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By putting up this flag. All over the place.
Thanks! That is fresh news, just a day old.1) that is one great initiative2) the details are...scarce:https://www.google.com/contributor/welcome/3) I understand this is just the beginning, but simply see the placeholders where the ads used to be displayed makes for a 'awkward' experience. But I do understand that we can't expect we designers to run 2 versions side by side.This will be interesting to see how it develops.
A crying shame one isn't able to move their shared Photo Streams over to this new place on iCloud. I really hope Photos for OSX is going to solve this, in that it will have a migration tool for iPhoto and Aperture users. Because manually uploading photos without any structure is, well, reasonably useless.
I guess Pages could be a good contender for a web app: Start a new document at home, in Pages, design it the way you want and punch in a whole monologue of text when at the office.
Jack Dorsey made a wise decision here.
I would. In fact, I do at this site.
Problems with those people calling it a website you mean? Because this has to be an insult to peoples intelligence, making them think this is a website:
One bug that bugs me: audio output device selection isn't retained after a FUS.
Heee Relic, good to see you post! Yes I was 'away' from this site for a while, uncertain if I will keep on spending so much time here. There are better things to do for me. But I understand you visiting this site, talk about tech, while you have your own 'stuff to deal with'. How are you Relic? PM me if it's too personal, or just not something for a tech thread like this one. Hope you are well, sending CARING bits over the superhighway to you.I was actually following you,...
Thanks for commenting on LR; I really like to read more responses like yours, in order to get a better picture.
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