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There really arent any surprises or anything to truthfully boast about. The A5 is a great processor with the best GPU bar none so far. The A5 spanking everything graphics related is expected. Browser wise is where its quite interesting as iOS5 seems to have brought numerous improvements that bests Honeycomb ever so slightly running on the Tegra 2, while subsequently blowing out Gingerbread. Gingerbread devices do not utilize multiple cores (Honeycomb does) when using...
Expensive for a phone that is 2-3 months from being obsolete. It will be interesting to see if Apple offers a single world phone that also has T-Mobiles frequency for the iPhone 5. Even if T-Mobile cant stomach the prices through subsidizing, there would be consumers who would easily dump the 650 on an unlocked device if it meant using it on any carrier.
Show me a full fledged game like this on iOS and i think its safe to say that iOS games are not comparable in the slightest. 249 is a very reasonable price considering the hardware that you're getting, and against the competition which is mainly the 3DS. While an iPod Touch would be overall more capable due to the App Store, a Vita would be chosen for its obvious main purpose which is gaming while the iPod Touch would not. Vita is a gaming device with multi-media...
Facetime just isn't that big a deal like Apple made it out to be. I think ive used it 3 times in total, twice on my iPad 2 and once on my macbook. Everyone i know who owns a mac has Skype to video chat and thats what we all use, and the best thing is it isnt platform specific. It would have been nice to see Facetime on more than Apple products, and while expanding out costs money, it would have been a perfect way for them to move more iAds to offset the costs. I am quite...
Thats not surprising at all, people act like the world revolves around them when they purchase anything. Time and again ive seen people make complete fools of themselves over a phone bill, or people raising hell simply to try and get a free meal. Whats sad is that people get their tantrums rewarded for acting like a jackass
its all customers that fall within the top 5% of usage who get throttled iirc
If the content is there and its good, people will buy it. Regarding development, i think from what was being described, many things can be ported over from the PS3 to NGP with relative ease, you'd just be taking a hit in the graphics department. Regarding battery life, if they can get the same 3-6 hours for gaming playback id be pretty satisfied.
Uh, it takes more than a few months to brew together an entire console and actually get some support behind it. No one is going to drop another handheld, not even MS. This is a move to steer would be buyers away from the 3DS which is set to launch on March iirc.
I for one am disappointed at no price release, but the specs are just mouth watering. That and the high tier support that will surely follow from industry leaders will make this thing amazing Im totally sold. Also, PSP on my Vibrant? Yes please! Im sure now that the Playstation Suite will be a serious pain in Apples side. The benchmark im assuming is similar to the phone they DIDN'T announce, which is pretty average for todays smartphones being sold. With the...
So are you saying that the new NGP (such a stupid name) is running Android? I HIGHLY doubt it
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