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Well, for Pages specifically, these would be useful, and some might work in other of the iWork apps:-64 bit.-Hyperlinks taking you to an item and back from the item (like footnotes, endnotes, figures, tables, index items, etc.)-Equation editor-Much better reference/footnote system (ideally this would involve more than Pages, for instance, introduce an iBooks for OS X, and then let you directly quote from your digital library, letting the program automatically input all the...
Are we forgetting that since day #1 Apple has claimed it isn't concerned with the price when designing its computers? Rather they want to build the best machines possible for their intended purpose, yet here we are with people complaining that Apple's upgrade prices for HDs and RAM is too expensive. Perhaps Apple isn't the brand for you in that case. But do note, since Apple can and will upgrade your HD and RAM in the future, your issue with the new iMacs isn't one about...
It doesn't have to say that the RAM is user accessible to be covered. Actually, it's the other way around. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act in the US, and its equivalents in other countries, stipulates that Tie-In-Sales Provisions are generally not allowed. The default is therefore to assume you are allowed to change the parts in your machine without voiding the warranty, unless the warranty explicitly prohibits you from doing so, and Apple's warranty can only do that,...
Napa isn't OEM parts now is it? You say OEM "quality" but that's not OEM, so it's not a fair comparison. And as far as Crucial and OWC, again not OEM. We can debate their quality all we want, but Apple pays OEM prices, so you can bet they will charge you OEM prices. So perhaps your complaint is you'd like Apple to use another RAM manufacturer to reduce costs. Well fine, that's your prerogative, but again that isn't a design issue.
Hermit, tell me, what would you realistically be changing on your Mac? You won't upgrade the screen or wifi chip, that's hardly if ever done by anyone. The RAM and HD say you? Well, as far as the RAM goes, so far as I know, Ivy Bridge maxes out at 32gbs and Apple does allow you to upgrade to 32gb on the 27, and presumably will allow it once there are 16gb modules on the 21, so if you can foresee needing that in the future, just max it out when you buy and be done with it,...
What? The Porsche doesn't have an accessible drivetrain? What a disposable piece of crap!
Compare Apples to Apples please. Who is the RAM manufacturer that Apple uses? How much does that part cost via third-parties? Or perhaps you're saying you'd like to see Apple use OWC as their RAM provider? Surely there are reasons they use other brand names?
What makes you think the warranty would be voided? Do you have any evidence to ground that claim, or are you just spewing some false hot air?
Do you have a source for this claim? I haven't looked at the warranty for these new machines, but frankly I'd be rather surprised if they claim can't replace the RAM, which is why I'm incredulous of your claim.
iMessages does text, and FaceTime does audio only and audio and video. So both those programs conflict with AT&T's offerings.
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