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Because of course nobody has ever had a problem activating an iPhone, silly me.
I was referring to SJ. I much prefer TC's statements. He neither admits, nor denies.
I can only go by what was said at face value. You won't ever convince me of what you think was meant.
Are you saying no bigger screens would've meant no record sales?
Ask Jon Gruber, he has a Moto X along with his iPhone.
Except there are no numbers to indicate a market shift.Yes Apple changed their mind. Is that really so difficult to admit?
And I wrote that for the benefit of anyone that might read it. Apologies if it sounded like a implication.
More like a bizzaro Clippy
For the record, I don't see it as copying. I do think that the criticisms, and the gnashing of teeth from the media, and many customers would've been deafening had they released only a thinner phone.
Did you not read the 'not'?
New Posts  All Forums: