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How does one find that right person for the job? The answer is not always on a piece of paper. Nobody thought Kurt Warner, or Tom Brady was the right person. All they needed was a opportunity to prove that they could do better than the seemingly more qualified.
It's funny how history is different just one island to the east. In Puerto Rico the Europeans married the natives (the few that survived) quite easily. The population grew to the point that very few slaves were needed because there was a work force ready to tend plantations.
And you get your "diversity of fools" on AI.
In other words, Spain.
Hispaniola is the name of the island shared by Dominican Republic, and Haiti.
You'll be the first I tell when it all goes to shit.
Next time build an Armada, and try to conquer the new world.
Actually yes. I know for a fact that Verizon has been handing out Android phones and tablets to all of its employees.
You ever watch Sabado Gigante hosted by Don Francisco whose real name is Mario Luis Kreutzberger Blumenfeld? He was born in Chile to German parents.
Being hispanic myself I'm well aware of the history that transformed our countries. The building of the canal gave Panama an extra influx of diversity.
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