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Apple was able to innovate, because there was little to no innovation by the previous players. The same isn't true for cars. There are teams from every manufacturer, race car teams, and fathers and sons working on go karts that are working day and night to make their car just a little bit faster, go a little bit further than the competition. I just don't see Apple coming up with an idea that's going to make all those people smack themselves and say "why didn't we think of...
I guess you missed this.http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/186106/youtube-app-vanishes-from-older-apple-tv-models-latest-version-unaffected
There was a funny scene in Silicon Valley on why showing revenue is bad.
The cost of the licensing would probably jack the price up another $20.
I won't quote the poster because I don't feel like getting into another discussion, but he obviously feels Apple can do the same for cars like they did for smartphones/tablets.Here's one that believes the entire automotive industry is going to be taken down by Apple.This guy believes that Apple is the only company capable of creating a paradigm shift. That they will somehow create an entirely new concept of a car.
You really need to change your browsing, and/or viewing habits.
They look like some ill fated British bull fighters.
Ahhhh, I should've caught that. My mistake.
So do dogs.
If it's a selling point then it's not altruism.
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