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Get a Slingbox with a tuner, transmit OTA channels to your mobile device, or use your computer's HDD/SSD as a DVR.
The boxes Verizon has for its new FiOS quantum TV service are quite svelte.http://zatznotfunny.com/2011-12/verizon-preps-fios-tv-media-server/The video is old. They're already using the smaller boxes now. It's about 2x the size of an Apple TV.
Planet Earth circa 1970s
Here's a gratuitous photo of my favorite Munster
Might be a good way to send money to Panama, or any other country. There's people spending money to send money to just about every country in the world. Is Facebook trying to replace Western Union, or Money Gram?
As long as you're not a francostein you're good.
The 'routing' number, which is the number on the bottom of a check next to the account number.
Can't they send a credit to a debit card like they do a credit card?
I don't see anyone blaming Apple. This vulnerability is affecting Android as well. I think you're reading just a little too much into it.
The sad part is that millions of nitwits will sign up for this.
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