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That's a old reference. Not many people would know it.
.Just goes to show that positive reviews does not translate into increased sales.
Hey, isn't he the guy from HBO's Silicon Valley?
A better question would've been "How did you find that?"
As long as it's nothing like splitting an atom then we're okay.
I thought it was God that invented the tech that lets users interact with 3D objects.
You never heard of "backed up Enterprise"?That's when James T. Kirk parks that bad boy up at Starfleet Command.
Actually yea. I'm finding some from 2011.
Thanks for the video. It was impressive. It's great to see that Fairlight lives on, so many artists used it to compose music in the 80s.
You're lumping in the readers with the article writers. Most Android sites do not publish anti-Apple articles. It's no fault of the site if the readers post anti-Apple comments. Many times the comments are Samsung vs Moto vs HTC vs LG.
New Posts  All Forums: