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I guess they use velcro.
There was a point when .x upgrades were major features and not bug fixes, security patches, etc...
And the 6+ is LARGE. I played with both and the 6 felt nice, but the plus was too big for my taste.
Except that you're forgetting that the new iPhones aren't a bigger version of the 5/5s. There's much more to them than their size. Plus the people that want a 4" iPhone already own a 5/5s so why would they buy another one?
No that's a error in thinking. People do good for goodness sake, but nobody does evil for evilness sake.
I agree that it's arbitrary, but I wouldn't call it stupid.
No one said it's benign, but it's that simple. Diseases aren't benign, but they are organisms simply trying to survive.
So corporations in China don't pay taxes? If their income decreases so does the tax they pay to the government.
Evil itself does not exist. It's all perverted, and misguided good.
Sure it does, anyone that gets their income reduced starts spending their savings. China is going to get our dollars one way or another, either by us making purchases, or them cashing in their bonds.
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