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Excellent questions. Though I don't think that there isn't a definitive answer.
Though I don't agree with you. I would be interested to see the outcome of that scenario.
And these 'experts' charge how much? I can be just as incompetent for much less.
Sometimes the inventor can't use his own indentation, and needs a company to either purchase it or license it. The best example being Robert Kearns who invented and patented the intermittent windshield wiper mechanism. The Big Three rejected his proposal in 1964 yet began to install intermittent wipers in their cars, beginning in 1969. There was absolutely no way for him to implement it on his own.
In that case I'm in total agreement.
My understanding is that is was forced on them. Btw who wouldn't benefit from additional liquidity?
No I meant towards you. I agreed with Evilution's response to jungmark.
They didn't need it.
Especially since @TeaEarleGreyHot was very respectful, and diplomatic is his/her post.
He made a valid point to counter @jungmark
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