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Lemme see, you convince me to spend money on R&D an start production on a product that has no other uses except for a new revolutionary device that no one else is making. I continually improve the product and while others have begun to use it you are still by far by biggest customer, and now after a few years you've decided to use another product taking away the business you initiated.I take it you, and I define 'screwing over' very differently.
Wrong. AT&T was TDMA.
More varied content. I watch current shows on Hulu because it allows fast forwarding whereas some VOD doesn’t plus overall it has less commercials.
AT&T and Cingular had 2 different networks. That turned out pretty well.
Wrong. Many of them once owned iPhones and want to go back but won't until there's a bigger screen. I know, and have met quite a few previous iPhone lifers that switched to the Note 3.
Did you not see recent sales figures? It's not much of a problem as you think it is. You're the type that wants Apple to be the only company that sells smartphones.
But it works
Just like Corning? Who can say that Apple would've never screwed Google?
Not on what the trial is about.
They're made in Armenia.
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