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IMO the plates staying with the owner makes much more sense. It eliminates the license plate turn over period. In NY, you're handed your plates upon registration of the vehicle.
No way. What do you do in the meantime? Aren't you able to transfer old plates?
I don't think there's too many people trying to raise a family with a job at McDonalds. It's usually the second, or third job in a household. Everyone is calling for these drivers to earn so little, but let a bus full of workers crash, and burn and everyone will want to know why such poor drivers were hired.
I still say that some smart ass deliberately named Rancho Cucamonga as a big F U.
I like to tease my Italian friends, I tell them "even tiny ass Portugal got into the world domination thing, what the hell were you guys doing? Painting the ships as they sailed by?"
It's not like the military was going to be much help, because they still lost the claims in which they did have a military presence.
I'm actually quite impressed at how far north the Spanish got trying to colonize the west coast ahead of the approaching settlers from the east. Ultimately they were spread out too thin to hold on to their claims. I am surprised that all the saintly names were kept.
They're most definitely 'Europeans', unless of course the OP meant 'white' as from Anglo Saxon descent.
Yes I knew that, but thanks nonetheless. I just didn't find it important enough to do so.
Seems like it.
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