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American dollars?
Hence why I put the laughing face.
Because they've painted themselves into a corner design wise. How much can they change the next one? They went bigger, and thinner twice with this one.
I like what Moto tried to do, but I think that they should have gone against the grain with the 360, and throw cultural current out the window. It does indeed look like a watch, but it does much more, and those extra functions/features working properly should have been paramount in deciding whether to go round, or squarish.
An extra backup is rarely a bad idea.
Expectations can lead to disappointment. That's why I avoid them as much as possible. I like the Apple Watch very much, but people it seems were expecting something magical. The hardest smacker in the world is reality.
What's wrong with a niche product? It was the Apple MO for a long time.
How many of the current crop of smartwatches work with the iPhone? The Pebble, and a few others. None of the most other recently released watches are any good to someone with an iPhone.
New Posts  All Forums: