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That's about right. Apple showed a preview of HALO in 1999, but were bought by MS in 2000, which of course killed any Mac development. Btw Bungie has been independent again since 2007.
You can also get apps from Amazon. They only allow apps after vetting them.
C'mon Relic, don't you know that every thread has to have a Android mention regardless of the topic?
Easily defeated by not having Bluetooth on.
If they make a 5.5" iPod touch I'll buy one on the first day.
How could you trust a government that leaves your left unprotected?
On the what? It's a miracle that they were even able to find him.
The company I work for handed out Motorola tablets recently. When I inquired about why weren't we getting iPads the answer I got was "nobody uses iPads anymore", and this was from a quite educated, and very tech savvy manager.
Is it ignorance of the law breaking, or an affinity for the law breaker?
How about this scenario? Most cable companies offer free outdoor wifi. So if you're able to use your friend's wifi at home would it be wrong to also use the outdoor wifi?
New Posts  All Forums: