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He's more of a producer than a musician. If you've heard Eminem's songs then you've heard Dre's music.
There were many more thugs a century ago.
I thought that was R2D2's cousin X4LI8
We did storm them first. Who do you think named San Antonio, San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco?
Thanks, I'm normally catch those.
That's 'yes we can' which excludes a third party. If I, or anyone was to ask you 'can it be done?', you can answer 'yes it can' which is 'si se puede', which includes all parties potentially involved. The grammar is correct, but its usage can be argued.
How is it wrong?
Thanks, and welcome back.
Definitely a RIMjob.
I was being facetious, lighten up. I don't have a problem with anyone's looks, nor sexual orientation.
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