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The wait may have been too long. There's already new tech on the horizon that bests IGZO.
If you're going to take credit for the good, then you have to own up to the bad.
You describing cars, or kids?
There's always this.http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/181797/apple-ignores-calls-to-fix-2011-macbook-pro-failures-as-problem-growsBut it's a hiccup in a otherwise exemplary service record.
Given the right circumstances we're all capable of thievery, murder, and cannibalism.Being capable of something is not the same as doing it.  That's the change.
Too small of a pond.
They people in charge of the oil knew that they had a very limited amount and it wouldn't be long before they had none to sell, so they decided to make their country a world class tourist attraction.
It's pretty smart to forego diversity for the sake of safety.
Is it just me or did @chadmatic reply to himself?
Every single team is a billion dollar company.
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