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Unless she's playing with herself it doesn't sound like one hand in her pocket is doing much.
In the first photo the user has to hold the base with one hand and the ear piece with the other. The cell phone cannot possibly be dialed using one hand.
No they weren't.And if you need something more recent.None of those phones were designed for one handed use.Edit: search 'using a phone', and just about everyone is using 2 hands
Where is it written that a phone has to be used with one hand only? If that's your opinion then you're within your rights, but smartphones are not necessarily one size fits all.
If @SolipsismX is white he'll just be 'finding' Apple products. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/van-jones/black-people-loot-food-wh_b_6614.html
How so if the the problem for both is the same (missing features) solution for both is the same (buy new hardware)?
Except that for the most part the makers of Win and Linux aren't selling hardware. Discussing a problem without discussing a solution is pointless.
Does the reason really matter? A missing feature is a missing feature no matter how you look at it.
Apple leaves out features to older iDevices all the time even if they upgrade to the current version of iOS.
Is multiple closed OSs the answer? Will the market sustain 4,5,6 different ecosystems?
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