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Seems like it.
Unless your job calls for you to do that it shouldn't be done on company time, and I'm sure they frown upon it.
Funny how nobody ever sees corporations as being greedy. There's greed everywhere, and that of unions pales in comparison to most corporations. The CEO of Toyota salary was $1.9 million last year. Yet the CEOs in US take obscene annual salaries that are way more than most people make in a lifetime.
That's classic coming from someone whose post was the nonsensical one.
The type that eat babies?
It's perverted good to begin with.
So everyone become a developer. Let's all build apps, and sell them to one another. Screw the people that need to get to work, screw the garbage that needs to be picked up, screw getting served at a restaurant, etc, etc, etc. NO, everyone cannot be a developer.
Yet many here think these bus drivers are stupid, and incapable of having a college education when there's the possibility that they are educated, and couldn't find work. Some people don't have the benefit of moving in with Mommy, and Daddy into their 30s.
Perhaps a better way to bond the gold with the underlying metal was discovered to minimize, or even eliminate flaking.
You conveniently left out the 'make it' part. The truth is all the universities in the US don't have enough spots for every single high school graduate, and there aren't enough retail spaces for everyone to open a business. We still need a great many of those kids to be soldiers, to flip burgers, to stock the shelves at our retailers, etc, etc, etc. I know plenty of college graduates that couldn't find work, and had to settle for a blue collar job.
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