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Is it not more or less the same prices for other high end phones?
Who is there to hurt? Seriously
A bunch on here. Please keep up.
A little trick that works is the positioning the antennas of a router. Most people keep them straight up but the signal travels sideways along the length of the antenna. If you need signal on another floor then position one of the antennas horizontally.
Yet everyone is waxing poetic on how Apple is going to reimagine the car, and redefine the market. Why can't the same be said about gaming controllers?
That's an answer I can respect. There's always a bit of deception in business; always has been, and always will be.I'll give @SolipsismY credit because he's always seen the usefulness a stylus can have, but others here have ridiculed Samsung, and Microsoft for including a stylus with their devices. Those very same people are now gushing over the Pencil. In my book that's hypocrisy.
My claim uses absolute statements, not by what people think he meant. How's that ridiculous?
We don't know if he was for, or against an electronic device being used for drawing, and/or painting.
Except he never said 'need'. You're injecting that word to fit your narrative.
How are you getting all that from 'stylus' specifically one used for an electronic device?
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