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You and I would would probably wreck a party.
That's when you're on vacation, and take a ride with a Jamaican, a Dominican, a Puerto Rican, and even an American.
Not with that Jimmy Durante nose. Edit: she looks like Fred in drag
Hard, or soft cheese?
Apologies then, I haven't been following them lately. The Pono sounds decent. Good luck.
Keep smoking that stuff. She looks like a tranny.
I know what you meant, and said it was a good question. I edited my post to make it more obvious that I was referring to your question.
We should have it here. It's a quick, and sure death. Not like the poor guy whose execution took 1 1/2 hours. That's cruel and unusual punishment.
You mean the lead pill that gets administered by firearm? Jokes aside, that's actually a good question.
Nothing beats the guillotine.
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