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That's a good point (the others as well obviously). I re-read the Wikipedia (I know) article and wanted to paste in this little bit:"If the antenna is just a few centimetres long, it will only set up the so-called ‘near-field’ around itself, with length, width and depth of the field roughly the same as the dimensions of the antenna."I would presume a protective ring around a camera lens won't suffice for NFC to work at a short distance of 4 inches. The antenna needs 11...
Great find sir!I must say I'm impressed with their attention to all this. Still, in spite of that, I'd like to see them go even further, as there are still some |'s to be crossed.
Aha, gotcha. I was merely responding to the topic of cases, but will read up on the topic of NFC/metallic cases now.edit: well nothing to be found at my end. I did stumble upon this rumour from Samsung:http://www.christiantoday.com/article/samsung.new.smartphone.line.with.metal.casing/40238.htmIn other news, BRIKK is at it again:
Perhaps it's just a way for her to pass time. I certainly don't mind. Heck, it's even on topic.
Some will find this funny
Oh dear, she's cheeky again.Siri can be amazing, just like some people
I meant that I agree that it is wrong to be yanked out of the Camera app when tapping on All Photos while looking at the photos you recently took in the Camera app.
That is indeed the wrong approach from Apple. Feedback submitted, and it doesn't bode well for next years' Photos.
For a split second there I thought it was a post from Corrections¡
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