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A bit weird to see you posting a link to a Google-bashing article, but I presume you were merely trying to lower yourself to my lame attempt at humour. For that, I command you.
Apple Maps. Where no Google satellite has gone before.
Of course I won't. But I'm I'm nostalgic, and like old design.
I like the Dutch railway clock better, and it's more precise:
I've never received spam over my .mac address. Then again, I'm very picky on handing it out. I do get an occasional spam thorough my ISP email account, but they always fix it the same day. They've been like the best ISP over here for more than 10 years or something.Still, no fiber available yet, even though the freaking cable runs right through the front of my house for over a year now! Okay, OT, but still(!)
I had a talk with Kasper the other day and he explained to me the reason this site uses Gmail instead of their own domain: Googles' handeling of spam is way better than one could setup and maintain themselves.I've been reading up on Googles initiatives and products today. They got a lot more going for them and seem to be busier than a one-legged man in a kick fight.
That Dutch blog onemorething is one pathetic place. I'm appalled to see it linked here. Rumours on a new iPad Air are welcome of course. I don't think a better viewing angle would make much difference to me, but a thinner device overal due to chemically bonding of the cover glass to the LCD would make many folks happy.
1) Ha! It is, and yet tech cannot move forward fast enough for my taste.2) That was sad, wasn't it? You could've tried to do it in Windows, but that would have its own shortcomings:
What an inspiring post! Strangely they didn't ask me why I wanted to delete my account. Perhaps because I wasn't using it in the first place(?)
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