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Nobody would make SEPs, they'd just license them at whatever rate they choose.
The smallest salable device by whom? By manufacturer or the market as a whole? If by manufacturer then what's to stop Apple from making a cheap phone just to screw Ericsson? I say base it on the device that sells most.
It seems like every day there's a new company making a smartphone. The fees associated with it don't seem to interfere with them.We don't know the specifics of the case yet. Is it Ericsson trying to fleece Apple, or is it Apple believing it should get more favorable terms like they're able to get with components?
It wouldn't be cost effective to go after individual users.
What innovation is being stifled?
I guess you never heard of zipcar. Check out their website http://www.zipcar.com/
Apple is claiming that Ericsson's patents shouldn't be SEPs. If that's the case why don't they just stop using it, or create a work around.
It's a much more complex OS with drivers for an endless amount of peripherals.
Hard to tell the quality of the band, but they did go with the old dowel route that eventually eats away at the holes on the watch. Very little thought went into that I'd agree.
Or this
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