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It was an entertaining pass time at least.
And that's before seeing how amazing it really looks like.
I thought the same thing, but then someone pointed out that an iPad with a NFC chip could be used as a POS terminal with a NFC reader. You're looking at the wrong side of the purchase.
I get what you mean, but going that route everything is made up of particles. There's nothing that's completely solid. I think at this point we should agree to disagree, because there's really no 'right' answer because both film, and digital have their pros and cons.
Don't you mean the bestest?
Good for you. Enjoy it.
It's a pixel-less image, so it has infinite divisibility. To upconvert HD to anything higher involves filling in the blanks, or creating pixels.
Hasn't every previous iPhone been off to a best start in history?
The app is $14.99, and I've seen the devices as low as $49.99, and it streams directly from your cable box onto the net. You can watch it just as if you were home.
New Posts  All Forums: