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It's complicated. It's always a grass but if harvested dry it's a grain, and if harvested before maturity (sweet corn) it's a vegetable.
The bitterness.
1.Genocide is just a side effect of colonizationThe wheat that exists today has been modified, and it is nothing like the wheat from years ago. The original wheat no longer exists. Good old science and technology making things worse for the human race yet again.
Why submerge when you can fly?
Or you can just head for hills.
Except the stylus for Samsung/Microsoft devices are not necessary for the operation of the tablet. My friend has a Note smartphone and never once used the stylus. It is included but it is optional.
This is by far the best site. I've looked at those other ones, and it's really a soiree of simpletons (no you can't use that lol). I appreciate a well written post no matter how wrong they are.The parachute jump it is indeed. Coney Island is one of my favorite places in the world. Such a mix of people, all races, all socioeconomic classes in one place to have a good time and do so amicably. Go to the kid's section and you'll see black, hispanic, hasidic Jewish, Russian,...
Steve Jobs knew the numbers, and said he would have been happy just capturing 1% of such a massive, and growing market. At 14.5% they've blown expectations out of the water. How much more can they grow? Difficult to tell. How much of that 80 some odd percent can ever afford an iPhone in their lifetime?
I've never blocked a single poster, and don't intend to. Makes things more interesting.Btw, I wonder how many people know what the photo of your avatar is of. I'm there quite often in the summer.
In actuality it's the most brutal culture will dominate a docile one. It's easy to lose against guns when all you have are bows, and arrows.
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