user is willing to comply with a warrant, or even around to unlock the device.
It's refreshing to know that I'm not the only one that has noticed the hypocrisy in that.
We know not to do that, but how millions of people don't know?
More like "suing circle"
It's not that simple, just ask Palm, and BB. I highly doubt that the market could support a multitude of discrete OSs. Android has allowed the other manufacturers to survive, and as long as they're surviving there's always the chance to turn things around. Had they all gone with their own OS they'd be dead without a chance for anything.
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