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Fellowship, My prayers and condolences to you. I lost my oldest sister a year ago Dec. 12. She died after a 3 year battle with mouth cancer. It was a horrible fight and she struggled to the end, but I take comfort in her faith and know she is finally at peace. It is never easy to lose a loved one, but knowing they are saved gives hope in the midst of sorrow.
My 6-yr old & 8-yr old played bingo at the neighbor's until the late hour of 8:30. My husband & I watched the extended version of FOTR with the Director's commentary and fell asleep in front of the tv around 9:30. Not nearly as exciting as the days of drinking til ya puke in the wee hours, but New Year's Day was much more enjoyable.
[quote]Originally posted by Matsu: I've just gone through the Fellowship (It's been over ten years since the last time I read it) and for the first film, I have to say that Jackson made very good choices about what to leave in/out and where to make changes. Some of the dialogue is even an improvement over Tolkien's. Personally, I would have put a bit more into them, 4 hour films don't phase me, but all in all, a very decent adaptation, one of the better book to...
....looks to me like aksoldotna couldn't post here because of his beliefs. I went back and read this thread---and as soon as he got on hassan started riding him. After he made a point on Reagan somehow that had something to do with aksolodot's belief in a young earth. So are you allowed to have people answer your points on these forums only if you subscribe in certain beliefs? What did that have to do with politics? Why wasn't he allowed to make his point?
[quote]Originally posted by NoahJ: Tom's role was really rather small overall anyhow. I look forward to seeng the full version as well.
Ah, but not really. The sword that Merry gets from the Barrow Downs is crucial to him killing the Nazgul king: "So passed the sword of the Barrow-downs, work of Westernesse. But glad would he have been to know its fate who wrought it . . . No other blade, not though mightier hands had wielded it, would...
[quote]Originally posted by BRussell: No Tom - they apparently never even had any plans for including him. But I did like the extended version. Lots of good new scenes: Galadriel's gifts, Elves leaving Middle Earth, Aragorn singing about Beren & Luthien, etc. Every new scene, I thought: "I can't believe they cut that!"
It is such a better movie with those additional scenes. I would love to see the 4 1/2 hour version Peter Jackson...
[quote]Originally posted by PC^KILLA: Well, since you are a mystery to me.. mith. [ 11-21-2002: Message edited by: PC^KILLA ]
Well, I'm afraid the best I could do would be Goldberry, but I'm not that vain. I still prefer to be Eowyn.
[quote]Originally posted by ColanderOfDeath: How would you describe boromir?
Boromir is an honorable and noble man of Gondor who, although temporarily succumbing to the power of the ring, sacrifices his life to save the hobbits. Go ahead, ask me anything.
[quote]Originally posted by Mulattabianca: thanx mika for not classifying me as that blond fairy girl (i forgot her name) ...
You mean Galadrial? Dare I ask why not? I would love to be Galadrial, but I fear I am much more like Eowyn. I saw the extended version of Fellowship of the Ring last night. Excellent! Took them a year to release the real movie. By the way, who would qualify as Tom Bombadil?
[quote]Originally posted by mntrapper: No the worst movie EVER created was BOOGIE NIGHTS
You are absolutely right. I had wiped that one from my memory. YUCK!
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