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I read words like that, and I'm reminded of this guy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgoB2JMEowc&feature=youtube_gdata_player
I myself prefer rally racing.
They all should have been charged, but that's not my decision. Had it been a group of citizens they all would've been charged. These cases should be handled by prosecutors that don't work intimately with the officers day in, and day out.I feel like the art of police work has gotten lost over the years. Like any job it's become results driven, and with crime going down it's become harder to get those results without arrests of petty criminals.
To be fair the choke hold alone did not kill him. It didn't help that other officers got on top of the suspect once on the ground, and they also didn't help him while he lay there dying.
I would've not remembered that reference had I not seen that episode just last week.
They've been trying to ban those for quite some time now. I remember when horses were dying left and right at one point.
It's not just Amazon, it's other online retailers like B&H, and Adorama, plus B&M retailers like Target that also sell electronics. I purchased a iPad Mini in Target, plus cereal, socks, jeans, and hummus. One stop retailers are trumping specialty stores.
Cue up the un-gnashing of teeth.
Is it déjà vu, or has been discussed before? I remember seeing that map. I didn't say it wasn't true, only that I didn't know anyone that uses it so generically.
Good, maybe all the hipsters will move out. They'll be less protesters, and more apartments.
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