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What words did I put into anyone's mouth? I asked 2 general yes or no questions. I disagree one can absolutely copy what others are doing even if it's not patented, copyrighted, etc....
You'll be amazed at how much less typing you'll be doing. I use SwiftKey and if the word isn't one of the 3 predicated just typing one or two letters will produce a correct prediction.
Don't you mean across devices? Before Apple, both Palm and BB did hardware and software. It's not the magical equation it's been made out to be.
So it's fine to copy something that isn't patented? Is that your official stance?
And that's a good thing; better to be a giver than a getter.
That's interesting. I didn't think anyone used 'pop' anymore. There were old time pop shops in NYC up until 10-20 years ago. Most are all gone as is the use of the word.
Too many Archie comic books or he's old.
Why would you go if you don't code for them to begin with?
I've managed to remain cap free as of now.
A few years ago it might have made sense, but now one can get FM stations from all over the world streamed via various apps.
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