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Doesn't happen often? It never happens except for Apple. Companies either have low sales of a premium product at high margins, or high sales of a low margin product. Apple has high sales of a high margin product. That's never happened before.
I don't understand how people think that's a viable business plan. I can understand selling at a low margin, and making it up in volume, but selling it at a loss never works unless it leads to purchases of another product, and/or service
Or thishttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJOcvQpMu2A&feature=youtube_gdata_player
Or many Note devices haven't been damaged.
Their component business isn't part of their phone business.
How many more 'argumentums' do you have up your sleeve?
Why are you even arguing with them?
What's the alternative? Make your own OS? Palm did that, and they're gone. Microsoft does that, and is struggling. Blackberry did that, and are dying a slow death.The market is barely sustaining 2 OSs. Do you really think more is the answer?
People aren't buying them at the low prices, so what makes you think they'll buy them at high prices?
It's not infinite either. At some point everyone that can afford an iPhone is going to have one. Apple is already snatching up a good amount of the high end Android users. Once you have the majority of those you can't count on the rest because they're not customers you'd want as a premium device maker.
New Posts  All Forums: