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What demand was there for a big phone? All sales reports showed that the smaller form factor was the most popular in the world. No Samsung Note was ever in the top 3 in sales.
Just about any sized iPhone would've been a flat-out success. Do you think that sales would've been less had they not gone bigger?
The loser is much easier to find. Whose will was imposed at the end? We're not all speaking German, nor Japanese so Germany, and Japan lost the war. Nobody comes out unscathed though.
Which they're not hence the word 'war' is not applicable. It's not that hard
I resemble that remark. Because its definition is indeed narrow.warnoun1.a state of armed conflict between different nations or states or different groups within a nation or state.
No one Getz that joke. HA!!!!
1)Because one side usually gives up thus averting its eradication.2)None
The purpose of war is to destroy, eradicate, and erase your opponent. To say that Apple has won the PC wars implies that the other manufacturers have ceased to be operational, and that's simply not the case. Tides change in business, and a company that was once strong could find itself weak, or vice versa.
Not everyone can afford to pay a premium for a personal computer, nor do they want to. How is their structure any different than that of GM, or Toyota? Is the automobile 'war' over because they don't make as much profit as Mercedes Benz, or BMW?
Competing businesses are not at 'war' with each other. I've never liked that word thrown around lightly. I'm sure if you had experienced the realities of war first hand you'd agree with me.
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