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 Ok, good to know. I guess Akamai isn't reflecting real world numbers, just their own CDN; I haven't read their report, and Wikipedia only uses them as a source. A pity. Anyway, good for you, with a proper download speed. What's your upload? I'm on DSL, sold as 40/4 but I'm far away from the switch, making my throughput 21,9 Mbit/s |1,7 Mbit/s. Cable over here can be 120/12 and fiber maxes out at 500 synchronous. That I want to have, but there are no plans to upgrade my...
  BIG thanks for the tip!
 Oh dear, you too huh. Well, Germany averages at 8.7Mbit/s, according to Akamai in 2014. I presume this is download speed. Personally I'm more interested in upload speed (I am trying out iCloud Photo Library for a friend of mine, but uploading 160GB over a 1728Kbit/s is no fun. Unless, of course, one wants to set a record uptime) Anyway, Internet speed: 6  Netherlands 14.0 24  Germany 8.7 15  Norway 11.4 13  Belgium 11.4 19  Austria 10.4 9  Czech...
 Talk about rural! I very much hope you have a better connection now. I know people who actually move to a different city in order to get fiber.  I agree, there is no incentive for thumbing up. Or at least little; the design sucks big time, mobile and desktop. Thanks guys for the good read.
Thanks. I totally missed that
I think you're shooting blanks here.
 They don't. You simply got an email because someone responded in a thread you posted in. That can happen to threads from 1997, nee, there was a crash, threads from 2001.
 So, in short, no on at this site pays attention to details. Ironic.  That could work as a caption! 
 The ads in the mobile app are most certainly coming through for paid subscribers. This is due to what I wrote: the app may get rid of the ads, when you enter the comments these come from Huddler, and that still displays ads even though you pay for an ad-free experience. This is the fault of AppleInsider. (which is why I didn't extend my subscription) As for Huddler 'being slow' - you'e absolutely right, that is not Huddler's fault; it's (partially) due to the large...
New Posts  All Forums: