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The whole post was a joke. @PhilBoogie is most certainly not a FANDROID.
I think you'd win that bet.
What exactly do they mean by this?Hacking individual accounts is not breaching the system, where one would have access to everyone's account. It's worded to give people a false sense of security.
A plain skin with a few proprietary features wouldn't have been too bad, but they also included many apps that are duplicates of stock apps which makes Touchwiz a bloated memory hog.
Of course he didn't have a good answer. He has nothing to do with the devices Samsung makes? It's not that hard.
That's not the reason that Samsung's phones were selling, and if 64 bit aluminum body was enough then why go bigger? The world's most popular phone was 4".
Lol, you can always airplay Amazon to the Apple TV
You mean 'in France'?
But it's also thinner, so while the leverage force remains the same it can now bend something that it couldn't before.
I didn't change my mind, but as a consumer choice is something I regard highly. One thing I've learned long ago is that one size never fits all.
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