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While that's true, I still haven't seen people with a plethora of free time. There are still long lines at the DMV, and in banks, etc...., and all things computers and automation were supposed to improve.
Except back then it was mainly used as a phone.
If Vertu can find enough people to buy their way over priced Android phones then Apple can definitely find people to buy an expensive smartwatch.
The first iPhone was indeed capable of running apps. Jobs thought web apps would be sufficient. He had to be convinced to create the app store.
You're the exception, not the rule. I don't work with computers, so they haven't helped me in any way.
You must be really old if you made any money as a result of slavery. I guess suburbia wasn't it was cracked up to be. White people fled metropolitan areas which allowed minorities to move in, and now that you can't afford to live where the white people that never left live in you're moving into the neighborhoods of the oppressed, and pushing them out which further oppresses them.
I've been hearing that nonsense all my life. This was going to eliminate that, that was going to eliminate this. We're going to have so much free time on our hands because of automation, and if anything we have less free time.
"America's one of the finest countries anyone ever stole." Bobcat Goldthwaite
This Republican notion that everyone can get an education, and make it is so wrong. Everyone can't be a doctor, a lawyer, a developer, or own a business. We need people to be policeman, fire fighters, garbage collectors, and bus drivers. Those people provide an essential service, and should earn a living wage.SF is a small city that has been hit hard by gentrification. The new residents are willing to pay more in rent, and as are the businesses that cater to them. This...
I agree, but there's a reason Apple is tip toeing around the usual jewelry nomenclature in describing the watch. It will be interesting to see what they mean.
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