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There's not going to be a statement, because the Nexus wasn't meant to be sold in massive amounts. In their eyes it is not a flop regardless of sales numbers, and since it's their device with a stated purpose they have every right to think what they want no matter what we think.
What do you think it's going to look like if dozens of companies decide that they want to build their own network? Each and every one of them is going to have to put up their own wire, because no company is going to allow another company to use its wire, and then be undercut by them.
It's not necessarily a government sweetheart deal, but an unwillingness of anyone else to go into that market because it'd be a unfruitful investment.
Are there any areas in which Comcast is the only cable company? If so then it is indeed a monopoly
Simpler times yes. Those thin copper wires were inside of cables thicker than your arm, and covered in a sheath made of lead. That build out was exponentially more difficult than laying fiber optic cable as thin as a finger. Btw those central offices still do the switching.Trucks pay more at toll booths, so why is it unreasonable to ask the trucks of the internet to pay a higher toll.
Yet the government can forcefully purchase private property using eminent domain.
Yet a monopoly handled the phone calls of an entire country for decades. They were given the monopoly but not without having to adhere to certain service standards, to quality standards, and fee increases had to be granted, but first made public knowledge. All this was the reason why even the most rural of area had telephone service, not because they wanted to but because they had. With less regulation these companies are now picking, and choosing which areas to wire up,...
Yes they do, and yes they do since they signed deals with Comcast, and Verizon.
If you're wondering why your Redbox Instant movie has been buffering for over a month here's why.http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/10/04/us-usa-verizoncomms-redbox-idUSKCN0HT0NV20141004
So you want to go back to this?
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