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Superior technology doesn’t always win. Plasma was vastly superior to LCD and they're not longer being made. The dot coms went belly up because people simply stopped buying from them. Though Amazon lost money their business actually went up by a lot. One can survive a long time by threading water and keeping one's nose just above the water.
They are making money, they're just not hoarding it the way Apple does.
Technology always kills jobs. Digital music killed B&M music stores, digital photography killed film processing businesses. What Amazon is doing isn't new, and has happened a million times over.
Exactly. They lack profit because they choose to, not because business is down.
Do you really think that the competition would think it's 'OK' if Amazon won because of fair practices?Walmart could have easily done what Amazon has done. Why didn't they adapt with the times?You're intelligent, so do you know what Walmart did to Rubbermaid? If not look it up.
How many 'dead companies' have you seen have a $4 billion increase in sales? The loss isn't from a lack of business.
Models dressed in drab olive green will be prominently on display during fashion week.
Somebody purchased a boatload of AMZN stock today.
Self awareness is the first and most important step.
What, you're expecting better?
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