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NYU is right there. DUH!!! It's one of the most applied to schools in the world.
Apple doesn't get a cut for physical goods.
The difference being that Walmart does get the same percentage for selling a gift card that they do selling a TV. For a independent developer 30% is a bargain. They don't have to worry about finding someone to host their file, deliver it, and handle the financial transaction. By hosting, and delivering the content Amazon saves Apple money. So why wouldn't a reduced rate make sense?At the end of the day the sale of these comics are neither going to make or break either...
But now the comics are available across multiple platforms. They might lose some customers but they'll gain a great many more.
Do you have a link? Would you settle for 5% if you did the storing and distributing, and pay 30% as a transaction fee?
Except that the goods never go through the store. Can you not comprehend that? It's like paying at Walmart but getting your product delivered from Kmart.
They do make some really nice plates.
Do you think comics are sold with a profit margin of over 30%? Probably not, so Apple's cut will eat all of Amazon's profit and then some. Amazon would lose money on every single sale.
Would you rather have no sale, or sales that you lose money on?
Except that $1 billion was made in a quarter not in a year. So 4 quarters in a year would mean $4 billion in revenue versus $1.3 billion in costs for a profit of $2.7 billion. Really easy math.
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