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Good eye. I was too busy looking at the detection lines, and windows to notice the device.
I think he meant who approved the idea of what it is like to walk through a minefield over at Apple.
I would assume that the harder you press the more skin of your fingertip comes in contact with the screen. It might take a little learning like it does for Touch ID but once you've set the parameters the device will know when it's a light press or a hard one.
The carriers with the most customers, VZW & AT&T. T-Mobile is barely a major player. There's a reason Apple chose them last.
I'm guessing that it didn't need any type of approval. It's a risk you take when you allow companies/institutions to use the tech how they see fit.
Because you assume it's self-serving, whereas it could be to make more people aware, and in turn increase donations towards the charity. I'm not claiming it's either or, but it has helped a great many people.
I have no idea what you're referring to, but no. It's not a 'MILF' like term.
I meant to ask you about this when you mentioned it in a earlier post. How is somebody supposed to use a iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad as a controller without looking down at it and away from the TV? A gaming controller has joysticks, buttons, and triggers that the user can feel around for without having to look down, but a iDevice has a flat surface with virtual joysticks, and buttons that the user has to actively look at in order to use effectively.
Well when someone refers to a new "product category" they don't mean a totally new product that never existed before, but a product that Apple never made before.I have noticed a funny trend with the comments on this site. Whenever a analyst is critical of Apple for not innovating, or introducing new breakthrough products the comments are here tend to be "why does Apple have to be the only innovative company?, can't someone else innovate for a change?, Apple isn't the R&D...
They're just "moms" here as well. It's a term used to describe suburanite mothers that take their sons/daughters to soccer practice/games in a mini van or SUV. They don't play, and probably don't know much about the game itself. It also has little to do with professional soccer or 'football'.
New Posts  All Forums: