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While it's not cool to edit someone else's post I you did hit my laugh nerve by doing these two edits. Besides, a thread is likely to go nowhere when it hits off on the wrong 'message'.
Those are very valid points indeed.So I hear. And he doesn't have a data plan to with it, or so he wrote a few years back. And no phone plan for that matter, all the more making it an iPod touch, sort of. Anyhoo, I do get his point on the naming convention, admittedly I care less than he does, seemingly.Maybe they should drop the iPhone moniker altogether; rename it to #1. Every. Single. Year. Because that name would reflect:the profits being madeuser satisfactionease of...
Then why is it called multi-finger gestures and not multi-hand? And pinching and zooming can be done with two fingers, zooming with one finger double tapping, or at least in many apps, but not all.I do get peoples wishes for a larger screen though.
A mere $2B drop in revenue? They could make up for that in a certain patent court case...
Why is there a 2nd SIM card slot on the 6c mockup at the bottom, as well as on the right side?8th gen, when counting by years.
Normally we get the a few "zzzz" posts on updates like these, so I like the "snappier" from Macky the Macky.But maybe you'd prefer a:
It's people like you who make software companies work harder and better, ironing out anything not good enough and give them the incentive to go beyond what they started out with, like your cross reference check on affected sites. Which I think is a great idea. Full props to you sir.
Bit of a typo there Soli.Ethernet? Certainly not to your iPhone; for that device I would presume WiFi...My iPhone now simply times out when loading the Shared iTunes from my Mac. Then the phone falls asleep and when I wake it it doesn't even display the Mac anymore. Not that it matters (to me), but it certainly isn't working. And a setup like this I can understand it being used by some: you get to control your Mac's iTunes from your phone. Though you can already do that...
I see. Doing it without iTunes and over WiFi now. A mere 16MB for my iPad.You too? Same here. Though my iTunes Music Library.xml is 133MB which I believe is the file it needs and might explain the long wait. Why it doesn't finish I don't know. No biggie or me; I just noticed it the other day.
Strange that these financial institutions have a (way) lesser than safe password requirements. That is the first place I would expect it.
New Posts  All Forums: