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FaceTime can do audio only, therefore according to your argument it is clear AT&T is blocking a similar service.
Good riddance. I'd much prefer to stay in Safari to view the content. Now if only Apple would let us delete some of the other useless Apps that some of us don't use, like Stocks, Weather, Game Center, Newstand. IMO these should be optional installs.
Breaking my earlier claim to not post anymore with this exception (I don't think it'll) happen again. Samsung's Motion to Strike can be read here: http://www.groklaw.net/pdf3/ApplevSamsung-1549.pdf
Ok. I'll grant maybe I'm reading too much into it. I presented my interpretation, you presented yours. I'll leave it at that.
This, and my next immediate reply, will be my last contribution in this thread, but two things. First, didn't Koh say the entire trial would be open to the public record? So though we might not see everything right now, it'll all be shown. Second, the "papers submitted" consist of Quinn's declaration, Apple's request for sanctions, and Quinn's motion to strike.
No she ruled Quinn showed "Good cause" for his conduct. I said just as much.
You do know how to read right? Apple's request for sanctions, on the basis of purposed jury tampering, is a request "frivolous at every level". In other words, there was no jury tampering. Quinn showed good cause for his conduct. But hey, don't let the facts influence your opinions.
Don't say that around here, you will be scolded.
Wow, judge Koh said that Quinn showed good cause for his actions. Based on all the flak I took in the other thread for saying pretty much the same thing, I guess all the people there probably think that Koh doesn't know the difference between the terms open and public in a legal context... Oh the irony.
I have no illicit hidden motives. So it is entirely possible that distinction is lost on me, that I'm simply too stupid to understand the point, as other have suggested. Here is what do I know though. I read Samsung's pretrial brief, and it included whatever it is that isn't supposed to be disclosed to the jury. And here's the kicker, I read that brief and saw all the exhibits included in it, before Quinn released his statement of opinion regarding this information. Now,...
New Posts  All Forums: