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More like a bizzaro Clippy
For the record, I don't see it as copying. I do think that the criticisms, and the gnashing of teeth from the media, and many customers would've been deafening had they released only a thinner phone.
Did you not read the 'not'?
My point is not that Apple had to do it because everyone else was. Obviously some people left Apple because they wanted a bigger screen, but not so much that it hurt sales. I believe Apple's concern was that those defections could've grown exponentially if they hadn't made a iPhone with a bigger screen.
That was Apple's official stance a few years ago. The iPad was made for those that wanted more screen real estate.
Then why build something that 'no one's going to buy'?
Then why did they? All evidence pointed to people preferring a smaller device.
Where did anyone say it was a selling point? What's the alternative? 6-7 different OSes? Do you believe the market would bear that?
How does any company turn things around? Apple was on the brink of extinction. Did you know back then that they'd become one of the biggest companies ever?
What's the alternative? I don't see one.
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