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Ino Nada, I believe is it.
I'm not done being a dick.
How am I any different from just about every other poster here? Because you don't agree with it?
SGS is the acronym for Samsung Galaxy S, and is used to identify that model almost universally except for here, and other Apple sites.I'd buy your argument if Apple had only gone one size bigger, but when they went 2 different sizes then it clearly showed that the move was reactionary. I distinctly remember you doubting that Apple would go to 2 different sizes when the rumors first surfaced, but as more and more proof came out it was evident that Apple was indeed coming...
Why did they have a larger phone? All sales indicated that the 4" form factor was the most popular size in high end smartphones. Nobody of any intelligence is going to copy what a competitor is doing, and then turn around and dismiss that competitor immediately after doing it. At best Tim was being coy.
The sore winner act is wearing thin. You're also contradictory. On some threads you go on and on about how Samsung was selling millions of devices and taking a big portion of mobile profits. Now because they're losing big time you want to discount them as a competitor. If Tim Cook didn't see them as a threat why did Apple then make 2 new iPhones to counter the SGS, and the Note?
But this is fringe. We don't know what can be done once a device is infected. Is it just to be able to spam our contacts with emails to buy property in Belize? Something less benign, or something more nefarious?
Sure there's FUD involved because we don't know what a hacker values. It could be banking info, or nude photos of celebrities. A carjacker wants cars, and a jewel thief wants jewelry. A hacker could want an infinite number of things. Just look at the one(s) that hacked Ashley Madison, they only wanted them to get rid of the fee to cancel the service.
Because there are more industries vying for space in Manhattan.
C'mon, everyone knows we're moving to Elysium.
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