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Too many electrical storms.
And they're gone.
I remember reading an article about how lucrative it is for people to fly to the US from the UK and loading up on clothes, sneakers (trainers), and Timberland boots, then taking them home, and selling them there.
They're all over, so you're absolutely correct. I normally avoid fast food but every few months I enjoy that guilty pleasure, and the new third pounder burgers at McDonald's are surprisingly good.
But profitable
When building muscle the body will continue to burn calories at a elevated rate well after the workout is completed.
Plastic computers usually have HDDs, and CD/DVD drives that make them heavier. It's not the material that makes them weigh more but what's inside. The same would not be true with TVs.
And heavy.
NYC also had the largest amount of wealthy people (worth at least $30 million). The Fifth Ave store is smack dab in the middle of all that wealth.
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