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I lost track of my point.
Lucky , it makes him successful of course. There's nothing the says that once a failure always a failure, or once a success always a success.
How well did he do at JC Penney? He failed in spectacular fashion.
For starters every single sports team.
Ron Johnson. Nobody needs to become the next Apple. There's plenty of space from nothingness to where Apple is that would be deemed successful.
What differentiates a lost cause from an opportunity?It may very well be that he indeed can't be successful anywhere else. We've already seen successful people from Apple fail elsewhere.
Please, American companies do it all the time.
Where did I say TC is a failure? I just don't think he's really been tested. Also, wasn't Apple once seemingly a lost cause? Did SJ say "you guys screwed this up royally, I want no part of it"?
How is that not a fair test? I chose companies in his field of expertise, or do you think there's absolutely nothing to turn things around? According to @SolipsismY since he's successful with Apple he can be. successful anywhere, so if there's anyone that can help one of these companies it should be TC.
The road map was laid out for him to follow for several years. The only decision he's probably made was to make the iPhone larger which he let market forces dictate. He has a done a good job, but I'm giving it a few more years before I lavish him with praise. If you want to call that discrediting then so be it, I'm just not ready to crown him king.
New Posts  All Forums: