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But it was made out of cheap plastic.
I thought I did. What deal did Google make? Many of you are under the impression that Google does things for Samsung's benefit, which isn't true. For the SGS 2, Samsung omitted all of Google's native apps for alternative ones, and in response Google separated all its apps from the core OS and put them on the market. Watch a Samsung presentation (I know they're literally painful) and not once will Samsung mention Google nor Android.
Google and Samsung are that chummy for something like that to ever be possible.
That makes zero sense. If Motorola has patents on fingerprint scanners then why would Samsung go into an agreement with Apple? An agreement with Motorola would make sense.
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Google bought Motorola Mobility, which is only cell phones and bluetooth devices. 2 way radios (walkie talkies) is not part of the deal nor are the set top boxes.
I don't think Google and Samsung are in cahoots the way you envision it. Samsung never mentions Android in any of it's presentations, and did not include any of Google's native apps in the SGS 2. Plus the software in Samsung's Smart TV is not Android.
I would say borrowed it's implementation and modified it. Very few things are created in a vacuum from nothing, even if one builds something to be unlike another thing then the second thing helped build the the first thing.
One trollish post begat another trollish post.
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