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Have I ever denied it?
Let's look at Palm, because they were doing exactly what posters here claim will lead a vendor to success. They controlled the HW, and SW plus they had a small number of models. So why did they crash, and burn in spectacular fashion? In the grand scheme of things Apple hasn't really had long term success.Apple hasn't gotten to where they are overnight. They made a product, and created an ecosystem, and for every subsequent device the ecosystem expanded. At this point...
What long term success? The mobile market is almost 40 years, and of which Apple has only been dominant for the last 2.
It's been 2 years since HTC moved to that strategy and it hasn't helped. Both LG and Motorola have streamlined their high end offerings as well and continue to lose market share. How much longer should we wait to see if that strategy will be successful?
What's a 'high value target'? That phrase is definitely part of the FUDish language. The 'fix' for any vulnerability is always there. It's up to the OEMs to then apply to their devices which has to include the carriers because they have no way of delivering it. The OEMs should take a look at how Motorola updates their phones, and follow their lead. It starts with keeping Android very close to stock
Yeah because making less models is a sure fire way to success.
Because Acer is part of the OHA, and that's violates the agreement. Google hasn't stopped Amazon, nor any of the Chinese manufacturers from forking Android for their phones.
Only the ones that are part of the OHA are given that requirement. They weren't forced to use Android to begin with, so how could they be forced to use a update?
Has any single one of these vulnerabilities been used in a widespread attack? Any instances of millions of people being infected?
Exactly how can Google force the OEMs to do what you suggest?
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