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Ahhhh, I normally catch things like that. Thanks for the clarification.
That why I included economics, as in people's economic status, but yes this time it was @mdriftmeyer to blame.
@Apple ][ of course. Politics, economics, and everything else but tech.
Did you pay her 5ยข?
Inept CEOs are quite common, criminal ones not so much.
Research it. You're skilled at looking stuff up. Medicinal marijuana is usually high in CBD, and low in THC (chemical that makes you high), so don't get too ecstatic yet.
Yet the compound CBD found in marijuana combats all that.
Yes, you're correct, I miscounted. Oops
Ummm being in the red means you're in negative profits.
Get a refurb. You'll save a few dollars, and won't feel bad if they launch a new one.
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