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The difference being is that Google doesn't force feed you all of their apps. The core ones are included in the OS, and yes cannot be deleted, but one has to download the others from the Play Store.
I doubt it. The reason those timepieces stay the same size is because they have moving physical parts, and can only be made so smaller. Electronics on the other hand have historically gotten smaller. The Watch will get thinner just like the iPhone, and iPad did.
Sorry, but I'm not seeing it. Who's going to buy a watch that's equally, if not higher, priced than the Apple Watch with some smart watch capabilities?These companies don't have the chops to design, and build one like Apple does. Mark my words, any smart watch from these makers will get ridiculed, called ugly, and will be too little, too late.
Why not just get an antenna, and get the OTA network broadcast? The HD quality is much better.
I enjoy our discussions. There are going to be 2 types of people that will buy the Apple Watch, those that haven't purchased a watch in years, and those that purchase multiple watches. The watch makers don't care for the former, and I don't believe the latter will stop buying high end pieces simply because they purchased an Apple Watch.If watch makers are to adapt they shouldn't rush it, and make a device that people want to buy, but I have doubts that they ever can...
The big difference is that shills get paid, trolls (except those that are shills) don't.
Insults are unnecessary. At this point let's just agree to disagree.
Aesthetically maybe, but the build quality is bar none. Which is something those smartphones lacked. Jony Ive said designing the Watch was the hardest thing he's done, because he hated the smartphones and tablets that were out at the time but he loves all of his timepieces.
.There's still a market for them. http://www.amish-buggy.com/
I'll at least know what he meant, not what you thought he meant.
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