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When's the last time a ball came bouncing out in front of a airplane? Case closed
Plus all the strides Tesla makes are being made public knowledge. Nothing is done in secret, so the automakers aren't going to be caught off guard. I wouldn't be surprised if they're not already working on improving the work Tesla has already done.
Huh? If you're not selling anything then you have no market share.
So what's a company to do? If priced too low the comments are "they're in a race to the bottom and can't win" and if it's competitively priced to Apple the comments are "they're too close to Apple's price, and they can't win" So what's the alternative? Give up and not make a product?
Hey, not all of us look like Brad Pitt, alright. We need a car with a crappy ride to get the hot chicks, so speak only for yourself.
There are now 'ultra cars' which are much more expensive than super cars.
The difference being that the one company pushing the technology forward (Tesla) isn't patenting anything. The other companies will very easily adapt since it's free to do so.
We didn't take them seriously several times. They created affordable luxury vehicles, and have led the charge in hybrid vehicles.
Last I heard, Toyota does this the quickest at 18 months.
The entire commercial makes no sense. He's talking about building computers, while listening to vinyl records on a very expensive turntable but using headphones. SoHo was chosen because Cadillac is moving its HQ there, but it's not a place I can vision Woz living in.
New Posts  All Forums: