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Because there are countries outside of the US. Countries that will undoubtedly going to experience the same situation; pre-ordering and getting a 3 week delivery time. How can you not understand this?Aha, pipped by @jungmark:I'm in the same situation, only I pay €14/m for less Data/Voice then you're getting.OT: I love Belgium, especially Leuven. Ah Belgium "Great bear, shyte government"
Like many, I consider that rude as well. Many people will appreciate it if the other gives their undivided attention and not hold your phone because there may be a notification (from social media or whatever)
Indeed, not really a big deal. Then again, with all i's on Apple, their products, manufacturing and advertisement under the loop I think everything will get press, good and bad. No amount of resources at Apple, Inc. can get this to change. They may have 'all the money in the world', there will never be a thing they do that will please all. Simply because all people are unique and their views are unique (just like everybody else lol)Haven't read 'the news' yet, so didn't...
It was just an offer to download it for free. Not exactly 'forced upon'. If the was an annoyance you could hide it, through a setting on Apple.comSo you didn't like the features a Family account gave you, yet still used that anyway because it was cheaper? Wow.
Already discussed in another thread, but we already had the option to not view it: Keep Match enabled, but disable 'Show All Music' in (iOS)/Settings/Music: Oh, and thanks for the free album Apple. I really like you too, just not the band.
LOL: Apple creates tool for removing free U2 album from iTunes library after public reaction https://buy.itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZFinance.woa/wa/offerOptOut http://9to5mac%2ecom/2014/09/15/apple-creates-tool-for-removing-free-u2-album-from-itunes-library-after-public-reaction/#comments edit: I already made the album hidden, but now opted-out. Feedback: "Songs of Innocence Has Been Removed from Your Account Your devices and computers should automatically update...
1) Weird huh? Oh, Seth Weintraub http://9to5mac%2ecom/author/sethweintraub/2) Well, yeah, that was dumb of me; of course they are free to do that as well. Guess I can only make a joke about 'free' now:"I rather overpay that not having the chance to buy"
Talk about a lack of i for detail. Perhaps I should add a sarcasm tag after that one, though I would presume they would know what they were creating, but perhaps one cannot see it if the whole design is layer out for them(?) Really no idea.But on that topic, they cannot seriously believe their 2011 phablet can be compared to the 5.5 6+ (lol, "that's a misnomer if I ever saw one"; thanks @Gatorguy).World of difference there. Heck, different galaxy.
LOL at your intertwining of humor and info.Also, that first song' Sweetest Thing' (?) I actually like, never heard it before. Maybe they do have some good music, I just never bothered investigating and simply didn't like what I heard on the radio and MTV...back then
Probably selfishness on my part. He spent an hour with Apple on the phone and they weren't able to help him out. I looked for an answer, posted back, asking him to try it out, see if that helped him (as I don't have iTunes Match) and it did fix his issue. So I'm happy.That he is happy as well is completely irrelevant¡
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