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They only break down only after being handed down many times over?
What do you consider 'subsidized'?
Sometimes the old way is the best way. I'm sure you still use buttons, and zippers to fasten your clothes.
We're not on Twitter.
I just can't see that 3 out of 4 people plunked down $650-$950 in cash.
Why would it matter? I doubt Apple knows exactly how a carrier sold a phone. Apple gets paid regardless.
Unless they're all using credit cards like you said in the previous post which means that they actually end paying way more than had they been on contract.
What part of 'bigger' didn't you understand?
So 75% of the phones sold directly by Apple? And again it's never been a subsidy, the price of the phone was always included in the monthly service fee. Now they've separated the price for the service, and the phone payment but it still adds up to more or less the same amount. One might not be on contract for the service but they're on contract for the phone.
It's never been a subsidy. The subscriber always paid for the phone one way or another. The carriers have made that more transparent, and are no longer gouging the people that bought a cheaper phone but were paying the same as those with expensive phones.
New Posts  All Forums: