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This isnt really anything special. Microsoft is broadening the Xbox's horizon even more, beyond their Zune service and inclusion of Netflix. Microsoft is bidding for living room superiority, i'd say they are doing a great job and anything they add to the overall experience makes that 199 purchase even better.
You mean its not selling cause its overpriced and a terrible product like the original Apple TV? Go figure
Just what are you not understanding about the fact that the developer Rovio PURPOSELY developed Angry Birds in OpenGL ES 2.0 for the Android platform, which just so happens not to run great on weak hardware (and any game developer worth their salt would have instantly known that)? Rovio PURPOSELY developed Angry Birds on iOS in OpenGL ES 1.1 just so that it would work with those 2-3 year old iPhones/iPods. Fact is if they had coded Angry Birds on iOS in OpenGL ES 2.0, it...
Rovio removed the US T-Mobile G2, they were mistaking it for the UK T-Mobile G2 aka the Hero aka Droid Eris on Verizon. It runs fine on the new G2, but it'd be nice if they just changed the damn name. Its easy for Samsung to focus on Windows, they all run the same exact insides. Change the plastics/screen and you have a new phone model. On the Android front they'll have to actually be on the bleeding edge and play in the bargain bin. Costs wise it makes sense to deploy...
Rovio didnt exactly shoot for the lowest common denominator here, they opted for OpenGL 2.0 instead of 1.1, and its clear that these older phones do a terrible job with 2.0 while newer Cortex A8 phones run it without a hitch. We wouldnt even be talking about this if they had gone with 1.1 as these older phones, similar to the 3G would be able to run it no issue. Coding for high powered devices and expecting it to run on low tier devices is incredibly stupid. This same...
LOLWAT? If there was a paid version im sure it would sell immensely, but Rovio seems to have been extremely smart and gone the Ad route, which loads an ad on every new stage as you proceed and i believe every other retry. I dont care for Angry Birds because i dont find it to be that great a game but if your average person plays 10-20 minutes a day with a few retries, and there are im sure well over 2+ million players on Android they can easily make much more money than...
Cortex A9? HDMI out? 2 HD cameras? There is more to it than screen size. Also, when did Apple fanatics start championing screen size since last i heard most were crying about the paltry 3.5 on the iPhone
Hey Steve, is Google still faking those activation numbers or what?
Pretty sure ads dont display on Skyfire... but then again i havent touched Skyfire since Froyo became available for my device as there is no need for it. Skyfire is definitely a lovely option for those devices that cant do native flash. I saw it running on one of those prepaid Samsung Intercepts and it ran quite well
iOS 4.1 still doesnt run exactly fantastic on the 3G but its miles better than 4.0. I think if anything this lawsuit should bring is an option to simply roll back on your firmware without it being a pain in the ass (to revert back to 3.1 you had to use all different kinds of tools since it couldnt be done via iTunes).
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