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Because people buy a phone once but pay a carrier perpetually.
Correction: anti-carrier revolution.
I think he was adding to my comment. Read: It could be a ruse to try to restrain the outlandish WS predictions next time.
I agree but casual games on a console and one on a mobile device are quite different.
This is not good for the carrier revolution.
Yes I was joking.
Infinity Blade lll? Yes but how many games are like that?
I really don't understand how companies like Casio aren't on the forefront of smartwatches. Is there not a single person there looking to the future?
Or it could be a ruse.
So it can have a plethora of in-app purchases that ultimately make it more expensive? I'd rather pay the full nut once than get nickel and dimed to death. I'm not doubting that they can make a decent gaming device but would it disrupt the console market? Maybe, but they're doing a fine job disrupting themselves.
New Posts  All Forums: