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Isn't that more or less the point @BR was trying to make?
Tizen is not the answer. Developers aren't going to develop for it, and users are not going to support another OS. They're barely supporting Android now, so what makes you think they'll suddenly support Tizen?
If you're buying the iPhone in cash why do you have to change the plan you're on plus a 2 year contract?
What hefty charges are those?
Where was all the sympathy for these people?https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/africa/70-killed-hundreds-rescued-after-kenya-university-attack-by-al-shabab-militants/2015/04/02/0c554516-d951-11e4-ba28-f2a685dc7f89_story.html
You can thank Apple for helping create such a sad society.
How are they letting Apple do anything? What do you suggest they do to get some profit share? The smartphone war is over. There's literally nothing they can do. A new player would have to emerge, and it would take them at least a decade to put a dent in Apple.
Is it not more or less the same prices for other high end phones?
Who is there to hurt? Seriously
A bunch on here. Please keep up.
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