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I care enough to inform others I have no problem with them ignoring me if they have nothing to contribute, sure. Have anything else to add?
As if I care.
Can you explain to me how the jury can become "polluted" given the fact they are supposed to be ignore the media coverage pertaining to this case? I don't see how a jury can be polluted unless it is not abiding by its duty.
Thanks for your intelligent response. Here's the problem as far as I can see. The jury was instructed not to follow the media covering this case. So unless the jury is not abiding by that command (and there is no reason to think they are not), it cannot become aware of what's being discussed in the media on this issue. Now, if the jury could not be trusted to follow those instructions, or if the media coverage was impossible to ignore, it seems that would be a good reason...
No it was a simple mistake. Most people understood given the context that I meant to imply the free speech clause, as Quinn himself discussed in the declaration. For a while, I thought this forum's members strove for a higher level of discussion than found on most other forums, I'm starting to get the sense it's no better here than elsewhere, people are only interesting in scoring "clever" points, not actually addressing the substance of the matter.
Yes, please do ignore me for trying to have an intelligent conversation. Nothing like hiding dissent whenever it pops up.
So I made a careless mistake, does that change the underlying argument? I guess all you care about is logic chopping and not substance though right?
Not possible unless the jury is already corrupt. Are you insinuating the jury is corrupt?
Oh, it's clear Koh is annoyed by this. She told Samsung's team to stop going on about it, and warned of a sanction. It is only natural for her to get even more irritated when Samsung pulled this little stunt. They are trying/testing the judge's patience. But the question is whether Koh can do anything about this particular indiscretion, according to the law. We will soon find out no doubt. And though trying a judge's patience is typically bad form/advice, if Samsung feels...
I'm sorry but doesn't free speech entitle you to share your opinion when it is asked of you? I think it is quite clear who are the superficially self-righteous in all this. You begin by assuming the worst of other's actions, I take their word for it, and if that word doesn't work with the facts, then I question it, but until then I believe in innocence until proven guilty. Your happy to hang Samsung regardless of their defense.
New Posts  All Forums: