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Except that winter doesn't really start until after Christmas.Edit: the first day of winter this year will be December 21
I've spoken to business owners in the area. The new residents are not spending money in the neighborhood, so they're taking their 'power' elsewhere.
Empathy isn't enough, Christians are to love anyone, and everyone as they love themselves.
Another clueless knee jerk response. Check again, he's not against them moving in, he just doesn't care for their sense of entitlement that they can now dicate what can and can't go on in the neighborhood.
But we don't know what those are. Could be a bunch of versions of the iPhone before deciding on the design that did ship, or he could've been lying.
Since when is making money not a good idea?
Something unseen can neither be proven nor disproven, so it doesn't count.I don't think Solomon had a smartphone, but he would've had one hell of a contact list.
The trick is coming up with a answer.
C'mon, bet something you'd actually miss not having.
When has Apple created something new, not seen before, and not something reimagined?
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