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Where were you last week when Apple was introducing evidence? Whatever cross examination that occurred wasn't covered either.
You could always choose to ignore it if it upsets you.
It could also be a ruse to keep people from buying the SGS 5 and HTC One
Who shows a phone with a case on it. Even a cheap case doesn't have a crevice for a seam.
And those buttons. Frankenstein was put together nicer than that.
But he's much finer proving people wrong. In defense of TS I've actually seen him admit he was wrong.
Close, it's hell-benthell–bentFunction: adjectiveDate: 1835: stubbornly and often recklessly determined or intent — hell–bent adverbAnd your play was off, because there's no actual bending. Good try though.
I didn't mean to be snarky. I don't know the exact size, or size range but it's definitely much bigger than a smartphone.
There's also HD radio that is a digital signal.
Do you have any idea how big a transmitter would be needed? Radio stations need a high amount of power to transmit the distances that they do plus a huge antenna.
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