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Or as Krazee Eyez Killa would say
Doesn't even work with the fiscal year.
You are correct. I should have written;3. Keeping their options openConviction has a funny way of making one look foolish sometimes. I've said 'maybe' a lot in my life.
I'm not hung ho about NFC. No one can say for certain what Apple's plans are if any for NFC. The same people that say it sucks, and Apple will never use it will be on here saying it's suddenly a great idea. I don't know about you, but in my book that's hypocrisy.
That's so idealistic, but not very realistic. Just look at how many things we use today whose design hasn't changed in decades, even centuries.Sometimes there just isn't a different solution that works the same let alone better.
Beginning with the government.
Or better yet just do a 'NFC patent' search right here on AI, but thanks for your help.
Where did you get yours? There were various definitions, the one I quoted being one of them.
Newsflash: most people are in debt for much more than they make and/or have saved, so yes they're spending every dollar they earn. You're smart enough to know that.
Here's the definition I found.
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