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There's a building in San Diego in which the trans oceanic fiber from China goes to. Just blow it up.
Who made you arbiter on what's skilled and non-skilled? The fact is that driving a bus is not easy, and not everyone can 'contribute more or create more value'.
To be fair, most of the high end Android phones are priced with the same profit margin, and this is by far not the worst Apple trolling site. The regular posters here are knowledgeable, and well spoken. I personally have learned a lot from them.As far as Android goes, it was meant to be a OS for a device with a physical keyboard. Andy Rubin even admitted that they changed course when they saw the iPhone and iOS.
Something about 2 Ms and 2 Qs, oh and FUD flinging.
I admit I'm wrong and you choose to insult me. Show me where I said I disliked him. The most I've ever said was that he was mistaken. If that makes me an iconoclast then so be it.
What's wrong with a livable wage? $27,000 is a surviving wage.
Ahhhh so the undiplomatic one was you. Next time don't paraphrase. I was unfamiliar with what he said, and when he said it, so I went with what you wrote. My bad
You're right, irony isn't the proper word. Apologies.
You're the one that quoted him, so how am I making it up?
Again, the irony is that his death came first. He's counting on what could happen decades from now? Nobody knows what's going between now and then.
New Posts  All Forums: