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I really like, and agree, how Jon Gruber put it.I do like your way of thinking, though. A wearable doesn’t necessarily need to be a watch.
Funny how nobody ever says this when it's a competing OS.
You're a regular riot at parties I'd bet.
They'd probably make a billion dollars on Donkey Kong alone.
Forget cash cow, Nintendo is sitting on a cash elephant, and don't see it because they don't look down.
Because nothing is fail safe. Things pass undetected with even stringent curation. Nefarious apps have gotten into the app store, and they most certainly have gotten into the Google Play store. I for one always thought that a unchecked app market was a bad idea.
Yes, and no. Some will definitely not like this without knowing what exactly Apple is divulging, but the overwhelming majority will still trust Apple is doing what's best for them.There was an article a year or so ago that predicted that Apple would have to eventually give in a little in order to get what they wanted. I'm sure that the data comes with stringent conditions to ensure that data doesn’t get abused, nor sold or shared with 3rd parties.
They gave a little, and got a lot in return. Nothing wrong with that, and I'd bet the data is still very much on the anonymous side. Just some glorified demographics at most.
I think this time around competition will prevent prices from getting out of hand.
Seriously limiting data is why content owners wouldn't play ball in the first place. If true, then 'more open data sharing' sounds like Apple blinked
New Posts  All Forums: