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Had you read the comments you wouldn't have written that comment.
The N1 is the product of a licensing agreement with Foxconn that will see the Taiwanese company produce and distribute the tablet while paying royalties to Nokia for its design and brand.
They won't just like taxpayer paved roads don't know who's driving on them.
As long as there's no extra taxes, or fees to use it then who cares? This is something I'd like my tax dollars to go to.
Anything a municipal provides is at the cost of tax payers, be it roads, street lights, garbage collection, the police, fire fighters, etc, etc, etc
Based on the evidence given. You, a opinion article from Time magazine, and GG, statements from Google, and Andy Rubin, who do you think proved their point? Or maybe he was just lying to fool everyone like it's said SJ did quite often.
There's a honest review by someone you'd think would be biased. Android tablets IMO are still lacking big time.
That would depend on the review, and why the consumer purchased the device. A father of 4 would give a Ferrari a bad review, and a wealthy single man would give a mini van a bad review. Both are automobiles but serve very different purposes.
So how would they cooperate?, because I haven't seen it yet. All these companies protect their networks like a baby, and only let others on it because they are forced to.
My point is that there isn't going to be a statement from Google, because the Nexus fulfills its stated purpose.
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