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I remember the time the topic was a iris scanner and you thought it was a retina scanner until I pointed it out to you.
Things like this don't pop up overnight, so why is it only now that we're hearing about it? How is it that all other games that use a gyroscope work just fine? For all we know this dev could be lying, or exaggerating to cover his ineptitude.
The whole thing sounds fake.
Easy, he swapped the 'r' for a 'n'.
Is it me or does the mouthpiece look like a old school hockey goalie stick?
Headline is misleading.
Or by force. The legality of it can be subjective.
And just now usurpers are dying like flies.
That doesn't stop 4 out of 5 AI members from doing it.
Are you not paying attention? The trial that Samsung just lost included the data detector patent.
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