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Why risk your money when you can risk someone else's?
I was letting digitalclips know that's how Americans say it. He lives in the US but if I remember correctly he wasn't born here. And yes we all say some f'd up ish.
American for 'gone'.
Why expand outwardly when you can expand upwardly?
Yes they run on thin margins but they have multitudes of revenue streams.
It'll be shutter doors either way.
Do you have intimate knowledge of Pebble's finances? How do you know they'll make something at those price points?
Sales won't matter if they're not making money.
Just before plasmas went the way of the dodo bird I had a friend looking to buy a TV. I recommended a plasma but of course he was enticed by the over saturated colors of a LED he saw at the store. Now he wants to know why the picture on my plasma looks more natural than his LED.
And the water bottling industry.
New Posts  All Forums: