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I have to admit, he often makes a lot of valid points.
This is opposite of what I learned from @Gatorguy but I don't want to turn this into a smashing rounding error fight.
I don't understand this article. Or rather, why the iPhone is being compared to all cellular phones. The numbers are quite meaningless, they should be comparing the iPhon against similar priced smartphones. Market share cannot be calculated here, but 'journalists' then exclude the iPad at will when talking about PeeCee market share. Who wrote this; it's not stated here. At any rate, Apple is 'winning' and Nokia and others are 'loosing'.
TBH it was a rethorical question. Still, point taken.
F-I-N-A-L-L-Y !! And _before_ Christmas! Oh Relic, I'm sure you're filled with joy, including your husband and children. This really is good to read as I was wondering about your health ( I haven't been reading this site much as of late) so I searched for your latest posts. God, am I happy for you. I think it's now safe to say that I have lost a dear friend of mine, a few actually, due to cancer. But since you're home now, I take it you have endured all 5 (?) operations...
Not at the moment you wrote this post, no. But it has been released over 9 hours ago:http://9to5mac%2ecom/2014/12/10/taig-jailbreak-almost-instantly-updated-for-ios-8-1-2-download-available-now/
If they're coming from the Microsoft camp I'm afraid the IT Support Desk will get the strangest questions
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