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Just being a realist. Your solution is good. Just understand it's not going to be 100% effective, because some people can't teach, and as @auxio pointed out, some people can't learn.
Nor have the capacity to understand everything.
The problem with that is not everyone can teach what they know.
I'm guessing the use of the word riffraff was what was amusing, and not the idea of keeping them out. Btw there's plenty of riffraff that can easily afford the $1600 price tag.
It's also been out much longer, and is platform agnostic.
Thanks, I learned that many moons ago, but couldn't remember the name.
Spectacularly expensive.
Understood, in this case it's a growth of 2x versus a set number. Doing a search for Moore's Law graph show both ones with linear growth, and others with a curved growth. It all depends on how the graph is labeled.
You're right. What can I say, it's been quite a while since my last math class. According to Moore's Law processors grow proportional, the same steady growth year in year out, so processors will grow in the next 10 years the same way they did during the last 10 years, so what makes you think there's going to be exponential growth?
I understand that, but whenever something is described as growing exponentially it's because it grew much faster than it had before, or expected to.
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