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I always thought that only people aren't supposed to be referred to as 'Oriental'.
The point isn't what it is, but what it's not, and regardless of what flavor of Android it is, it is not Windows, BB, etc,.....
That's another solution that works well. You won't be getting a SGS 5 anytime soon so why concern yourself with what it can or cannot do?
It's early yet.
You can turn it back on and use it, whereas if the battery's dead you can't.
How many times has a scientific fact been disproven? Sometimes a very educated guess is passed on as fact, because proper testing methods did not exist at the time.
And no chemical has ever been deemed 'not dangerous' only to later find out that it was indeed dangerous?
Did you mean 'hard core'? Also how do you know if someone is a 'Android phone user' if they're not using their phone?
And a white mouse at that.
Obvious that you don't pay much attention to advertising, because companies have been doing that for eons.
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