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Not if you have complete control of said puck. Then you're in command of where others skate to.
IMO it was cell phone/iPod with the Web last, the App Store, social media, a camera that allows one to instantly share photos and video with not only your friends and family but with the world, and then Angry Birds.To me what's more dramatic is not the product but what people have done with the product., and it's not always what was expected. If I remember correctly Steve Jobs wasn't exactly thrilled at all the games being developed and played on the iPhone/iPod, but it...
And you're over simplifying it. Stocks don't just grow or drop to a point, and stop. Look at ImClone, their drug failed to get FDA approval and the stock tumbled, they then reformulated the drug and got approval which sent the stock up big time. Had Martha Stewart just waited it out she would've gained millions instead of going to jail.
What markets are there left to disrupt in a truly meaningful way? What relatively new markets, or severely undeserved markets are left in the computing world? There is such a thing as trying to hard, or assuming you'll be successful everywhere because you were highly successful elsewhere. If Apple tries to disrupt a market, and fails to do so the stock will come down.I believe it's much better to continually grow what you're good at. Stockholders love longevity, and if...
Stockholders like to see a company that can maintain its success. Most large companies are extremely happy if they grow a mere 5-10%. Apple's stock price might initially go down, but many who shy away from the stock now because they think it's too volatile will buy in, and the stock could actually rise.
In your opinion what do you consider the driver of iPhone sale, the Web via a browser in your hand, or social media apps?
I never get the obsession with growth. Why does Apple have to continually disrupt markets? Even if sales of iPhones level off Apple will still make billions of dollars in profits whilst the competition makes none or a fraction of that. How is that bad?
What's wrong with that?
Sure they were, they were doing it with Windows phones, with Symbian phones, and with Palms. How old are you? I guess you believe the mobile Web was invented for Apple.
Correct, and Motorola should get some kudos for bucking the current trend. They've kept Android almost stock, and are themselves delivering updates to its customers in a timely fashion.
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