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For all we know the design for a new iPod could've been developed while coming up with a design for the iPhone 6. The bulk of the work is probably done, and all it needs is a little tweaking at minimal cost.Look at 3M, they weren't trying to invent the Post It, they were trying to develop a super glue, and inadvertently formulated a really weak glue, and someone was smart enough to see its potential.
A better question is, what would've happened if they didn’t build a bigger phone?
Really? Show me where.Edit. Any mint condition iPhone 5 quickly goes up past $300 on eBay.
Dude, who the hell made you the arbiter of what Apple should do, or not do? I for one will buy a updated iPod on day one.
A brand new iPod is still cheaper than a used iPhone.
The Idiocrazy world of AI is enough for you?
Yet they do exactly that for the Mac, and MBs
Pushing is the preferred method.
Aren't they are made up? Edit: if enough people use 'validify' on a consistent basis it'll get added to the dictionary.
That's all Sprint's doing to get subscribers.
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