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Acer willfully joined the OHA. They could've very easily built there own OS using Android had they not done so just like Amazon, and One Plus did.As far as the extensions for Chrome goes, people were buying abandoned extentions, and then using them to inject malicious code into a user's computer. Closing that loophole became a necessity. IMO that loophole should have never existed. Open will never work if you don't keep an eye on the door.
What does that have to do with what Slurpy wrote? What does Web browser extensions have to do with a device built by Samsung?
The problem is that a 'best' overall car doesn’t exist. There are a multitude of styles, and shapes in all levels of build quality, reliability, and price. The previous markets Apple entered were either relatively young (iPod, iPhone, Apple Watch) or almost non-existent (iPad), and were able to easily come in and make something that completely wiped out what came before. If you ask many people they'll say that Apple invented the smartphone, and the tablet.The automobile...
Then what is your point? Just because Apple has been able to do things in the past doesn't mean they can in the future.
How do you know it's being sold at a profit at $499? It most likely isn't which would explain the subsequent price increase.
So it's impossible for anyone to ever have a better design, or have a more reliable product than Apple?
I was beginning to think you were the Gollum of AI.
The low post count gave it away. Soli is either here full speed, or not at all.
Aren't we all?
Make better music.
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