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Then it's definitely beyond your Barbie too.
Like this guy?
Somebody actually built one.
How many companies have started out with a great product only for its quality to degrade over time? Yes companies earn their customers loyalty first, but continually offering a great product and service is IMO loyalty in return.
IMO the word is too strong. It would suggest a unwavering commitment to a brand regardless of what they produce. How many BB, and Palm 'loyalists' now have a iPhone, or Android device? It's used because of the lack of a better word.
I was speaking in general terms. Most companies do not do what's best for its customers, but what's best for their bottom line. I wasn't suggesting that there shouldn't be any customer loyalty, but only to companies that are just as loyal to its customers, and that is a very short list.Thanks for the compliment. The exchanges between you and I are always entertaining and informative.
Very few brands are loyal to customers, so why should they receive loyalty in return?
It's better than a Inquisition
The irony is that MS was in the market first and squandered that lead. I have a hard time believing that there's no one with vision working for MS. Look at the Xbox guys who were initially stifled by their immediate managers. The talent is there, but recognizing it, and funneling it into something special just isn't in their DNA.
Who else rents clothes?
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