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Why do they speak English in Australia, South Africa, and in many parts of the world. Why is Spanish spoken in so many countries? England, Spain, France, Portugal, and others went around trying to conquer the entire world killing massive amounts of people. Even if other races tried the same they weren't as successful as England, and Spain.And who created many of the diseases we have today?Why is cancer so prevalent in the US?Why do we have to enrich flour when wheat was...
They absolutely went for the the highest amount of profit share they could get. With the 6, and 6 Plus they went after the market, and profit share Samsung had.Btw it's not sustainable. The smartphone war is over. Nobody has the cash to last much longer, and they definitely don't have the money to compete with Apple. Soon enough it'll be the iPhone, and a few other niche devices.
Even with all that, who went around the world conquering countries and mass murdering the indigenous people found in them?
Jobs also said "let's not invent another one" in reference to the stylus.I don't have an issue with Apple making a stylus for the iPad, but many on here ridiculed Samsung, and Microsoft for including a stylus (that aren't required for the UI) with their tablets/smartphones using the very same quotes Jobs made about a stylus. Those same people are now gushing over the Pencil. That's called hypocrisy.
My son wears a uniform but it's simply a light blue shirt with navy blue pants. They're not shirts with the school's sigil on them, and that is what caught my eye.I do not agree with the people that suggested the manager get fired. He was still very diplomatic, and professional. That counts for something. I'm more inclined to believe he had a momentary lapse of judgment, and which one of us can say that's never happened to them?
I don't know about Australia, nor about the schools where you're from, but from my experience a school uniform like that is usually from a prestigious school that doesn't admit riff raff.To me it seems like these young men are on a path to higher learning, and getting caught shoplifting could possibly derail them off that path.We don't know how they were acting prior to the video. However we do hear the manager telling them "we're worried about your presence" and "we're...
I've been saying this all along. I can understand if they became hostile when told that their presence was worrisome, and told that they had to leave, but they acted like gentlemen.Nothing about their behavior, demeanor, nor form of dress suggests that they were a threat to steal something.
Yeah, I meant to add 'premium' in my original post.I looked up financial reports, perhaps I read them wrong. Also none of the companies sell those products have such a large share of the profit share. It's truly amazing, and unique what Apple has accomplished, and there isn't an end in sight.
What country would this network be in, and what about the rest of the world?
And are you using the Pencil to draw?
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