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Sure it's a great deal but they're losing billions in the process.
Before the iPhone 6 the tiers were 16GB($650 USD) , 32GB($750 USD), and 64GB($850 USD). To get the 64GB model meant one had to pay $200 more than the 16GB model, now it's only $100 more. That’s WTH I'm getting the $200 from.
Because despite all its prowess it is still severely limited to what it can do when it comes to gaming.
But now the 64GB model is only $100 more instead of $200, so Apple is losing billions.
And you don't think those salespeople then dupe people into buying the 16GB model?
Not if they don't have them.
Or they get talked into buying it because that's what the store has, just like some people get talked into buying an Android phone.
Appeasing everyone is not logical.
So why did they NEED to change it from 4GB and 8GB?
I know about supply and demand. It's obvious the supply is greater than the demand. Those devices get purchased because there's nothing else available. What's so hard for you to understand?
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