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Having a higher market cap scares investors. Many of them believe that the only way from that high up is down. They don't take Apple's intangibles into consideration. They've seen companies come and go, and heavyweights getting knocked out. In their eyes Apple is no different.
Being held by large mutual funds doesn't make a stock blue chip. Blue chip stock are viewed as a safe investment because many of those companies grow but it's a slow growth. I think Apple still falls under a medium risk (so there's going to be a lot of buying and selling instead of buying and holding), especially since the market they make products for is finicky. Investors see what happened to BB, Palm, and Nokia, and they're not entirely convinced that the same can't...
No I don't think you make up the rules . I didn't see until now where you said another 5 years.
Two handed operation seems like the norm in telephony.
That comes from an entire generation of bad parenting. Fulfilling a child's every desire in the long run is a bad idea.
So what's a suitable time frame? 25, 50 years?
Apple it seems is the epitome of 'blue chip'. I would have to wholeheartedly agree with @sog35Edit: @malax beat me to it.
Then Apple needs to do a better job hiring because 20,000+ lazy mofos is a lot.
What do you consider large? Right now most phones not named iPhone are bigger than 4 inches. That's not a niche market.
you're the one that sent a Win 8 YouTube video.
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