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Name another company in another industry that releases sales figures.
Bigger phones is all that exist in the premium market so of course they've taken over, duh!!! If Apple had released another 4" phone it would dominate the high end market like it had done previously.
Because it was available on more carriers, so of course the growth was going to be greater.
The S model always has a smaller increase then when a new model is introduced. Before the iPhone 6 the 4" model sold more in one quarter than most bigger phones sold in a year, so how can you say with a straight face that they dominated the market?
Show me where large phones 'took off', because Samsung was able to sell a few? All numbers indicated that the smaller form factor was most popular. What do sales show? iPhone sales were up like they were every previous year, and sales of the bigger Samsung Galaxy S have been on the decline after having initial success with the SGS 3.
So what now, Apple is infallible? Research is never wrong? Weren't you the one beating the drum that customers wanted larger screens. When it's a demand that you agree with it's alright, but when you don't it's not alright.
When I say last year I mean the previous iPhone (5s). The iPhone 6 isn't a year old yet, and with the iPhone 6 the previous 64/32GB users got double the storage for free, so they got theirs already. Did you call that a dumb ass scheme? No, you were jumping for joy and clicking your heels.I don't know what business classes you took, but you don't screw your biggest pool of customers, and then waste resources making sure that those customers can get updates. Yeah that's real...
There was no 128GB model last year and the 64GB user paid less this year, or if they paid the same the either got an extra 64GB or they got the iPhone 6 Plus. How is Apple not losing money?
Of course Siri wasn't ready for prime time, but I don't think it was beyond Apple's ability to do a slow roll out to at the very least the previous model.
Look at Siri, they lied when they said that the previous models couldn't run it only to be proven wrong by amateur devs. Why not just come out and be truthful?
New Posts  All Forums: