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Why does the 'tree falling in the forest' thingy come to mind?
They'll let users market it. Real life uses beats theoretical uses.
Do you think it wouldn't have sold so many if it wasn't bigger?
Thieves don't disassemble the iPhones themselves. They probably know a repair shop that'll give them quick cash for a purloined iPhone.
Yet they made the small computer bigger.
I'll concede that one. Many old CC transactions were done on faith, and if there was any doubt then the vendor called the CC company for authentication.
I don’t think I ever insisted on its necessity. My first posts were questions on the matter. However I do know for a fact that many POS devices work using DSL, and not just mom and pop shops but major retailers.
I didn't say it was a requirement, but it can also not be said that it's never needed.
Ok then how does the POS device get approval for the purchase? Is Apple Pay just the connection between the iDevice and the POS device, or the whole process?
So not one single vendor uses the Internet to approve transactions?
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