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Good for you. Enjoy it.
It's a pixel-less image, so it has infinite divisibility. To upconvert HD to anything higher involves filling in the blanks, or creating pixels.
Hasn't every previous iPhone been off to a best start in history?
The app is $14.99, and I've seen the devices as low as $49.99, and it streams directly from your cable box onto the net. You can watch it just as if you were home.
Refurbs are $85
I guess what's old is new again. OTA broadcasts are almost 90 yrs old, and people are acting like they've discovered something new.
Don't we have that already with the cable companies?
You should at least watch House of Cards before you cancel.
Don't know if you accidentally got this wrong, but it's 'cover all bases'. It's a baseball term, and I know you're not American, but last I checked the Netherlands has a pretty good baseball team.
New Posts  All Forums: