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Wouldn't be surprised if she was 'responding' to the Mac Pro Security Lock as well: http://www.apple.com/shop/product/MF858AM/A/mac-pro-security-lock-adapter?fnode=2142f3cfa534ca13e05af3cf446d436bfa76da5b69fc5f63d68b859db75e5ec1a4f2e548126e413e0d8bcab7bacf4c339c8115aadf0fb6a2f40357e5fba93a416e4180df417d3b68c241213c6c3beec4f383870ce49c1c289338f2e24ef15ec1 
#1 song on September 11? Is this some sick joke I'm not getting? And what's up with that screenshot? Why use an unnecessary large screendump while you could've simply used a screenshot from an iPhone or iPad?
Unfortunately there are still quite a few bugs and design flaws with the whole design of photos, be it on iCloud, OSX or iOS. I still can't recommend moving over to 'the new solution' even though the old way of syncing photos over from a Windows PC to an iPhone often results in a hang at stage "importing photos" through iTunes. Deleting the iPod Photo Cache doesn't fix it.Poor wording here: one cannot access the photos on a Windows PC through the installed software, which...
 I searched for a copy of those emails he sent, but came up zilch... But I don't think it matters much; they'd likely reply with a link to their policies published on their website.
I like this article here that has the whole timeline of AC2:   http://9to5mac%2ecom/2015/02/12/campus-2-construction-progress-timeline/
 Supposedly they are working on context. Here's hoping that will work soon!
 I was in err; it was iOS 5. 5 I tell ya!http://jeffreydonenfeld.com/blog/2011/10/how-to-enable-geofenced-notifications-in-apple-ios-5/ And even though it has worked for me on occasion, it doesn't work now anymore. Or, I would;t know, I gave up on it.
 Point taken. Or better yet: Home run!
 8? It's 3 years old! http://9to5mac%2ecom/2012/08/17/googlemotorola-claims-apple-infringes-seven-patents-relate-to-siri-location-based-reminders/
  Same here, so I stopped trying to bother with it. I can understand the umbrella situation, as you're leaving a location. But when I ask to be reminded after I get home (yes, Siri knows where I live) I never get reminded. And that may be delayed as this thing isn't going to do all this 'live' (hence your umbrella example) but when I get to a place and stay there for hours on end, I'd like to get that reminder. As to your last example; don't you own 3 houses, making Siri...
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