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Surely they aren't that ignorant they will make easy to navigate groups.
it'll delete everything but the documents folder in the subdirectory of the app itself don't worry.
Then this sounds great just so long as the quality doesn't take a hit. If my library is 500gb, 1tb with videos its for a reason. I have good quality equipment and I do hear and see the difference in quality from my music or dvd rips. If they index things from my music library, will I get to stream lossless tracks or simply the standard quality? And if it is the higher quality, does that mean everyone who has the mp3 version gets an upgrade in quality when they stream?...
What about people with massive catalogs like 500gb?
We all want that badly but its never going to happen.
how much data? iTunes movies/tv shows eat up bandwidth quickly and I'd expect a mac touch to tether...
How about you learn the facts first before you spew BS. If no one smoked there would be even less money in healthcare to use so as to save extra lives. Healthcare actually makes money off of smokers (over 1 cent per cigarette to be precise).http://www.usatoday.com/news/health/...co-costs_N.htm
Why don't you provide us with a link to his page.Indeed I bet it is, this guy has a history of filing pro per lawsuits against big companies.I hope you are kidding otherwise provide a source. Anyway I wonder when society should have the right to tell people to stop wasting their money by continually filing these kinds of suits. I mean he has filed against Cordis, Disney, Nintendo and now Apple. At some point you'd think the court system would have had enough no?
Granted if they allowed it officially then they would have to provide support. But they can also ignore what Palm is doing and refuse to offer support since they never officially allowed it. I think what the people representing Palm think is, why does Apple care in the first place? If they allow people to sync through their APIs in the first place, why should it bother them if someone happens to sync like an ipod. The functionality works both ways right? They can deny...
iTunes syncs more than merely music. Doesn't writing an application that reads the iTunes DB only allow them to sync audio and video? If so, they would also have to write apps that read the bookmark folder, email folder, calendar folder, address book folder and iphoto folder. So far as I know, hacking into itunes lets you get all those goodies doesn't it? Does the BB software or the Nokia software sync everything, from itunes, or do you need to run multiple syncing apps...
New Posts  All Forums: