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Sorry then, I wasn't sure. Got to admit that over 500,000 titles is pretty impressive for a little known company.
I guess I'll say it again, have you tried oysterbooks?
It is quite staggering how MS has been unable to parlay their popularity in desktop OS into mobile even after Apple showed them how to do it. Win 8 isn't bad, but it's not good either.
Gatorguy knows the repercussions of lying to Chuck Norris.
Gotta go with Kirk, leg flip and all.
How is it any different from them selling smartphones in terms of capability as its competitors, and kicking their butts doing so?
I used to believe this but not anymore. Samsung has plenty of street cred. If they can keep Tizen functioning somewhat like Android then many people won't ever know the difference.
Getting it for Christmas and playing with it are 2 different things. He played with it for about 30 minutes and that was it.
My 8 yr old son got one for Christmas, so yes some do know what they are.
A high tech Simon. A better question is why a ├╝ber rich guy has such a bad hair cut?
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