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Traverse obstacles? At this point Apple just mows them down with nary a slow down. Nothing is too big to fail but it would literally take years upon years for Apple to fail just the way it took years for them to get where they are. The smartphone war is won, and that's a victory Apple is going to be able to savor for the foreseeable future, and more than likely many years after that.Now getting back to TC, the real litmus test would be can he turn around one of the failing...
As successful as Apple is too high a bar. He was given the helm of an extremely large ship moving in the right direction. A ship like that is easy to keep on course, so no I don't think there's anyone that can do a better job, but I believe there's a boat load that can do the same job.
The question now is, can he be successful elsewhere? Is Apple successful because of TC or despite him?
I don't think they meant the phone itself didn't meet high enough standards.
That guy looks like a real life cartoon character.
The wait may have been too long. There's already new tech on the horizon that bests IGZO.
If you're going to take credit for the good, then you have to own up to the bad.
You describing cars, or kids?
There's always this.http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/181797/apple-ignores-calls-to-fix-2011-macbook-pro-failures-as-problem-growsBut it's a hiccup in a otherwise exemplary service record.
Given the right circumstances we're all capable of thievery, murder, and cannibalism.Being capable of something is not the same as doing it.  That's the change.
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