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The link defaults to a comparison between the iPad Air 2, and the iPad mini 3. I tried posting a link comparing the 2 iPads Air, and it did the same thing.
You mean navigation? You don't need the internet for GPS.
There are no 32gb models. What used to be a $200 price difference between the 16GB, and the 64gb is now only $100.
They pay you at the end of the month? How did you manage that?
Next problem is getting the sun into your house.
How much for a knee cap? Victor Cruz needs one.
Sold separately
Hey, we were wondering where you disappeared to.
Can I let go of my breath now? I was actually hoping for a new ATV as well, but I will definitely be getting my son a iPad mini 2 now that the price dropped.
It was an entertaining pass time at least.
New Posts  All Forums: