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They can't speak right now as they have their mouth full.
Funny that; I have almost the same setup as you: oMP with wired keyboard, trackpad, sometimes USB card reader. MacMini with HDMI to TV.
Plus one!
Not strange after reading charlituna's explanation.
Hmm, interesting info, thanks. Yes, I have seen the inside of the Lightning cable over here:http://appleinsider.com/articles/12/10/16/lightning-cables-authentication-chip-found-to-offer-just-enough-securityAlso may have been reversed-engineered:http://appleinsider.com/articles/12/10/09/apples-lightning-authentication-chip-may-have-been-reverse-engineeredAs for Card Readers, can one write malicious code on a Card and thusly insert code on the Reader?
Ah, ok. But if the malware rewrites your DNS settings, can't one simply restore their hosts file from backup or simply change their DNS settings? On second thought, I presume 'the damage' has already been done by making people go to a website they didn't intend to go to. If so, I wonder where all these hackers want people to go to. TOR? Or some sleazy weazy nudity webby site? Convincing men to use their Credit Card for a lifetime subscription of...whatever.Yeah, whatever....
For Apple's sake I hope that machine also comes in white¡
Replying with a photo? Guess FB doesn't want people to communicate. Simply reply with a photo, or try to out-funny a previous poster with yet another one-liner to their feed. What a pathetic design, what a pathetic company, what a pathetic piece of crap software. Facebook May it go down faster than a fluff girl can 'go south'.
Stories like these make sense when they can show proof that a person's computer has been infected by this malware instead of some theoretic firmware re-write. Secondly, I'd also like to know why they say that it's 'impossible to patch'; if one can overwrite the firmware with malicious code can't one also restore the original firmware, were it available for said product? Thirdly, this doesn't apply to cable's I take it, even though there is a cable shown in the article....
New Posts  All Forums: