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I believe it's still the same ones. That they weren't found to infringe in the first case doesn't mean that they aren't infringing in this one. It's a different set of patents.
The Tab was found as not infringing in the first trial so no damages were awarded for that. We'll soon see if it's found to infringe in this trial.
Except that is this trial is software patents that were on Samsung tablets from the very beginning not added because sales were slow.It's going to be difficult for Apple to prove lost sales especially since Samsung sold so little.
What does more storage have to do with the bezel?
And jazz
Reversals of fortunes can happen in any type of business. It usually starts with the hiring of a non bonehead CEO.
Would it really have mattered when they adjusted? Moto and HTC adjusted rather quickly and it has benefitted them very little. The consultation prize is surviving rather than dying. Apple has most certainly earned it's way, and sadly Samsung has cheated and bought it's way.
It is minor, very useful but nonetheless minor. A tiny little fuse can keep your car from working but that doesn't make it a major part of the car.
Thanks for the laugh, but I think the list is a little longer than that. Your posts are usually entertaining as are the replies.
I absolutely know that Samsung copies, and even gave an example with the Katana. Their brand has indeed risen, and I will agree with that wholeheartedly, however I do not believe that Apple's brand has been diluted at all.Before the iPhone, most phones didn't have a name. Motorola was one of the first, and did a fine job of getting people to know which phone they had. People still fondly remember their StarTACs and their RAZRs. I really think it's sad to see what's become...
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