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Is it ignorance of the law breaking, or an affinity for the law breaker?
How about this scenario? Most cable companies offer free outdoor wifi. So if you're able to use your friend's wifi at home would it be wrong to also use the outdoor wifi?
Are you a Canadian Mountie?
Hey you stole my line. I'm suing. Edit: I see you changed it to 'sharing'. I called off the pitbull lawyers.
He's only 'borrowing' it.
I agree with @EricTheHalfBee on this one. The researchers have no real knowledge if anyone else has discovered this exploit, and has used it. They used the word 'can' because they don't know definitively if it's been used or not.
But remember those people don't get apps nor browse the Web, so they're good.
Really? You were either extremely careful, or fortunate, because my old Win XP PC was a malware magnet.
You redirected the OP's question. To me it read 'can anyone tells us of any documented infections by a 'super malware' using the Fake ID method?'.
I guess you didn't see the word 'potentially' in super duper miniscule fine print.
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