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Why make a bigger screen phone then?
Again, many of the infringing features are present in other Android devices because it's baked in the OS, so why hasn't that helped the other manufacturers? It's not that hard of a question.
Lol, sun baked and one cerveza too many ;-)
Everyone loves to regurgitate the story of the lawyer that couldn't tell the tablets apart, yet yee all forget that the Tab was found not to infringe.It's not my job to measure metrics, nor am I an expert, but what I do have is some common sense. Samsung did infringe, but Apple had to prove that people based their reason for buying a Samsung device solely because of the features they copied. If those infringing features were supposedly a strong selling point then why...
A cabbage, really? Lol last I checked there aren't too many parts to a cabbage.
Moto just adds some features, but the look and feel is pretty much stock Android. I remember the initial reviews being lackluster, then suddenly everyone was raving about the dynamic notifications.
The new Moto X will be announced on September 4th, and the new Nexus in Oct/Nov.
No judge is going to ban an entire product if only a small part of it infringes. It's not that hard to comprehend.
A "psst" with some eye motioning can say a lot. The victim would've become aware of her surroundings, and probably would have noticed the guy eye balling her.
How does the customer allow anything? If you don't like it then there's always the option of not buying into it.
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