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Wonder if you can download media from the web version. If so how are they going to block Palm from their site?
SJ will make sure that this technology will work well if it is used on the tablet.
Makes MS look even worst.
About time they come out with this..
Imagine Apple didn't even plan for their device to compete in the portable arena. Nice problem to have.
100,000 compared to 1,000,000 units sold on the first weekend. How is this going to kill the iPhone?
It should be built-in in the next iPhone model.
When are they going to open one in Thailand? I'm sick of all these clueless sales in iStudio shops that don't know the difference between a bird's a@@ and an iPod. They are rude and technically ignorant.
Nice to hear that MS is finally taking the effort to improve. This will motivate Apple to make better products. Consumers win!!!
This would be great. We did something similar with our client's iPod Touch.
New Posts  All Forums: