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And were you not cheering as they were being wiped out?
Let's look at it this way, does Apple need a streaming service or does she need Apple's streaming service? Who loses more by not having that need?
Check again.http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/186932/apple-highlights-lgbt-content-with-special-curated-app-store-section#post_2740496
Yankee as in a NYer or as in an American?Edit: she was born in Pennsylvania. I kinda assumed she was from a southern state. So yes she's a Yankee
Oooooo I got it, the Let's Go Bowling movies.
I think he was referring to the opposite. In which LBGT person attacked others whilst flying the rainbow flag.
Did you know what was said about the iPhone to be wrong at the time?
Even though it's written as one word one has to split them up when using as a verb, as in backed up, or backing up.
Which one is false? The one you wrote or the one you quoted?
How exactly can anyone respond to gang violence? What makes someone become a 'thug'? We can blame a lack of education, or of economic means, but then we come across some like Aaron Hernandez who was educated, and was pretty much rich and still lived the life of a thug. The gangster lifestyle is romanticized in this country. The Lucky Luciano's, the Meyer Lansky's, the AL Capone's, and John Gotti's are all looked up to instead of being looked as murderous psychopaths.
New Posts  All Forums: