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Could be that the hidden side is really really huge.
that one most certainly fits, but the term I'm looking for is more obscure.
Amazon could weather a storm like that quite easily. They have a multitude of revenue streams. If one dries up the others will just continue pumping revenue.
My sister bought 3 of them even though I recommended she buy iPads. I was surprised to see that they're quite nice, and much better than what the Android manufacturers offer.
Yet people pay a lot more than that to play a few iOS games.
It's funny how many people have been attacked, and vilified on here by saying the same thing about touch screen phones. Apple didn't take into consideration for gaming controls when it designed the iPhone/iPod Touch. Devs adjusted their game play. There are now more games than have ever existed for all gaming consoles combined.This was Apple's chance to redesign the gaming controller. Instead they went with a 20 yr old design, and left the building of it to 3rd...
See the thing is would you be saying that if MS had made the Xbox controller after Apple had issued it's guidelines? The headline on AI read 'MS bases Xbox controller on Apple's design', and most here would pick out the similarities not the differences. That's called hypocrisy in my book. Surely the mighty Apple can reimagine the lowly gaming controller instead of following the lead of Sony and MS.
I'm well aware of that, and I'm not surprised that Amazon took that route. I am however surprised at Apple's guidelines. Surely there's another way to design a controller. I would expect more from Apple than just a slightly altered 'me too' design.
Using that logic Samsung phones are 'completely' different. So then what's the problem? If small variations make a product completely different than it should be all the time not some of the time.
The only difference is the left side joystick/D pad configuration and the L2/R2 buttons aren't triggers.Take into account that the drawing is just a guideline. The actual controllers being made look a lot like the Xbox controller.http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/161477/signal-announces-rp-one-full-size-bluetooth-game-controller-for-apples-ios-deviceshttp://forums.appleinsider.com/t/161638/review-steelseries-stratus-portable-wireless-gaming-controller-for-iphone-ipad
New Posts  All Forums: