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Yeah, I meant to add 'premium' in my original post.I looked up financial reports, perhaps I read them wrong. Also none of the companies sell those products have such a large share of the profit share. It's truly amazing, and unique what Apple has accomplished, and there isn't an end in sight.
What country would this network be in, and what about the rest of the world?
And are you using the Pencil to draw?
It'll be down on a table more than it'll be held free hand.
Coca Cola-13%Marlboro-32% but not an expensive premium productJohnnie Walker-8%Herion-got me on that one.Oil-6.1%You might want to rethink your list.Btw I meant to add high priced along with high margin. There are quite a few low priced high margin products out there that sell in high numbers.
Because it's big, and heavy. People will lay it down on a table and then realize their necks hurt from looking down, so they'll prop it up, and then their arms will hurt from reaching up to touch it, and will then think "I wish it had a mouse"
That would be Municipal.
Doesn't happen often? It never happens except for Apple. Companies either have low sales of a premium product at high margins, or high sales of a low margin product. Apple has high sales of a high margin product. That's never happened before.
I don't understand how people think that's a viable business plan. I can understand selling at a low margin, and making it up in volume, but selling it at a loss never works unless it leads to purchases of another product, and/or service
Or thishttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJOcvQpMu2A&feature=youtube_gdata_player
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