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Exactly. Genius isn't always recognized immediately. Google was at least smart enough to realize the future of smartphones when they saw it. Those that reacted too slow are dead or dying.While Samsung is the only successful Android manufacturer the others are at least surviving, and that gives them a fighting chance to turn things around. Whereas BB is dying a slow death, and unless there's some sort of smartphone zombie apocalypse Palm isn't coming back.
It happens quite a lot in tech. Did you scream bloody murder when TV manufacturers copied Philips flat panel, and wide-screen format? I could make up a slide showing TVs before Philips and after. Was it WRONG for everyone to copy that idea? There's always going to be a leader, and then followers in a paradigm shift. In this case it was Apple, but it's all happened before, and will continue to do so.
I've met more than one woman that act like gay men. They go through the trouble of looking like a man to attract gay men instead of attracting men as women.Btw in many countries it's quite normal for the men to act effeminate, and they're not gay.
True, and I could've picked some of the more obscure ones that few only know about, but I chose 2 of the most known to help prove my point to the many.
The extra stimuli we have now is part of the reason we no longer see the likes of a Mozart, or Michelangelo.
So /sdps?
Why is it so hard for people to comprehend such a simple concept? I'm starting to believe that they don't want to understand it. Selective ignorance if you may.
Nah, he gets it 'same day' via drone.
Yes that's the one. Google can be sued for Contributory Infringement.
is that the same as..?
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