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Guys- I can't seem to get an answer on this anywhere online or from anyone I know. I have a triple redundant 1TB FW800 mirrored raid array housing all my data set up on my about to be defunct G5 machine. Runs great no problems. I'm upgrading to a new machine and want to move the raid to the new machine. What will happen when I disconnect the raid and move it to the new machine? My OS is current and Raid is 2.0. Is the directory and volume information stored on...
Hi everyone- I currently have a RAID 1 mirrored setup with two drives operating without any issues. I wanted to add a 3rd "slice" (as MAC OS calls it) and was wondering if you can do that without having to reformat all 3 as mirrored? P.S. I'm running the latest 10.4 and 10.5 OS's on different partitions.
Hi everyone, I did some searching but couldnt find an answer to my question. I was looking to replace my G5 tower with a new computer and was thinking of a new macbook/pro. Problem is I need dual-displays for my audio/video work. Is there a solution with dual external displays when working at home, not the internal and one-external? Are the macbook's truly at the point where they're just as capable as a tower? Thanks- A
Thought someone here might have some info on this. There are people I know saying its going to be trivial taking the Mac OS and recompiling to run on any Intel box. They say it wont take much work and whatever Apple does to prevent this will be easily hackable. Any comments on this? ----------------------- "I did a little research on this. You'll be looking at a standard Pentium4 proc on a motherboard with TPM -- a hardware cryptography module containing a 2kbyte RSA...
Yes, I've been a reader for a long time here... And I really don't see Jobs steering Apple in the wrong direction but it certainly is WEIRD SQUARED talking about Intel hoo haa on here. Next thing you know they'll be virus patches released for Tiger every 2 days \
Need to run protools.. in OS 9..doesnt work in classic..
Hey guys, I REALLY need to be able to run OS 9. Does anyone know of a hack or a way to be able to get a bootable, stable, OS 9 partition running on a FW 800 non-OS 9 boot machine?
Has anyone found a way (built in or some app) to move the dock to the other display on a 2 monitor setup without moving the rest? I'd like to just put the dock over there, not the icons and bar.
I've been a protools user for years and I guess the writing is on the wall as apple moves in this direction. If they could adapt the '2 window' basic interface of protools, edit and mix window into logic with apple's software/hardware integration, i'd be all over that in a second
Hi guys, I've been trying to trouble shoot this on the digi duc but its now at a point where i'm down to the factory hardware and still having issues. Here's the thread disussion so far: http://duc.digidesign.com/showflat.p...=5&o=7&fpart=1 Basically I have a G4 dual 1.25 FW 800 non OS 9 boot machine that I just bought used about 6 months old. It had everything running fine in 10.3.1 and protools 6.2.2 which I continued to use with my protools hardware but...
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