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How does one do a DoD wipe on a phone?
I wouldn't be surprised if they've already gotten offers. One has to be impressed that such a little known company , and without a marketing blitz ala Samsung has done so well against a giant like Apple.
Where I'm from that's called 'dry snitching'.
It was originally funded by Netflix, and was to be branded as such, but was spun off as a independent company so that other content streaming companies would get on board. I think it's in Roku's best interest to remain privately owned, and somewhat neutral thus giving it more flexibility to strike deals with content owners/producers.
I guess you haven't read this.http://www.cnet.com/news/android-phone-wiping-fails-to-delete-personal-data/
When did that happen? As far as I know XBMC can't be installed on a Roku. People that want to use XBMC have been doing so on Android powered STBs.
Apple's numbers are global, whereas Roku's numbers are from only a few select countries.
Using your logic the Galaxy Tab should've sold well. Look at the real numbers. We all saw the pitiful sales numbers of the SGS 2 (the closest copy of the iPhone) about 2 yrs ago. It was until the SGS 3 (a very different looking device) that Samsung's high end smartphone sales took off. People that buy a Samsung device do so because it's different from a Apple device not a copy.
It's still not Apple's place to see that the law is applied equally. The side effect of having users that are more educated, and of a higher economical status is that they call politicians when they can’t get a problem rectified. Enough calls to enough politicians gets the attention of a government agency.
Agreed, but the reason the FTC investigated Apple was because of the outcry of Apple's customers. They didn't pick on Apple because they just felt like it. If there's a similar problem with the Google Play Store then that too should be investigated, but I don't think it's Apple's responsibility to tell the FTC to do such investigation.
New Posts  All Forums: