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That doesn't get old. Thanks. 👍
YouTube has been acting up for me lately. Please insert the Moses Ten Commandments scene from History of the world part 1.
"iPad that iPad, and that's all that iPad"Popeye, circa 1930s
eInk readers are far superior for reading than multi function tablets.
Is oysterbooks available in the UK? They offer the same thing.
Oysterbooks might be in trouble.
The ones that will most certainly get this are the fantasy football players.
I wonder if that's where ESPN got the idea for "c'mon man" in the Monday Night Football pregame show.
I can definitely see a new employee unaware that the clock in/out machine is called Touch ID trying to use the Touch ID on their iPhone to clock in/out.
Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. People of wealth can easily hide their indiscretions.
New Posts  All Forums: