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Irrelevancy? Hardly, especially since rappers are always talking about Audemar Piguet. Sometimes the best way to beat change is to improve what you do instead of adapting.
TS is a big boy and can answer for himself, and the watch makers will fail if they try to go that route. Why waste R&D dollars on something you have zero chance catching up to?
So you think this.Is going to change to this?
The 'troll' said "Cartier is in no immediate danger" (which I happen to agree with), I don't see anything about the Watch failing. The argument isn't whether if the current CE companies making a smart watch are going to survive, but are the mechanical watch makers going to survive? Do you really think the current crop of Cartier watches is in any way similar to the bunch of crappy smartphones that existed pre-iPhone?
That's true, but a troll isn't necessarily a shill, or vice versa.
He posted it in reference to the Cartier watches, and not the current crop of smartwatches. Please pay attention. Is Cartier going to change every single one of their watches to look like the Apple Watch?
The article is about BB, so that's what the discussion is about. It's not that hard.
And why would Apple help them in any way?
And they will fail in doing so. Btw they won't walk out of the door with their iPhone which will do everything you described, so they could leave the watch behind for a different timepiece.
Forget wrist worn devices, they haven't been able to make a successful phone which was their speciality, so where do you see watch makers being able to compete with Apple?
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