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Where did I say that it was Apple's fault? The fault is theirs alone. It is all about choice, but in a few years those choices are going to be severely limited.
Then why did the OP concern themselves with whether or not there were comments from the Android bleacher? The article clearly does not pertain to them. If he had nothing to say about the article, then why derail the thread with a 'Android' comment?
So then why did Palm fail, and BB failing fast? They had their own ecosystem, and unique UI/UX.
That still doesn't explain the 'crickets chirping from the Android bleacher' comment. Why would they care to comment if Ford switched from BB to iPhone?
Manufacturers weren't dropping like flies back them. They were all making money. Now there's only 2 making money, and the second one it seems is on the way down. What's the landscape going to look like in a few years? A lot sadder with a lot less players than there were a few years ago. Are you really that indifferent to the signs?
This is where some of you lose me. Some say 'hardware and software' is the way to go. That didn't work for Palm or BB, and it would lead to more than 5 different OSs if the remaining players tried it. License the OS, and it gets ridiculed for doing what MS did. Seems like a no win situation.
At the very least the futuristic version.
How is it nobody else sees that?
That's more like a 'proximity sensor'.
There's something seriously wrong with autocorrect if it makes the wrong word longer.
New Posts  All Forums: