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I really can't see a plastic phone as thin as the iPhone 6 holding up to much abuse.
You paint a pretty picture but like all paintings it is fantasy not reality. People aren't going to jump to a third OS, and neither are developers.
You're right it's not but at least it's every music streaming service and not just one or a select few.
So because nobody can equal Apple in features they should just quit trying?
See my comment in post 89.
Check again, at every point Verizon was out gaining AT&T in subscriber growth. Yes some left but many signed up, and more stayed choosing network over device.
It's actually more confusing than that. In 2004, Cingular (created by SBC Comm and Bell South) bought AT&T Wireless but kept the Cingular name, in 2005 SBC bought AT&T Corp and became AT&T Inc, and then in 2006 AT&T Inc bought Bell South consolidating ownership of Cingular and changed it to AT&T as one global brand.
We all can't look like Brad Pitt and have women falling over themselves to get to us.
Well said.
I would never admit to that no matter how true.
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