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Come to think of it, every epiphany is sudden.
Any Christian that doesn't know that really needs to find a better church.
Anybody that finds God in fear is not a true believer. Nobody finds God, he finds us, and good deeds are done to show thanks, not to find favor.
No, they take years to finally embrace the fact that they are. They got married, and had kids because of family, and peer pressure. There isn't a sudden epiphany, or revelation.
You know nothing if you think people act a certain way because they're scared of the 'sky wizard'.
When's the last time Apple had unsold stock? That's called not having faith.
Yet that's the same logic applied when there's no lines for a competitor's device.
Convergence means you have less devices not more.
Then you're obviously not that important. jk
The question is how many current iPhone 6 owners will upgrade to the 6s?
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