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Self awareness is the first and most important step.
What, you're expecting better?
Just busting your chops. That's one hell of a gift.
Show off
I didn't bring it up.
Not now they're not, but have been in the past or did you forget a little thing called the Spanish Inquisition, or the Crusades?
Of the total market. How much is their share of the high end market?
I don't think that they need to dominate at all to be successful.
Apple is in a category of its own. Investors prefer a market with several 'big' players jocking for position, and sharing the pie. Now that pie has only Apple (a super duper heavyweight), Samsung (a iffy middleweight), and a bunch of lightweights. To them domination like that is unsustainable long term.
Having a higher market cap scares investors. Many of them believe that the only way from that high up is down. They don't take Apple's intangibles into consideration. They've seen companies come and go, and heavyweights getting knocked out. In their eyes Apple is no different.
New Posts  All Forums: