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You're also forgetting that Christmas used to be a 12 day affair, and still celebrated that way in Latin countries. @mstone would verify that.
How does the evolved form of 'Holy day' exclude religions?If I remember correctly, you're a Brit, and probably use the word 'holiday' for what Americans would call a vacation. So that word for you might have different meanings, and feelings.
You should watch the movie Heaven is Real. Btw heaven and hell weren't mentioned until the New Testament.
Not every Jew walks around with a yamulke, or with curls hanging from their temples. 'Happy Holidays' is a term I use whenever I'm dealing with people who I wouldn't assume what their beliefs, and religion are, but if I'm addressing someone I know for a fact is Christian then I say Merry Christmas. It's not about what you celebrate, but about not assuming what another person does.
We already know that entirely touchscreen phones was already being designed by LG, but it probably would've taken a few years before multi touch was incorporated.As far as copying goes I agree. While some followed the paradigm shift created by Apple, and rightly so, Samsung chose to copy, but one can't deny credit to Samsung for the tech they created that a great deal of cell phones use today.
He was joking.
For me "Happy Holidays" is code for Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy New Year. That way you don't mistakenly alienate anyone.
Except that winter doesn't really start until after Christmas.Edit: the first day of winter this year will be December 21
I've spoken to business owners in the area. The new residents are not spending money in the neighborhood, so they're taking their 'power' elsewhere.
Empathy isn't enough, Christians are to love anyone, and everyone as they love themselves.
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