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That would still make the mobile market older than 30 years, which is eons in the tech world.
Hoboken? Oooooh I'm dying.
They're actually quite popular in other countries.
I guess a lot of nobodies were born since 2010, because those were the only ones that want a stylus.
People can't buy what's not being made, and even if they are being made the carriers don't sell them because they'd rather have you on a more expensive smartphone plan.
I'm taking a shot at the OP, and yes shame on the other manufacturers for allowing Apple to eat their lunch, but the truth is it's too early to describe Apple's success in the market as long term.
Silly me, you're one of them that believe Apple invented the mobile phone. FYI the first mobile phone was invented by Motorola in 1973. Do the math. The market is actually now over 40 years old. If you want to nit pick, then the first smartphone was introduced in 1992, making that market over 20 years old.
By that I meant the sudden appearance of a new player in the space. Bad wording on my part. Time and time again we've seen Apple adopt an idea, and blow it away. You want to put a fingerprint scanner? We'll show you the proper way to do it, and then we'll incorporate it into a secure payment system using a NFC chip. You want to go with a bigger screen? We'll show you the proper way to do that as well. Apple has the money, and the personnel to eliminate all threats.
You're making my point for me. It's not as simple as just controlling the HW/SW. WebOS was pretty decent especially compared to Android at that point in time, but the HW was atrocious. One has to excel at both.
With that I can agree. I don't get how @SolipsismY thinks another company can suddenly come in and compete with Apple. Even if something new is invented then Apple can quickly adapt to the paradigm shift and make a even better product/device.
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