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Whatever he wrote got deleted, so unless you were following the thread in that instance you won't know what it was that got him banned.He kept expressing his displeasure about the Apple Watch in a almost obsessive manner. We all knew his opinion of it, but he insisted on letting us know time, and time again, and that drew the ire of many here.
It's literally salt water.
You really need to stop watching movies. There's plenty of students that cannot afford an iPad. The only binge drinking they do is ramen noodle broth.
They don't claim it's 'Apple certified', so what's misleading about it?
Nobody gets taxed 100%, or more, because that’s the only way they'd make no money, or lose money. Any corporation will weigh which is the biggest money loser, the taxes, or the decrease in sales due to a price increase.
AT&T, and it's unlimited data deal for the iPad takes the crown.
And heterosexuals don't ever practice sodomy? Lesbians don't normally practice it, and 2 gay men don't necessarily have to.
I don't see how a cake condones anything, but I can see a baker having a problem with putting 2 men or women on it.
The baking of a cake for a gay person shouldn't be a problem unless you're asked for it to depict homosexual activity.
Back then young women married off for survival reasons, and that still happens in many countries today. Many old beliefs are still upheld, but any real Christian is taught to love their neighbor which pretty much means everyone, and would not discriminate gays unless they're being asked to produce a good, or provide a service that's contrary to their beliefs.
New Posts  All Forums: