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But I bet that you beat your 21st digit.
It was a tongue in cheek comment. We can surely joke with one another without it being a outright insult, or attack especially amongst the regulars.
What other reason could there be? The app is on the Roku, but only because Roku doesn't sell content, though they do have a partnership with a company called M-Go, but that came after Amazon already had their app on it.
Thanks. I stated in a earlier post that I don't see how an entire company can be called hypocritical, nor even SJ. I do however believe he was mistaken, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. I make wrong statements all the time. Like I told you earlier, the hypocrites are those that use SJ's statements to criticize another device, but never for one made by Apple. I do however get a little joy pissing off a few people, but not the regulars such as yourself.
Wow, what a Freudian slip.
You're also forgetting that you look like Brad Pitt.
You're forgetting that it'll probably reward much more white people, than people of color.
Low income people get grants from the government, so community college is free for them. The issue has to be addressed much sooner. Many minority children don't have the support system to push them to get an education. Those kids readily compete on a physical level, but are never taught to compete on a mental, or academic level.
Some people aren't prepared when they're suddenly thrust into the spotlight. Man is weak, and when the allure of something is turned up to heights unknown it's extremely hard to resist. Women that undergo transforming plastic surgery are often told to seek counseling so they can handle the onslaught of attention they're about to get. Some people make life decision before knowing what's out there.
How are race relations set back by decades? Are there Jim Crow laws again?
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