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Apple hasn't been the 'underdog' for quite some time. I have no 'hero', for even the mightiest of heroes has been slain, e.g. Achilles. PC shipments are down not because the Mac is beating them, but because Apple attacked from the bottom with much smaller devices, i.e. iPhone and iPad.You can ignore those 'bottom racers' all you want, but we just saw sales rankings, and I must say I was surprised to see the S4, and Note 3 in prominent positions, so while Samsung does make...
Ahh gotcha. I forget that one can do that.
The information I found stated that it can't 'yet', so there's still hope that it will be possible in the near future.
Because Apple isn't behind anyone. They're the top dog. They already came from behind, and beat everyone. There was a article just the other day of all the people that dismissed the Apple, and the iPhone. Where's Dell, Palm, and BB nowadays? In my life I've seen David slay Goliath many times.
You're correct, I misspoke. One can't forward their GV number to a international phone.
Huh? Once you're in what?
Doesn't airplane mode turn off bluetooth?
You don't need a new number, and your 'number' can ring wherever you want it to.
#1 don't you mean 'cheaper junks'?#2 I was being facetious.
But how is that different from any iPhone before it? They've all out sold previous models in record numbers.
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