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We can only hope, for there is a lot more unification that would be worthwhile to have. Personally I'd like:Unified Clock/Alarm across all OS X and iOS devices.Unified Do Not Disturb across... (plus allow me to set DND for specific events in my Calendar in addition to what they already have).Unified Book/PDF reader across... (and synced through iCloud).Unified iWork/iLife across... (i.e. include feature parity to the iOS apps so the syncing works properly).Unified Safari...
It looks like as I was posting my other message while you were already responding to the issue raised by another poster. Can you be a little more specific as to what is required to make VOIP work well? Right now it isn't clear to me that VOIP packets gets any sort of priority and it seems to work perfectly fine on most decent broadband connections and even on all the LTE networks I've tested. Sure, if they completely switched, it would probably involve ensuring the VOIP...
But he suggested doing voice over data, i.e. VOIP. That would eliminate all the traditional costs involved to make voice work properly since the traditional way of handling voice traffic would not longer be employed. Now if you know of reasons why VOIP wouldn't be a good switch, let us know. So far as I know, the real issue thus far was the connections were too slow to handle good quality codecs and the network latency sometimes caused issues, i.e. lag/delay in the call....
That's cute and all but I bought a new machine precisely so that I can have Mountain Lion since my old machine couldn't run it. And for all you know, it might have come with 10.8 installed on it, dysfunctional as it was. Anyway 10.8.3 is out now so hopefully all is fixed, and hopefully 10.9 will be rock solid when it arrives.
Or they make the charging work both ways, so the cover can charge the ipad, acting as an external extra battery when you are out and about, potentially slightly increasing the battery life. However, when you plug the ipad in to the outlet, the ipad now recharges its internal battery and the smart cover at the same time. So everything stays the same as it is now except you get a little more battery life. It's a win win.
Actually some of us are experiencing some rather significant annoyances on our computers, like my rmbp, ever since 10.8 was released. This bug fix patch is taking forever, so let's assume it fixes things. We will get what, a couple of months of stable use before 10.9 comes, and then potentially have the same issue for the first 6-8 months? With a yearly cycle of OS X releases is the new norm going to be 3-4 months of stability for each release? I don't think it's...
That's what the early termination fees are for. All phones should be unlocked and if you fail to pay your monthly bill, you get hit with an early termination fee that recoups the cost of the "loan" or subsidy on the cost of the phone. There is no need to lock the phone itself. If you want to have concurrent contracts with multiple providers that's up to you, so long as you fulfil the terms of your contract.
I agree we should be looking at the EPs but the problem is they are made on the same 22nm fabrication process aren't they? Again, if so, it wouldn't surprise me to see Haswell get priority given the relatively larger demand for those. To me that suggests that everything else gets pushed back a little bit.
Yeah but the Haswell release has been delayed with the current projection being for June. Won't the push back the IB Xeons? If so, we're looking at a late july or even august release for them. How long can Apple wait for these, especially given that Intel's projections keep slipping?
You're not making much sense. The Fusion Drive is faster than a 7200 RPM HD and doesn't add any thickness to the enclosure. So if you care about performance in the 21", that's the option for you. The new iMacs are slimmer and faster for those who care about HD performance, and also slimmer for those who don't care so much about performance.
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