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Then it falls to the quote in which Apple doesn't give people want they want. My opinion is that Apple painted themselves into a corner with the design of the iPhone 5/5s. How do you improve on it? Had they made it only thinner, with curved edges the gnashing of teeth would've been deafening. Sure it would've sold better than any other phone, but I think that the defectors to Samsung would have greatly increased.
And I'll spot the person with no integrity. Is it so hard to say that SJ was mistaken? There's nothing wrong with being wrong. Call a spade a spade. Don't come with some 'outdated' BS.
I guess you never heard this quote by Steve Jobs.
Except of course that they built a device Steve Jobs said no one would ever buy.http://www.engadget.com/2010/07/16/jobs-no-ones-going-to-buy-a-big-phone/So what changed?
That's correct, but they did make a big screen iPhone because of all the devices Samsung was selling.
A larger surface area makes things easier to bend, because of the increase in leverage.
It doesn't show up on the mobile version. Those of us that don't know Phil well might have thought he was serious.
It's on the USA network, and I know Amazon has it. I'm not sure where else you can see it without paying per episode, or season.
Someone either hacked @PhilBoogie's account, or I need some of the stuff he's taking.
That's the good c word, @jungmark said the one we all hate.
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