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As long as you don't have sugar in your pockets like Tim Cook. Tasteless joke, I know, I know, but I couldn't help myself.
I'd like a link the shows me $367 billion as low. Not as high yes, but long away from low.
Good answer, and one that's grounded in reality. I'm always reading how making the hardware and software is the best route, but those people seem to have forgotten how that went for BB, and Palm. There's no one single answer, but Android has at least allowed the likes of HTC, Motorola, LG, etc.. to survive, and sometimes just surviving is winning.
I believe that SJ sped up the inevitable, but a mention would still be nice.
The phone, or the scratches?
Like a gift, it's the thought that counts.
LG is catching up real fast with some very nice devices. I think it's time someone else was number 2. It would make things much more interesting.
That's too vague of an answer. Differentiate Android, or their own OS?
So what's the solution? Writing about the problem is easy, and helps no one.
It's correct. The word is seldom used by this definition.channels:(verb)to emulate or seem to be inspired by.
New Posts  All Forums: