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The mobile world would be quite different, but CDMA would still be significant.
Any talks with someone to use as leverage against another party are indeed BS.
I highly doubt Apple ever considered going CDMA at first. That would not have been conducive to a worldwide roll out. It was much smarter to make the phone compatible to many smaller carriers than one big one. Any talks between Apple and Verizon were feelers at most.
It was Cingular, who had really no choice but to bow down, and the Verizon story is probably BS.
It doesn't matter, Apple isn't the only one that does that. That people don't buy their devices is another issue.
Wrong. Google updates its Nexus devices the way Apple does.
There are people that die doing things they've done safely for years. I'm sure Jim knows how to back things up and has the means to do so within arms' reach. Jim has probably done countless backups, and the one time he didn't is when Murphy's Law decided to kick in. God is definitely Jewish because he's quite the comedian.
How many 'worse vulnerabilities' can there be?
I didn't say that it's not going to include but until it does it doesn't.
Surgeons make mistakes all the time. They now take a Sharpie and label the body part to be operated on because organs and limbs were being removed that were perfectly fine.At this point let's agree to disagree. You have your opinion, and I have mine.
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