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You should at least watch House of Cards before you cancel.
Don't know if you accidentally got this wrong, but it's 'cover all bases'. It's a baseball term, and I know you're not American, but last I checked the Netherlands has a pretty good baseball team.
You gotta stop watching daytime, and late night TV.
This isn't only for mobile devices. You can get this on your streamer of choice connected to a big screen TV. You'd be paying for options not available to you as a OTA TV watcher.
If they say it's available only on iDevices I'll change my opinion, but the truth is that there's a plethora of streaming devices that will get this including desktop computers. CBS is doing this because people are changing their viewing habits, not because Apple negotiated it.
I don’t think so.
Paraphrasing @sog35 "this is proof of a new ATV that even a blind man can hear"
I think there's much more available here than what's currently on Netflix.
I'd say yeshttp://www.cbs.com/all-access/upsell/
This is not Apple's doing.
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