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I just looked through a RSS feed of AI, and the story is not listed as a recent article. I use the mobile version which is much like the app and I see it under 'New Posts'.
If someone posts a comment to an old thread it pops back up if you're searching for 'new posts'.
When you're practically giving away the iPhone of course orders are going to be up.
So there's 3 'entry level' models now?
Did Apple release a statement? No, so you're guessing. You don't think that the higher ups at Apple aren't aware of what was happening just like we are?
Actions speak louder than words. He got Apple to do something they've never done before. It was smart to check first before publicly promising anything.
Agreed. I don't get what makes the 16GB model a 'entry level' phone when the only difference is the memory. Every other entry level product Apple has is less powerful. The 5s should be considered entry level, not a 16GB 6s.
Heavenly Hue
One single solitary app isn't going to undermine the unwavering confidence there is for the App Store.
Nothing says "I'm sorry" like money. He gave back a lot of it, and gave up the potential to make much more. It doesn't get more sorry than that.
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