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Put it this way, if it iPhone couldn't make calls would it have sold well? We all had phones, and buying a device that that did more made sense. Apple is betting that millions that have never owned a watch will buy the Apple Watch, and they're not going to pay more than they did for their iPhone for the convenience of having the time on their wrist.
Thanks for making my case. It had 3 primary functions, one being a PHONE. You're not too smart. are you?
But the iPhone was primarily a phone at first.
There is some evolution just not the drastic change type.
Yet you said it wasn't a watch. Pay attention please.
And your reasons were everyone else's?
Ahhhh gotcha. The matrix style guards is pretty funny, and utterly pathetic. When will Samsung learn that consumers decide if your product is 'cool', and not because you tell them it is? My guess is never.
We can see germs under a microscope. The fossil record is a complete joke.And yes theories are guesses. Plenty of scientific theories have been proven wrong when more evidence was found.
So any product people don't line up for is a total failure?
Of which there is zero proof of. It's still only a theory.
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