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First I said many, not everyone, secondly I said go down not it's going to tank. If there's a sudden rush to sell those that sold first sell it at the highest price before it starts going down. How much they earn on the sale depends on the price they bought it at.
It goes back up because many that sell just buy back at a lower price.
The stock will probably go down. Buying a stock for many is like placing a bet on a sports team, the quarterly results is like the final score of a game in which the team you chose wins the game. Those that cash out first make the most money, so there's going to be a rush to sell the stock which drives down the price.
The only thing worse than a sore loser is a sore winner. All your gloating has become nauseating.
I was being facetious. I thought use of that photo would indicate that.
Like this?
Why not write an article on how Apple beatand be done with it?
High percentage of iPhone users. Montana has roughly 1 million people in the entire state, but I'm sure you know this.
Look at the bright side, @Apple ][ will be happy that NY is dark green.
C'mon those are the bootleg versions of WhatsApp, and Skype, can't believe you never heard of them.
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