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Let's just agree to disagree, because you'll never convince me otherwise. Netflix/Hulu are here to stay.
And buy another device? How many millions of people access Netflix/Hulu via a smart TV, a Blu Ray player, a Roku, or another streaming device? Are they all suddenly going to stop using those devices? Are they going to give up the unique programming offered by those services?
Do you think those services are only accessed using Apple devices?
It's not enough time to develop a device, and then announce it.
There are no iPods with cellular radios. They solely depend on wifi for connectivity.
Almost 8 months ago is not 'awhile ago'. Though it was rumored there was no official word. It's more of a ripoff of the Fitbit than the Apple Watch.
That also included all the 5s/5c sold.
When did Apple officially announce that they were going to make a watch?
Which one of you is right?
For all we know the design for a new iPod could've been developed while coming up with a design for the iPhone 6. The bulk of the work is probably done, and all it needs is a little tweaking at minimal cost.Look at 3M, they weren't trying to invent the Post It, they were trying to develop a super glue, and inadvertently formulated a really weak glue, and someone was smart enough to see its potential.
New Posts  All Forums: