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Seemed shorter than last time.
Why haven't those same people bought Samsung tablets if they're so loyal to the brand? You're giving Samsung way too much credit.
Divided by how many manufacturers? Divided by how many high end phones they make that people who will invest in the ecosystem will buy?
I think it's a combination of things, but better marketing is definitely why they're beating the other manufacturers since they also infringe or have a license agreement with Apple (HTC).Why hasn't Samsung's smartphone success transferred over to their tablets?
Yet you wrote this the other day claiming that it was indeed the pilfered patents that have led to Samsung's success.
That is the reason I believe they'll ditch Android especially since Google hasn't been hit with any lawsuits yet.
That's not a new theory. I read that several years ago on another site. Rumor was Google was going to hit the reset button and release a Chrome OS for phones.
Because the market share of the other manufacturers is tiny.
Excellent questions. Though I don't think that there isn't a definitive answer.
Though I don't agree with you. I would be interested to see the outcome of that scenario.
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