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I didn't miss that, and that's not malware.
The claim of malware on a device at purchase was made early in the article, but no proof was given. Only vulnerabilities were mentioned afterwards.
This is just wrong, 'su' stands for super user, and allows functions that the OS normally forbids, but not without the user first giving authorization, so no a hacker would not have unfettered access.
Were you born a Richard, or did it take years to hone your trade?
Evil has to be the extreme polar opposite of good. Nobody commits a evil act to feel bad. Even the most despicable act makes the evildoer feel good though be it in a perverted sense, so there isn't a absence of good at all.Torture, and murder are deemed good if it saves the lives of countless others, yet bad when done by someone for self gratification.
But the absence of good is only in the eye of the beholder. No matter how minute the good, whether it be good intentions, or a good feeling, it is always there.
Huh? Last I checked insurance companies pay out claims. They'll save money not lose.
All that existed already, just not on iOS.
Nobody does evil for the sake of evil, therefore evil doesn't exist. It's perverted good.
As long as you don't have sugar in your pockets like Tim Cook. Tasteless joke, I know, I know, but I couldn't help myself.
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