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To think that you suggested Google force the OEMs as to what specs their devices should have.
Except that humans can skirt logic, and play a strong hand weakly, and a weak hand strongly.
Yet the one with the best chance of winning can be strategically made to forfeit that chance.
And that's why I play poker.
I'm sorry, but variation of Bejeweled is not a killer app.
The government controls who can put up poles, and who can trench up streets in order to put conduits in. They allowed one company to do that with the condition that they'll be heavily regulated. Rate increases had to be approved for, and certain level of service quality had to be maintained.
It most certainly wouldn't be make someone else pay for my poor judgement. if another company wants to compete then let them build a better network. Isn't Google doing just that? Why couldn't it be done before?
Asked, and forced are 2 very different things. It was a worse solution to a bad mistake.
So it seems like there's competition but there really isn't. They're forced to sell those companies service way below cost, those companies then turn around and sell it at a profit. Those companies do not help build nor maintain the network.I work for a telco, and when CLECs started many customers jumped ship thinking they'd get better service, but they were really just paying someone else for the same service over the same crappy network. We still had to repair those...
But nobody is going to get into a business in which the initial investment is astronomical to then get into a price war.
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