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Then again, they are able to deal with it since you are the one that gives them the strength they need.I feel for you. Take care Relic.
The new version in Yosemite does allow editing the Title, Author and Category fields for .pdf's. I guess they do read the feedback from people after all. Think I'll copy the new version 1.1 over to my 10.9 Mac.
The Install In Progress icon also could use an update; Yosemite is still showing a HDD with a paltry 2GB
Even if you simply drive by your house? I mean, personality goes a long way¡Seriously, I hear ya. I also think they should have iOS devices auto-config the Notifications on the fly: when I'm behind my Mac I don't need to have all these Push Notifications on my iPad or iPhone, telling me there's new mail when I'm already reading it. Also, next to Push Notifications, they need to implement Pull Notifications; unread email counter (on icon) should update on all devices.
Hear! Hear! And stop notifying me on anything while I'm in Full Screen Mode. Setting this myself shouldn't be the way.Yes, yes, already put in as feedback....
Ooh, good point on iTunes, didn't think of that. Mail I see differently as I don't really save individual documents. And with threaded mail, a single window for all my email I see the program, or any email app, as a DB. Guess I have a different view on these apps.
Uuuhm, why is there a difference? And what makes you say Mail, Calendar, iTunes are document-based? The only app I would consider document-based would be Preview, and even that one is more or less a read-only app. Notes, Disk Utility, Mail, Calendar and iTunes...I'd consider those databases.
Thanks for the breakdown in apps.I was merely thinking of Preview, and didn't check apps as I am on my iPad now. Anyhoo, weird behaviour, and I don't see any similarities as to determine which apps should close and which not. I haven't checked 'App Nap'; could that compute?
that would be a welcome return, though it don't think the application actually quit; it merely had the glowing bubble removed from the dock, but the process itself was still alive when checking in the Application Monitor.
Maybe you first should've read this:https://appleseed.apple.com/sp/betaprogram/guide?cid=CDM-EU-4131&cp=em-P0016140-328689&sr=emwhere it states:And then decide if testing beta software is something you want to do.
New Posts  All Forums: