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Nothing will get built. Nobody is going to invest in something whose initial capital investment is so high that it'll take decades to see a return.
So you like socialism?
The Verizon 5c is indeed GSM unlocked from factory.
Plenty here will attest to T-Mobile's lack of coverage. If you get good service then you're lucky.2GB is not good for me, but great for my sister, and I'm sure her 5c came factory unlocked.$10 more a month for better service, and hundreds less upfront is a good deal to me.
And crappy coverage
True but $60 is a great price for a subsidized plan
My sister bought a iPhone 5c last year for $99,and pays $60 (unadvertised VZW plan) for unlimited talk, text, and 2GB of data.
The newer Surfaces have gotten good reviews. They're getting a lot of exposure with the NFL. Don't be surprised if they become a formidable #2.
My sister bought 3 of them (I advised her to get iPads), and they're quite nice. They're not on the level of the iPad, but they're much better than most other tablets, so landfill fodder they're not.
Samsung as Copy Galore
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