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Friendly reminder: it's almost September. Any chance for us to see cardboard mockups? If not, that's ok too.
I think #7:
Only 50 quit:http://www.amazon.co.uk/Twin-Peaks-Entire-Mystery-Blu-ray/dp/B00H9BFV98/ref=sr_1_1?s=dvd&ie=UTF8&qid=1409214771&sr=1-1&keywords=twin+peaksAnyhoo, Texel is great. Indeed, wayback memories.
Love the surnames!Indeed, a lot of crap products. With and without Steve at the helm. Good thing they are pround of the products they didn't release!LOL! Plus they didn't put volume buttons on the iPod touch. Massive failure. The buttons were quickly added on the 2nd gen.I don't think $499 is asking too much for the device. To me it's kind of an entry price point for a device that not only works great, but isn't simply a gadget, a music player. It's a real day to day use...
Lol, yeah that reads stupid now.These two just announced watches: it's just an image, a spec sheet and (from Samsung) the PR letter I pasted here.Apple on the other hand (no pun intended) explains to us what it does, and why. Then everyone will have a revelation and going, 'yeah, obvious, that makes sense.
Samsung Gear S Enhances the Smart Wearable Experience The Gear S offers a beautiful curved design combined with 3G connectivity on the wrist Seoul, Korea – [August 28, 2014] – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today unveiled the Samsung Gear S, the next generation smart wearable device that expands the smartphone experience to the wrist. The new Samsung Gear S delivers an up-to-date smart wearable experience with 3G connectivity and wearable optimized features to meet the...
Sorry, should've elaborated on 'like MagSafe'. I mean that is should simply snap on, magnetically. Though on 2nd thought, why would we need to sync it over a wire? Surely the watch won't hold that much data locally; wouldn't wireless be the preferred Apple way of moving data around? That certainly is what they're doing in many applications and devices (iTunes.app, PC-free).BT4 has a throughput of 24 Mbit/s; wouldn't that be sufficient? Because I don't think a smart watch...
If the new iPhone is 1 cm taller I won't be getting it. Yes, it's that big of a deal for me.
Darn, I should check that site more.I think the charging plug ought to be made like the MagSafe on MacBooks, though it looks like this Samsung phone has something similar. Yes, easily charge it in between activities ought to do the trick if the battery isn't large.A SIM card in a watch is completely useless; I fully agree the watch should be made complementary to a smartphone. What do they think, people stop buying smartphones after getting this watch? Or they did they put...
Wow. The watches are already badgered without knowing what they will do. I would expect if Apple releases a smart watch they will explain to us all how it works, why it does what it does and who the intended audience is for. This announcement isn't that, and therefor kinda sucks.
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