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What choice do they have? They don't have the programming chops to build their own proprietary software.
I'm guilty of exaggerating at times. I'll admit that, but people did make claims that the Apple Watch would be the downfall of the Swiss watchmakers, some even said the Swiss economy would take a hit just like Finland's has due to the failure of Nokia.
I was solely talking about here on AI.
It's enough to prove that I didn't make it up, and many predictions are exaggerated for effect. There were plenty of others. I just didn't bother to copy and paste them.
People, what people? The only one predicting complete failure was Benjamin Frost, and there wasn't a shortage of people claiming that Rolex, Omega, etc.. would become the new Palm, or Blackberry. In other words either dead, or having a slow death.
The wording is tricky, 'Apple's fab business' would suggest that the one in business of fabrication is Apple instead of Samsung.
Except 'taking sales away' wasn't the claim. People here were predicting the demise of the watch companies.
You're right but if you have to interact with the phone it's easier to pick up face down because a hands' natural state is palm down.
When you think about it it's much faster and natural to pick up a face down phone than a face up one.
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