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Not really, the future hasn't arrived yet. Let me know when it does.
Only if you are willing to reduce iWork for OS X to the feature set of iWork to iOS. But running iWork on OS X as if it was a tablet app strikes me as a very impoverished experience.
I think they likely stopped sending new codes since so many of first batch of codes were failing. I'd imagine they would want to sort that out before resuming with the delivery of these redemption codes.
Very frustrating indeed. I know it's fairly minor not to get ML right away, but my experience with this RMBP hasn't been good, and I do realize my case is unique and probably very uncommon. Nevertheless...Wait long time to get the machine. Then wait to get the replacement screen ordered in and installed due to screen defect appearing after 3 weeks. Then have to wait a second time at the Genius bar to have them tighten the screws since apparently after installing the...
(1) No(2) No(3) Shouldn't be an issue, install away.
I noticed that too. Also, maybe if we are really lucky (I sincerely doubt this will happen), we'll see iWork bumped up to 64bit versions. How can Apple expect third-parties to get with the program if they still haven't updated all their apps?
iWork iCloud integration is still lackluster. There still isn't full compatibility between iOS and OS X, resulting in multiple duplicates for documents with extended features being used in the OS X versions. So, in short, it doesn't "just work". Apple really needs to polish this up.
So you would be ok with your ISP charging different rates for UDP and TCP connections? How about a TLS/SSL charge too, since that's like getting insurance or tracking on your parcel. Then an IMAP fee, and an HTTP fee?Where does it end? One can always find principled ways to differentiate these layers/protocols. Is that what our internet is coming to? A laundry list of charges that requires a computer science degree to decipher?
Those two goals are not inherently mutually exclusive.
This is the line they feed us but it's BS. Show me hard data that indicates the network can't handle the congestion, and I'll tell AT&T to go ahead and throttle during those peak times of congestion, not to artificially cripple the hardware and software capabilities. The truth of the matter is tethering, iMessage, FaceTime, etc. all affect AT&T's revenue stream, nothing else. If freeing congestion were what this was really about, we'd see temporary throttling, not the...
New Posts  All Forums: