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Because of course NYC is in dire need of more stores.
Done and won it is.
It wasn't a ban on it entirely. They wanted to limit the size in which you could buy it for personal immediate consumption. You would be able to buy a 2 liter bottle, but they wanted to ban 2 liter cups.
First you live in NY(which is not on list of places it's used), and most of us know that, and two it's unwise to use a geographic specific term in the comment section of a global website.
I only know of one, and that's you. Do you ask for clear Coke when you want Sprite?
I'm pretty sure that they already do just that.
What are you talking about? NYC has its first Democrat mayor in 20 years. All the cigarette taxes, and ban on super sized soft drinks (not just Coke) happened under Republican mayors.
Socially superior people steal the good stuff, like elections, and entire pension funds.
This is a misconception that has led to much confusion. A choke hold is banned, but it is not illegal. The officer only broke departmental rules, not the law. It was still unwarranted at the time the officer used it.
We almost all have some type of irrational fear, but if it's a liability in our profession then we shouldn't look for work elsewhere. That officer should've fail his psych eval.
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