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You're assuming everyone has Win 8. I have a 2 yr old Win 7 PC that runs just fine. I don't see any added benefit in upgrading to 8.
Now your exaggerating. A PC is not 'considerably more complex' to use than a tablet. At the age of 4 my son was able to sit at a PC and successfully launch his learning software plus navigate the web.
Most if not all state labor laws require a meal break after 4 hours.
What were they doing before tablets became popular?
Who says you have hook it up to a cable STB? I have a TV that's only hooked up to a Roku.
Or you could buy a TV with a much bigger screen plus a Apple TV for less than $499.
Some saturation as well. A household with 2 or more iPhones could get along with just one iPad.
Morris Day and the iTime
Except that you're forgetting that many more companies making hardware have failed than succeeded. Just because Apple made it work doesn't make it the magical formula for success.
Anyone that's unaware of the rumor will not see this commercial.
New Posts  All Forums: