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1A can charge a tablet as long as it's not being used. I go with nothing less than a 2A charger nowadays.
Why would it defy logic? Internet chatter is almost always intercepted just before an attack, and it's always too late to do anything about it. Almost like a big F U.
What means of communications did they use to plan the attacks? Once everything is set and ready to go there's no reason to stay encrypted because it's too late to be stopped.
Bring back plasmas.
Or Botany Insider
That makes sense but then again it's only considered a grain if let to dry out, before then it's a vegetable. I guess that's our useless information for the day.
Agreed. Wouldn't it make more sense to see longevity than growth? As an investor I'd prefer Apple sell 200 million plus some moderate growth over the next 10,15,20 years.
Who's the one posting Amazon links?
It's complicated. It's always a grass but if harvested dry it's a grain, and if harvested before maturity (sweet corn) it's a vegetable.
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