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'The theory', or 'your theory'? What would the mobile landscape look like right now if Android didn't exist? What guarantees are there that Google would've been a major player in that landscape?
Then what's your theory?
OTA HDTV is much better than cable/satellite. She's probably up in the sticks
So what DED writes is gospel?
No idea= no IP and no implementation. The idea gives birth to the others.
Blackberry still had a chance but botched it with the godawful Storm. Had the come out with the Z10 instead it would've been a different story.
Different set of circumstances.
There's no implementation if there's no idea.
Agreed, but they could've been in Android's position (in high end devices) at #2 instead of struggling to stay alive.
Perhaps obtuse. No I didn't give Apple credit in this thread but I have done so in the past. Yes their implementation was far superior to whatever came before, and after but that doesn't change the fact that the idea wasn't new. For the record I will say this, I don't believe that this will work unless somebody comes up with an implementation that supercedes Apple's.
New Posts  All Forums: