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One of the biggest problems with Flash is that its not great for SEO and rankings, the lifeblood of any good site. Flash is outdated bloatware and is a pain to develop for, in fact most of Adobe's software these days is bloatware. As a designer myself I run away from Flash, screaming. A good brand manager will also tell you that a pretty Flash site is useless if it can't be found. BTW, that site the corridor is a prime example of horrible navigation with useless...
Does anyone know whether this update addresses the 'missing plugin' error that creeps into the Mail.app from time to time or the graphics corruption in Safari 5?
What alternatives / workarounds are there for Target Mode now that Firewire has been dropped?
Thank goodness I live in Africa, at least we're still way behind in the nannification of everything.
Steve Jobs was right when he said M$ have no taste.
It's a real pain, having upgraded the HD myself. You have to remove the glass from its magnetic clips using suction cup hooks, you then have about 20 plus torx screws that vary in length to remove around the aluminium frame. When you've finished that, the frame needs to come off and that's a very tight fit. At the same time you need to be careful not to rip out the camera and mic at the top. After that, you need to undo the screen, which is another set of screws. The...
If you have a Bluray drive you can use MakeMKV. Its for OS X, I don't know how well it works though as I don't have a Bluray drive. It creates an MKV container that can be played with VLC.
Yup, a Mac is easy, a mouse is hard. I use a Logictech MX620 Laser Cordless mouse, and like you say it's hand in glove.
The best keyboard I've ever used was the extended keyboard that came with the 8100/80. Typing on that was amazing, it had a full set of function keys that you could place a plastic quickkeys template over from QuarkXpress. Ahh those were the days!
There is a lot that Apple can do to their mighty mouse design from adding a proper scroll wheel, fixing those "squeezable" side buttons to the ergonomic feel and user experience. The mouse is Apple's weakest design IMHO.Whenever I get a new Mac the first thing I replace is the mouse.
New Posts  All Forums: