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It would have to start now in order for it to be fruitful in a decade. Apple didn't build their ecosystem overnight, and nobody else is going to be able to do it either.
There are plenty of saturated markets that have multiple players succeeding, and it's not always the player that came out with the revolutionary product that ends up having the most success.
We can measure a man but we can't measure his heart. You do have a point, and one I agree with, but can't measure a mindset l, but we can measure the success or failure of an endeavor. As a sports coach once said "you're never as good as you are on your best day, and you're never as bad as you are on your worst day". Is Ron Johnson a retail savant because he made Apple b&m a success, or is he a retail idiot because he failed JC Penney? I say he's somewhere in between...
That depends on your definition of those terms. Every team tries to get an advantage on another team. If a player goes from team A to team B, you can bet the farm that team B is going to get as much info on team A that they can from the player. Is that cheating? Is it underhanded, and/or corrupt?
I lost track of my point.
Lucky , it makes him successful of course. There's nothing the says that once a failure always a failure, or once a success always a success.
How well did he do at JC Penney? He failed in spectacular fashion.
For starters every single sports team.
Ron Johnson. Nobody needs to become the next Apple. There's plenty of space from nothingness to where Apple is that would be deemed successful.
What differentiates a lost cause from an opportunity?It may very well be that he indeed can't be successful anywhere else. We've already seen successful people from Apple fail elsewhere.
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