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In 2 yrs time the Watch will be thinner, so the internals will not fit into a 2 year old case.
They don't have power over telcos, they have power over their hardware, and with the Nexus Google does as well. Btw the HW/SW making combo isn't the magic formula it's been made out to be. It didn't work for Nokia, Palm, BB, and now Google. Most people avoid things with a 20% success rate.
Because roads, and driving situations are exactly the same everywhere.
Prepare to be surprised.
Ummm because they make the hardware, and the other OEMs don't make software, but you know this.
Pull has nothing to do with it. It's all in the hardware control which Apple has, and Google does not.
Google can't control the hardware other OEMs make, so what could they have 'figured' out?
Why would this statement exclude Apple?Why stop at 40%? Why not go higher?
So the iPhone is going to get even more expensive?
You can MapDeets nuts
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