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I think it is rather nice, but I don't like the black. Makes it too 'heavy' for my taste. I would very likely prefer your house then, with more glass. But in the end I prefer older buildings, with that more 'authentic look', preserved glory and all that. Modern architecture can be nice, but I'm very specific, nitpicking, whatever.Are you well? I don't see the same amount of posts from you, but perhaps I'm missing many.
Thanks for setting the record straight!
And how to import them onto my new iPhone, with its freshly installed OS? Can iExplorer do that as well?
I think a watch is way too small for solar charging. Plus it's also often covered by my shirt sleeve.
I like that. No more smileys, no more moving pictures, .gifs. If one cannot express themselves clearly in words than that's something to work on, instead of making your point with smiley. But that's just me, a view not shared by many.What broke the smileys in this site in the first place, Huddler?
If they did they couldn't have build your house in Buenos Aires as well:http://directorioarco.blogspot.com/2009/04/andres-remy-arquitectosthe-black.html
Just having a little fun. This site is filled with it. Just look at what ***** posts, never mind ************* (count them, it's the right number)
Blimey! I bet you didn't use DuckDuckGo. Thanks man
That would include me, and I don't know if that's any consolation.
Just like iOS. Many problems disappear when reinstalling as new, and then configuring all settings as they were and add in the apps. One thing with that strategy is that you'll lose your SMS history. Perhaps this can be resolved with iOS8/OSx10.10?
New Posts  All Forums: