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I'm sure @Richard Getz likes it just fine.
Any fan of Married with Children will know what 'don't Bundy that book' means.Btw Hell on Wheels is an excellent show.Edit: going postal, wilding, "ima get medieval on your ass"
I've grown partial to my son's version 'myth-if-ippi'.
I've seen plenty of iPhone skins for Android, but this is the first time I've seen it the other way around.
Here you go.
Bear in mind that it's just a render.
Had you read the comments you wouldn't have written that comment.
The N1 is the product of a licensing agreement with Foxconn that will see the Taiwanese company produce and distribute the tablet while paying royalties to Nokia for its design and brand.
They won't just like taxpayer paved roads don't know who's driving on them.
As long as there's no extra taxes, or fees to use it then who cares? This is something I'd like my tax dollars to go to.
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