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If I remember correctly the old STBs would send, and receive messages to, and from the provider in the form of a FM signal via the coax. One of the first ways people would steal cable was to install a FM filter, and put the STB into test mode which temporarily opened up all the channels, and since it was unable to receive the signal instructing it as to which channels to keep on it would keep them all on for at least a day.
I kinda like the way it looks with the case better than without. Very rugged. If the other smart watch makers had designed their's this way they might have more success.
No not at all. B&H is where I'd tell them to go if I knew that they were looking to buy CE.
Sunshine it is.
We got those when @Tallest Skil was a mod, which I often times wish he still was. I don't know if any of the current ones would honor any such requests.
Of course we do, it's when you have two cat furs.
NFL games are shown between 4 networks, 5 if you count the NFL Network. The cost for each is in the billions for the right to air those games. Apple is one of the few companies that could afford to pay that, but they're all in contract for the next several years.
I can't tell how many times I've had family come visit, and upon visiting Times Square almost always come back with a piece of CE they purchased at one of those stores that have been going out of business since the 90s.
No I didn't. It was hard to keep up with you guys. Ok now I saw it. Job is probably getting renditioned and kept at a black site, but there's no way they can cover up an assault on a military base.
Get a Slingbox with a tuner, transmit OTA channels to your mobile device, or use your computer's HDD/SSD as a DVR.
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