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Hard to believe we're just a little over 2 months away from a new iPhone. Where does the time go?
The current crop of OLEDs are indeed less accurate. They're constantly being improved on, and in all likelihood will equal or surpass the accuracy of IPS in the near future.
Last I checked my body has more curved areas than flat ones. I had a curved phone and it fit just fine in my pocket.
What risk? The bigger risk was not coming out with a streaming service, and continue to lose sales on iTunes because a user was streaming their music from a competitor.
If Apple is dumb enough to make it there will be people dumb enough to buy it.
The article was updated to clarify that the photog wasn't working for TS but attended the concert on his own accord and with his own money to photograph her in hopes that he can sell his photos to a publication.
The Xbox 360 controller also had the headset port on the controller and the PS3 used a USB on the console port for a headset. There isn't a singular standard when it comes to gaming headsets.
It's a new service, so it wasn't wrong when it was said.
Did the musicians ask Apple to build a streaming service? The fans are going to listen to streaming music with or without Apple. Apple wanted in on that game, and developed their own service for their own survival in a changing industry. The fan and the artist are always going to connect, and Apple wants that to happen mostly through them, and for that to happen they should foot the bill for their free trial. IMO they should've started with a reduced subscription fee for...
PC gaming headsets have dual 3.5mm plugs. One for the audio, and the second for the mic, not so for the console headsets. See my post above.
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