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Perhaps a better way to bond the gold with the underlying metal was discovered to minimize, or even eliminate flaking.
You conveniently left out the 'make it' part. The truth is all the universities in the US don't have enough spots for every single high school graduate, and there aren't enough retail spaces for everyone to open a business. We still need a great many of those kids to be soldiers, to flip burgers, to stock the shelves at our retailers, etc, etc, etc. I know plenty of college graduates that couldn't find work, and had to settle for a blue collar job.
Yet everything you listed is done on free time. I meant free time as opposed to work which the hours spent doing has increased, not decreased.
Fortunately for bank tellers, the woefully uninformed are plentiful.
Unless you're a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey and want to be in a Tied State.
Unfortunately the DMVs near me do not have that option, and yes ATMs, and online banking is supposed reduced lines but I have yet to see it. Today is the last day of the month, go to a bank and see if there's not a long line today.
You can only speak for yourself. I'd say most people now use their iPhone for social media, much of which didn't exist in 2007.
While that's true, I still haven't seen people with a plethora of free time. There are still long lines at the DMV, and in banks, etc...., and all things computers and automation were supposed to improve.
Except back then it was mainly used as a phone.
If Vertu can find enough people to buy their way over priced Android phones then Apple can definitely find people to buy an expensive smartwatch.
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