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C'mon, 64-bit ARM CPU, M7 chip, true tone flash, better camera with more options, a new iPhone model next to it, etc... people need to quit whining.
I'm enthousiastic and see many possibilities. Can't wait!
A lot of people don't seem to see the option that you can set up the iPod with manual control of music and video transfer instead of automatic sync. With manual control you can connect your iPod or iPad to ANY computer with iTunes and put music on your idevice. All my devices are set up this way and their not tied to my computer or iTunes library for transferring music on my idevice. I really don't see the reason for this trial. Windows uses Windows Mobile Device Center...
I love gaming on my new iPad 2! I can use/play it ANYWHERE. As soon as I get the HDMI adapter I'll buy Real Racing 2, looking forward to it!
I've made a short video of me and my iPad 2, going nuts with Real Racing (1, not the new second version).
After my post about the German Reseller (in M√ľnster), I'm glad to report that I did manage to buy the iPad 2!!! In the Netherlands in MediaMarkt Hengelo. They had 2 pallets with iPads. I bought a 32GB iPad with 3G. I'm really lucky and glad I did decide to go and check if I could still get one there.
Then why is it that a Premium Reseller in Germany hasn't got any iPads today???
This isn't only in Greece, but also in Germany. The Premium Reseller where I was put on the reservation list a MONTH ago, hasn't gotten ANY ipads...I got notice of this only an hour ago... I was soooo certain I would've got one today, because I am nr.2 on the list... Nr 2 and still nothing, so don't cry for Greece, cry for Europe...
Who had ever heard of the name 'App Store' before it came part of the iPhone??? No one. It became common because of Apple's high selling iPhone. Apple came up with it, so they ought to have the rights of the name 'App Store'.
My dad had a new PSP-Go for 2 months, then sold it after seeing it's graphical difference with games compared to my iPhone. I really expected something better with the PSP, but the display and graphics really looked bad compared to the display and graphics of my iPhone...and I've got an "old" 3G...
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