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So how did the SGS 3 do? A valid argument can be made that Samsung devices didn't gain popularity until they looked different from the iPhone.
Looks like a homemade View-Master.
Exactly, it's called aGPS (assisted GPS). The cellular networks won't always pinpoint your exact location, but wifi will.
Apparently not. They're mostly too vague to be awarded a patent. There were lots of devices that fit some of those trade dresses prior to the iPhone.
That's the average way. What Apple has done is truly unique, and virtually impossible to duplicate.
You make good points, but so did the OP. All those devices became profitable because of the iPhone. In essence those devices stand on the shoulders of the iPhone, and if the iPhone stumbles then the whole house is capable of coming down. It's far fetched, but nonetheless a possible reality.
Reading the list they look vague, and generic. The first four could apply to digital photo frames, and flat panel TVs that were being made prior to the iPhone.
Did you not read the list?
More like realism.
The same could be said of every shark turned guppy.
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